04 November 2020

Magician Ryan Brown's Reality Magic Halloween Hearse illusion

From the November 2nd article "Internationally Celebrated Magician made a Hearse appear on Halloween at Ontario Haunted Hollows Scream Park" at WFMJ:

For those who didn’t find 2020 scary enough, York Region’s “most intense, scariest haunted attraction” had a few extra tricks up their sleeve this year. Well - it was actually renowned magician Ryan Brown, a Canadian native taking a break from performances in Vegas and waiting out CoVID-19 back home in Canada, who brought the magic to Haunted Hollows Scream Park on Halloween Morning.

Internationally renowned magician, Ryan Brown, isn’t telling how he did it, but you can see what happened on his Youtube series, Reality Magic. It’s an incredible illusion - or is it ?

How DID that hearse appear out of nowhere in the abandoned parking lot?

Check it out for yourself at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7HNc02AIRY&feature=youtu.be

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