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11 February 2019

Billy Hsueh appointed IBM Territorial Vice President for BC

Congratulations Billy!  Thank you for all of your hard work.

From Billy Hsueh's Facebook page:
Excited to announce that I have been appointed the position of IBM - International Brotherhood of Magicians Territorial Vice President for British Columbia!

Thank you Murray Hatfield for your years of service! I hope to continue the good work you have done for the Vancouver Magic Circle, IBM Ring #92, the Victoria Magic Circle and the Fraser Valley Magic Circle.  

25 October 2018

Registration is open for the 2019 3 of Clubs convention!

From Eventbrite:
The 3 of Clubs Convention gets a new coat of paint in 2019 - restoring the original aim of the Vancouver Magic Circle’s long-standing “Weekend of Magic” to unite the magic community with education and excellence of internationally-renowned talent without breaking the bank!

The Vancouver Magic Circle is thrilled by the return of our very own Billy Hsueh and Alex Zander to spearhead this year’s convention once again. Ring 92’s last 3 of Clubs in 2016 at the “Pink Palace” in Surrey reinvigorated what a local convention could be, and they’re doing it again! But this time it’s even bigger, even better, and even cheaper!

We don’t know how.. but they’ve done it!
With an all-time low early-bird registration rate of only $75 for all 3 days (same early bird rate available to all 3 Clubs) our 2019 convention will be the most affordable in YEARS!
Read more and buy tickets.

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

08 October 2018

Vancouver: Cabaret of Wonders with Michael Finney

From the Chilliwack Cultural Centre:
February 15, 2019

Join an extraordinary gathering of magicians as special host, International Brotherhood of Magicians President Michael Finney brings a bit of new flavour to the very popular Cabaret of Wonders!

Read more and buy tickets.

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

27 January 2017

Billy Hsueh on IBM's Executive Committee

Congratulations Billy!

From Billy Hsueh's Facebook page:

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11 August 2014

Congratulations PCAM winners!

Congratulations to Gwyn Auger and Billy Hsueh for their respective wins at PCAM this year!

Does anyone have the official list of contest results?

05 December 2012

Magic 'n Miracles: Fabulous!

Kidlet and I caught day one of Murray Hatfield's Magic 'n Miracles tour and had a fabulous time at the show!  (Unfortunately, due to unexpected scheduling issues on our part, we were only able to see the last half of the show.  I imagine that I'd be saying it was a super fabulous time, had we been able to see it from the start!)

In addition to Murray's wonderful magic, Michael Goudeau's impressive juggling, and the delightful work of Miles Meechan and Magdalaina Tamasik, I was tickled to see Billy Hsueh on stage!  Billy was taking advantage of Murray's offer to bring a young magician with him on tour.  I first had the pleasure of meeting Billy at Sorcerers Safari magic camp a couple of summers ago.  I'm sure Billy is learning an incredible amount on this tour!

The show was expertly produced by Steven Kline.  I was delighted he had the time and energy to have a quick chat with us when all was said and done!  Equally delightful was a chance encounter with Julie Eng and Suley Fattah, who were also in attendance.

I encourage you to catch the show and support a good cause in the process!

P.S.: Next time you see any of the people involved in the show, be sure to ask them about the pre-show smoke alarm!