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07 April 2013

Toronto: Dan Hauss and Brent Braun lectures

From Morrissey Magic:
Dan Hauss Lecture at Morrissey's Saturday May 4th 2013

Dan Hauss, the creator of Flow, Rattled, Lit and Sleeping Queen (just to name a few),has a wealth of unpublished underground magic to share with you!

His creative talents have been a secret source for many top magicians including David Blaine and Paul Harris. With many more exciting creations soon to be launched, Dan Hauss will let you into his world of magic. He will show you how to use magic in your everyday life to give you a social edge, meet people, and be the life of the party.

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Also from Morrissey Magic:
Brent Braun Lecture at Morrissey's Saturday May 18th 2013
A professional performer for over a decade, Brent Braun creates exceptionally visual magic that is both pure and entertaining. During his years as a magic dealer, he came to understand that many of the effects released into the market today are “pipe dreams”, and are deceptively advertised. Due to this realization, Brent has a firm commitment to only release products that he has tested and used in the real world, in “under fire” situations. Each detail in his effects has been thought out and worked out. Details such as angles, practicality, and impact have always driven Braun's creativity. Every mistake that could be made has been made, analyzed, and corrected. You can be assured that any effect by Brent Braun is thorough, proven, and powerful.
Read more and buy tickets.
Check out Morrissey's website for information on their Combo Lecture Pass.