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24 April 2016

Houdini and Doyle: World of Wonders

You may already know that "Houdini and Doyle: World of Wonders" launched earlier this month.  But were you aware of the Canadian connections?

According to Joe, "The goal of the web series was to share some magic history and practical demonstrations inspired by the real-life relationship of Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle."

How well do you think they did?

07 July 2012

Review: Banachek’s The Alpha Project

From The Toronto Review of Books:
Do certain individuals have the ability to see the future, to read the thoughts of others, or to communicate with the spirit world? Whatever your answers to these questions might be, in his show The Alpha Project an extraordinary performer named Banachek invites spectators into a universe where such superhuman feats are possible. At least, this is true for the first half of his one-man performance, which recently finished its world premiere.

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10 June 2012

Banachek: prediction results and show reviews

From The Star:
The surprise retirement of I’ll Have Another was there. The out-of-the-blue bid for the 2024 Olympics was there. The story on gang violence? There. He even had the feature article on Australian Aboriginals.

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From Torontoist:
For someone who makes his living performing feats of mentalism (telepathy, psychokinesis, hypnotism, seances, and dermaoptics, a.k.a. “the magic of sensing without sight”), British-born performer Banachek’s entire backstory is pretty unique. And given that the audience at last night’s opening night show was not short on skeptics—a handful of whom we spoke to during intermission, or casually eavesdropped on, and a number of whom were volunteers on the stage itself—it is the highest praise to say the entire audience left looking absolutely baffled, but also delighted.

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From Mooney on Theatre:
A lot of people believe in telepathy, psychokinesis, past life regression and ghosts. These people go to a magic show ready and willing to believe. Others, like me, are skeptics who go simply for entertainment. Banachek’s The Alpha Project, playing as part of Luminato, is a great show for the latter. I suspect it might be a bit confusing for the former. For both kinds of people (and those in between) it’s still a fun night.

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07 June 2012

Banacheck predicts Saturday's news

From the Toronto Star:
Renowned U.K. mentalist Banachek has written down a few predictions of what he believes will appear as headlines on the front page of the Saturday Star on June 9 and sealed them in a glass box on display in the front window of Kiehl’s, a cosmetic/beauty products store at 407 Queen St. W.

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[h/t: Sharing Wonder]

06 June 2012

Banachek on the Morning Show

From Sharing Wonder:
Minds were blown when the world’s leading mentalist performed a feat on the hosts of Global Toronto’s The Morning ShowWatch him talk about his live show, The Alpha Project, featured in this year’s Luminato’s Mind Over Matter Magic Series.

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04 June 2012

Toronto: Banacheck predicts

From Sharing Wonder:
Last night at Kiehl’s on Queen Street, world-famous mentalist, BANACHEK, was spotted sealing a prediction – now on display – of headline news from The Toronto Star which will be revealed June 9.

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