03 May 2021

Ring 17 hosts a lecture by Will Houstoun and Harry DeCruz [May 5]

From Ring 17:

*please note, due to time zones and scheduling conflicts, this lecture is being presented on a Wednesday night*

Wednesday, May 5

 All over the world, video chat magic is exploding. It has been featured by AGT, BGT, Penn & Teller, The Late Show, Ellen, and many more. Creative magicians have never been busier, and agile corporate mentalists can’t keep up with demand (even though they never leave the house). New tricks and methods are being created daily to cater for and leverage this new performance space. It’s exciting, challenging, and lucrative.

In this never-before-seen 2 hour lecture, Will Houstoun and Harry De Cruz will share a selection of the best material from www.VideoChatMagic.com, a project by Will and Steve Thompson that features tricks, tools, essays and technology specifically designed to enhance your performances over Zoom and Skype. You will learn brand new visual and mental effects, devious methods, and cutting edge concepts unique to this exploding field.

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