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21 October 2012

Spotted in the wild ...

If you receive the CAM publication, Northern Peeks, you'll notice that this edition (Vol 15, Number 3) features Sorcerers Safari!  Tucked inside, is the article "The secret to Sorcerers Safari's success" written by yours truly!

Shawn had the nicest thing published below the article:
"Originally published on August 11 at, which is the finest location for up to date information on magic in Canada."

Gwyn took a nice photo of it ....

Thanks Gwyn!

And thanks to Shawn for his kind words about this site!

02 February 2011

Welcome Ring 17 members!

Hello to everyone stopping by from Toronto's Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit club (Ring 17)!  Thank you to Chris Harvison for the kind mention in this month's newsletter.

Comments and feedback about the site are always welcome, either online or in person.  Hopefully I'll see you at the Anthony Lindan lecture tomorrow!

To find out what the other clubs are doing this month, visit the post Rounding the rings in February from Jan 15.

27 January 2011

Welcome visitors from The Busker's Cafe and Forbidden Wisdom

Hello to everyone stopping by from The Busker's Cafe forums and the Forbidden Wisdom forums.  Whether you're here to read about Mark Lewis's memoirs, "The Lives of a Showman" or just to poke around, we welcome you and invite you to send us your feedback!

26 January 2011

Welcome readers from "Ye Olde Magick Blogge"

Have a look around and send us your feedback!

Thank you to Andrew Musgrave for today's kind mention of Canada's Magic on "Ye Olde Magic Blogge."  I appreciate your kind words! 

We'll be following-up later in the year to see how Andrew's doing with his own "365 project"!

21 December 2010

Welcome CAM members!

Welcome CAM members!  Have a look around and I hope you enjoy your stay.  We're happy to have your feedback or suggestions.

Thank you Jon and Susan for the mention in the latest issue of the  Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM)'s eZine, Northern Sleights!   CAM is a national organization "dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of magic and magicians in Canada."

Visit the CAM website for more information about the organization or to join.