19 March 2021

Take the Tarbell Challenge

From the March 15th Instagram post by the Toronto Magic Company:

We're throwing out a challenge to all the magicians out there!

The Tarbell Course in Magic is widely considered one of the most important collections of magic secrets ever published. Most magicians have copies on their shelf, but few have actually gone THROUGH them. Time to change that.

For the next 8 months Jonah and Ben will be going through the Tarbell course, one book per month, competing to see who can find the coolest trick. The winner each month gets fame and fortune. The loser? A horrible punishment.

Here's how YOU can participate! First, grab book one of the Tarbell course (available from any good magic dealer as well as online as a free resource). Then, read the book. Find a cool trick.

Next, send us a video of your performance (either by emailing it to us or posting it online and tagging us). EVERYONE gets a shout out when our video comes out... but if our judges like your trick better than either of Ben's or Jonah's, YOU win the prize and the boys get punished!

Get in on the fun. Take the Tarbell challenge today!




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