05 July 2021

Broken wand: Rick Poltaruk

Our condolences to Rick's family and friends at this difficult time.


From the July 3rd Facebook post by Paul Bagley:

Papa Rick's Obituary

Rick Poltaruk  April 20th 1951 – June 23rd, 2021

It is with mixed emotions we say farewell to Rick Poltaruk who succumbed to Lymphedema on June 23rd 2021, in Calgary Alberta.

Rick is survived by his mother Helga, daughter Shawna along with three grand children, brother Randy (Bonnie) niece Marinna (Kevin), and nephew Ryan (Mara).

Rick, a pastor, musician, magician, comedian and actor was well known as an entertainer living in Yellowknife, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, showcased his talents everywhere he found himself, and left his mark, many of us can only imagine

Rick, a devote Christian, found solitude in faith, loved life and dedicated himself to others through his talents. As a Pastor, working with the Mustard Seed bestowing himself to help the homeless became the only accomplishment he truly valued.

Rick’s life was his joy, pride and pleasure - to miss him is an understatement. Our grateful heart will treasure memories we share, and his legacy will live on through the music we sing and the stories we tell. May he walk beside us every day.

Donations would be appreciated to the Mustard Seed of Calgary Alberta.

[With thanks to Derek Selinger for sharing the obituary with us.]

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