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09 August 2018

Bangkok: The Magnificent Seven

From the July 23rd article "Now you see it …." at The Nation:
September 19 and 20

The Magnificent Seven are Peter Gossamer and Rocco Silano from the US, Raul Alegria from Spain, Double Fantasy – Vitaliy and Helena Gorbachevsk – who hail from Ukraine, Pole Vlad Kryvonogov, Germany’s Sos and Victoria, and Ariann Black from Canada.

The show is produced and directed by Tony Hassini, the founder of the International Magicians Society who is often referred to as a walking encyclopaedia of magic.

Helping create the magic are lighting director Nick Morss, choreographer Maryna Popova and stage manager Mahdi Moammer, himself a professional magician.

Canadian Ariann Black is one of the best female magicians in the world and has staged six successful Las Vegas shows in six different casinos. She’s tailoring a new act just for Bangkok.

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08 April 2018

Bangladesh International Magic Convention 2018

Ariann Black and Dean Gunnarson will be performing at the gala!

From the Bangladesh International Magic Convention:

26, 27 & 28 April 2018

Such international grandiloquent wizardry event will take place for the first time in Bangladesh with the spur-of-the-moment participation of world-renowned magicians like Safir Ullah Sikder, Dean Gunnarson, Ariann Black, Fukai, Albert Tam, Mamada, Bond Lee,  Ma Yan Yan, Keanu Ho, Dr. Man, Myungjoon Lee, Lee Jei Min, B.S.Reddy, Ali Magician, Venu Samala, Raj Kumar, Dominico Danta, Walter Rolfo,  and other famous magicians from more than fifteen (15) countries including Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Italy, Canada, the USA & other countries around the world.

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11 October 2017

Ariann Black's "The Volunteer Network"

From The Volunteer Network:
The Volunteer Network empowers Volunteers by building dynamic relationships between fellow volunteers, philanthropic organizations and worthy sponsors in a way that is simpler and more effective than ever before, all with the goal of making a positive impact on the world.

To accomplish this we are creating a platform unique to the altruistic world.

Read more and sign-up to be notified of the official launch.

From Ariann Black's Facebook page:

05 June 2017

Ariann Black and Dean Gunnarson in "Las Vegas Magic Stars"

"Las Vegas Magic Stars," with Jeff McBride, Greg Gleason, Ariann Black, Dean Gunnarson, Will Bradshaw, Bill Cook and Tobias Beckwith, will be touring China this summer.

Have a look at their teaser on the Red Spade Entertainment YouTube channel:

26 March 2015

Ariann Black in Westword

From Westword:
Ariann Black has worked as a professional magician since 1990, and she's a master of her enchanting art form. The Canada-born magician began practicing the art of illusion when she was just four years old, working her way through magic school and onto the world's stage. She's performed on television and now is a staple on the Las Vegas entertainment scene, working to elevate the visibility of women in the male-dominated world of magic. In advance of her two-night appearance at the Theatre of Dreams in Castle Rock this weekend, Black spoke with Westword about her decades of experience as a magician and what it takes to hone your craft.

Westword: What brought you to wanting to becoming a magician in the first place?

Ariann Black: I was about four years old and I had a cousin who would do magic tricks and he would never tell me how they were done. The first time I saw him do a magic trick, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. He lived in a different city, so I went home and it took me a couple of months to sit down and figure things out. But once I got it figured out, it was about three months later and we went back to visit the family and I showed him what I thought the magic trick was and then he showed me another one.
At four, you don't realize that there is more than one magic trick out there. I was fascinated with the idea that there was more than one magic trick and you could do all sorts of things. When I was twelve, I saw Doug Henning on television, and prior to that I had been told that girls couldn't be magicians. But when I saw Doug Henning and I saw him with his look — he didn't look like that stereotypical magician — I thought, yeah, I can be a magician, too. He really inspired me.  
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