25 October 2020

Scott Hammell and Ryan Joyce in Guelph Today and the OWOW Livestream

From the October 26th article "Escape artist performs stunt while dangling over Elora Gorge (10 photos)" by Keegan Kozolanka in Guelph Today:

While impressive on its own, it was done while dangling upside down over the Elora Gorge Thursday afternoon.

It’s not an usual task for Scott Hammell, a Hamilton-based magician and escape artist.

Hammell is a Guinness World Record holder for highest suspension straitjacket escape in a 2003 stunt 7,200 feet above ground from a hot air balloon.

Despite the Elora Gorge escape being significantly less high at 80 feet, Hammell said it comes with a different kind of fear.

“I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of heights but 7,200 feet up the ground isn’t really real at that point,” Hammell said.

“When you’re 80 feet above the ground and it’s rocky, you see it and it’s like ‘Oh that’s exactly where I’d land if something goes wrong.’”

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Watch Scott's escape and other performances on October 31st over at Magic Festival!









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