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14 November 2019

Seattle: "Bridging the Gap" with Billy Kidd

From Billy Kidd's Facebook post:
Hey all, I'm bringing the show I did in Pittsburgh " Bridging the Gap" to Seattle for limited run at Hales Ales Palladium Nov 8,9, 15, and 16th. Get your tickets ASAP if you want to hang out for a couple of hours:) Here is a review of the show from the summer

From the June 13th article "BWW Review: BILLY KIDD: BRIDGING THE GAP Fuses Magic, Comedy, Surrealism at Liberty Magic" by Greg Kerestan at Broadway World:
To avoid spoilers for the magic show, this review will be brief. Billy Kidd, the actor and magician, is almost certainly playing a character, the (fictionalized) magician Billy Kidd. "I have issues," she jokes at the beginning of the show, and the whole evening's loose plot revolves around this: our narrator has deep-seated, unresolved issues about growing up. A Peter Pan complex is not that unusual in a magician, but part of the charm of the Billy Kidd character is the way her neuroses not only fuel the banter and monologue sections, but at times begin to impact the tricks and stunts as well.

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26 June 2018

Seattle: Something Magical with Billy Kidd

Sep 6 - Sep 8

From Facebook:
Join us for Something Magical With Billy Kidd at Hales Ales Palladium. An Evening of magic and comedy seamlessly interwoven, you won't believe your eyes as you are taken on this hilarious rollercoaster ride.

Billy Kidd also has appeared on numerous television shows such as CBC’s The Science of Magic on the Nature of Things and hosted Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic series. She also appeared alongside Penn & Teller on Syfy’s Wizard Wars and is a regular on CW’s Masters of Illusion.

In the UK she was featured on ITV’s Next Great Magician, BBC’s Xmas Lectures and the doc. Now You See It.

15 June 2018

The 3 of Clubs 2018

From the Fraser Valley Magic Circle:
The 3 of Clubs returns for another spectacular weekend of magic!

This year will be co-hosted by the Northwest Ring of Fire (I.B.M. Ring #339) and The Fraser Valley Magic Circle (I.B.M. Ring #387)

When: Oct 19-21, 2018
Where: Seattle
  • Rob Zabrecky
  • Carisa Hendrix
  • Christopher T. Magician
  • Mike Pisciotta
  • Jonathan Friedman
WOW! 5 lectures – 2 shows – 2 competitions – tons of prizes and so much more!

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From Mike Norden's Facebook page:

08 June 2014

The EH-Team lectures: Tyler Wilson & Chris Mayhew Double Header!

Updated June 11 to add this from Chris Mayhew's Twitter feed:

Thursday June 19th - Tyler Wilson & Chris Mayhew Double Header! 
Lectures aren't dealer demos. Lectures are a place to get passionate about magic - teaching, sharing, exploring and pushing our craft forward. On Thursday, June 19th, welcome two of Canada's most creative magicians for a special double lecture to do just that. Tyler Wilson and Chris Mayhew are on the forefront of today's thinking. They hit hard, have fun, and most importantly, they care. This is why some of the most respected names in magic have publicly given praise, such as Stephen Minch, Max Maven, Eric Mead, and Jason England, just to name a few.

Read more and buy tickets.

From the Northwest Ring of Fire:
June 21st, 2014
Tyler Wilson Lecture with special guest Chris Mayhew  
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03 April 2014

Trevor and Lorena: Thursdays Live

From Brown Paper Tickets:
Thursdays Live always features Seattle's premier entertainers up close and personal, so on April 17th join us for an evening of laughter and mind-bending magic with Brian Cook Chris Bange and Canada's own Trevor and Lorena Watters.  You will not only be close enough to experience every detail, but you may even be asked to help make the magic happen, so get ready to participate in the fun. You will experience the wonder of new possible realities first had and have a great story to tell your family, friends and co-workers the next day.

Read more and buy tickets.