Honoured to be interviewed by Dennis Schick in this month's Linking Ring.

Welcome IBM members. Have a look around and enjoy your stay!

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01 April 2017

So many people to thank!

Thank you very much to the MonteCassino staff!

Thank you also to: Annie Pinsky, Dick Joiner, Mike & Jen Segal, Michael Gillis, Eric Hansen, Jon Sy, John Morgan, Luiz Castro, Chris Mayhew, Lidden Li, Stephanie Kline, Jeff Hinchliffe, Andres Gil, Shawna York, Nicole Lee, John Michalson, Roxanne Talbot, and Christina Asher.

Thanks again to Bash Ambassadors:  Arthur Poon, Al Grose, Derick Finn, Rosemary Reid, Morgan Pierce & Alex Boyer!
The musical interludes today were custom-made songs sung by the multitalented Dan McLean Jr.!

Last, but definitely not least, a big thank you to John Talbot and Lee Asher!
Dinner is now served.

Fabulous lectures by Michael Ammar and Eugene Burger!
Third mini-talk from Joanne Pomeroy of USPCC.

Complimentary deck of cards from USPCC!
Thank you to Greg Frewin for your help with setup.
Thank you also to Jeff Hinchliffe, Jonathan Sy, & Luiz Castro.

First mini-talk of the day by professional director, writer, and magician, Rosemary Reid!

Next mini-talk about his personal story of near-death, by Keith Brown.
Michael Ammar, one of Daryl's closest friends and coworkers, spoke with fondness about Daryl Easton.

The Bash is donating part of ticket proceeds to to CAM-H the Center for Addiction and Mental Health - in Daryl's name.

If you wish to donate directly to the family, visit The Easton Family at their GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/the-easton-family
Fabulous first show with:
  • Buck MacLeod,
  • Adam Grace,
  • Atsushi Ono,
  • Aaron Fisher,
  • Eugene Burger, and
  • Michael Ammar!
(Dick mentioned Sorcerers Safari, for those of you playing Magic Convention Bingo (Bash Edition) at home.)
The emcee for the day, Dick Joiner!

I spy a handlebar mustache, for those of you playing Magic Convention Bingo (Bash Edition) at home.
Jeff says thanks to everyone for their support of the Browser's Den.

Special guest shouts out to: Kind of Magic's Phil Cox, Perfect Magic's Phil & Evelyn Matlin as well as past president of the IBM and head of the Canadian Association of Magicians – Joan Caesar.

From Len Cooper's family: Bernice, Len's wife, as well as his children Jack and Heather Cooper are here too! Len would have absolutely adored this!
Today's Zone performers: Al Grose, Arthur Poon, Morgan Pierce, Alex Boyer, Derick Finn, and Rosemary Reid!

Sandy Mack opened the show Broadway style!

What other surprises are in store for us today?

Jeff appears to be starting the day relaxed, up on stage.

Now he's confessing to chicken costume anxiety

Things are about to get theatrical. #Foreshowdowing
Rise and shine!

Today's the day. 

Let's do this!!!

30 March 2017

#BrowsersBash2017 social media

Browser's Bash logo  
Saturday is the "Browser's Bash," an all day convention hosted by the Browser's Den of Magic!

Like last year, and technology willing, I plan to be doing some combination of live-Tweeting and live-blogging of the event.  Apologies in advance for clogging your feeds.  To follow my Twitter account, you can use the web or use the Twitter widget on the right side of this page, under the "Selected Anniversaries" feature.

If you're at the event and Tweeting, I encourage you to add the hashtag "#BrowsersBash2017" to your Tweets.  I'll be adding a feature near the top of this page, which collects and posts all Tweets tagged in this fashion.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday!

02 April 2016

Live-blogging #BrowsersBash2016

If all goes according to plan, all live-blogging posts from #BrowsersBash2016 will appear under this post. The most recent update will be immediately after this post, below the ad. Check back often for updates!

  • Unofficial after party and jam sessions about to begin!

  • Jeff's quoting: “A dream you dream alone ... is only a dream.  But a dream you dream together ... is reality.”
  • Thank you all for helping the Browser’s Magic Bash dream become a reality!
  • Thanks to Steve Kline for working non-stop, sweating blood and tears to ensure the runs smoothly!
  • Thanks also to Jeff Hinchliffe, Luiz Castro, and Jonathan Sy for helping Steve put the equipment and stage together! 
  • David Williamson lecture!

  • Daniel Garcia mini-talk!
  • Part of the proceeds from every ticket sold for this year's Bash being donated in Garcia’s name, to Chad's charity (Spread the Magic Foundation) and to the Burn Unit at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.
  • Daniel Garcia lecture time!
  • Lanyards for the Bash were generously donated by Chad Juros of the “Spread The Magic Foundation.”  (Yes, the same Chad Juros honoured by David Copperfield on Good Morning America last Fall.)
  • The Spread The Magic Foundation spreads hope and inspiration to children battling cancer.
    Visit them at spreadthemagic.org
  • Thank you Chad!
  • This year's Food Drive raised over 300 kgs of cans & dried goods for Toronto Food Bank. DOUBLE last year’s total!  Way to go!

  • Chris Mayhew creating a “happy birthday” video for a special somebody turning 90 soon!
  • Recently, Michael Francis broke Guinness Records for coin rolling!  He demonstrated for us today.  Impressive!
  • United States Playing Card Company (USPC) is with us today exhibiting their cards.
  • Everyone in this room is invited to attend the 52 Plus Joker Playing Card meet June 12th the Browser’s Den of Magic, for FREE!!
  • Michael Close mini-talk.
  • Lunch time already.  Yum!

Dick Joiner is emcee for the close-up show!  

Bobby Motta,  Michael Lam, Michael Close, Daniel Garcia, and David Williamson to close!