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22 October 2017

London Jones in the news

From the article "Calgary girl dubbed London the Magnificent makes famous magician cry" by David Bell in the CBC:
A letter from a nine-year-old Calgary girl who's an aspiring magician to a famous entertainment duo is charming people around the world, after one half of Penn & Teller tweeted it to his two million followers.

Penn Jillette tweeted a photo of the letter — scrawled in pencil and adorned with drawings of playing cards and a rabbit in a hat — writing "Ever have the slightest question of why we do this? Hard to stop crying to type. Women are the future of magic!"

Read more and watch video of London performing the Cups and Balls.

 From the Global Edmonton Facebook page:

From Brent Smith's Facebook page:

From Penn Jillette's Twitter feed:

21 April 2017

Calgary: MEGA Magic Camp 2017

From Brent Smith's Facebook page:
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11 November 2016

Calgary: Mega Magic Camp at Montanas

See if you can say that 5 times fast!

From the The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop's Facebook page:

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19 January 2016

Calgary: Vanishing Rabbit open house and magic show

From the Vanishing Rabbit:
Come Join us January 24th from NOON - 4pm. Bring a trick you have been working on or need more help with and we can work together to work out the kinks.

At 3:00PM Owner/Magician Brent Smith will give a 30 Minute lecture on Thumb tips and How to use them correctly and then Immediately after he will perform a 30 Magic show for everyone to enjoy and maybe find some special guests to Join us

If you want to come tickets are $20.00 for the day and you must call to reserve a seat as we have limited space in my shop.

Pop, water and Doughnuts will be supplied as well as a GREAT Door Prize

Read more and buy tickets.

30 May 2015

Canadian magic in The Globe and Mail

It's nice to see mentions of Brent Smith (Vanishing Rabbit), Zack Mirza (Illusions of Grandeur), Darcy Oake, Ron Keller, Shawn Farquhar, and Jeff Pinsky (The Browser's Den of Magic).

As curio shops go, Brent Smith’s Vanishing Rabbit is all things magical. Attached to the ceiling is a series of old billboards advertising the greats through the ages – Houdini, Sorcar, Mandrake and a young Doug Henning as Chou Chou (pronounced Shoe Shoe), the clown who actually sold shoes for a living.

Inside Mr. Smith’s store, a creepy-looking Charlie McCarthy puppet sits above display cases filled with easy-to-perform tricks and novelties, including the ever-popular Fart Extinguisher.

“It’s a big hit with the kids,” Mr. Smith says as he emerges from behind a counter holding a deck of Svengali playing cards. “I sell a lot of cards, too. Magic is really hot right now.”

Read more.

10 May 2015

Calgary: Mega Magic Saturday

Gwyn Auger will be greeting people at the door!

Join Chris Westfall, Anthony Lindan, Stephen Forrester, Brent Smith, Brent Miller, Atsushi Ono, and special Guests for a 1 day MEGA Magic Saturday JUNE 27th. Shows, Auction, Competitions, and lectures will all be happening. Registration is NOW OPEN . For all the details, registration packages and VIP Passes go to

Read more and register.

31 May 2011

Summer is a magical time for kids to learn magic

Do your children want to learn magic this summer?  Then you've come to the right place!  We've highlighted the magic programs for children offered through Canada this summer.

Sorcerers Safari
When talking about summer, magic and children, the first name that always comes to my mind is Sorcerers Safari Summer Camp.  Sorcerers Safari is a sleep-away camp in the Haliburton Highlands about 2 1/2 hours north of Toronto. This year's camp runs from Tuesday August 30th to Sunday Sept 4th, 2011. The camp is coordinated by Mike Segal and boasts an amazingly talented and experienced staff!

To register or for more information, visit

Take a peek at the highlights from last year's camp!

Oh, Magic Camp from Rotten Pictures on Vimeo.
Not interested in a sleep-away experience?

Mega Magic Camp, Calgary 
If you're looking for something in Western Canada, check out Mega Magic Camp with Sean Watson and Brent Smith in Calgary from August 22nd to August 26th, 2011.

To register or for more information, visit

In the Ottawa area, Eric Leclerc runs English and French language magic classes during the summer. His 2011 dates haven't been posted yet. Keep checking his website for more information.

Halton Magic Camp  [added October 1, 2011]

Scott Dietrich is offering the chance of a lifetime to 20 lucky Halton children (ages 8 – 12).   Halton Magic Camp is not your ordinary summer camp, over one week your child will be immersed in the magical arts while their confidence and creativity explode; something Scott is proud to have witnessed over and over again at his camps. 
Greater Toronto Area 
Some of the Sorcerers Safari Summer Camp crew will also be teaching magic in Toronto area day camps.  Some of these day camps are offering an introductory magic classes for the entire camp summer and some of the camps also offer a 'Magic Course/Specialty' that run on particular dates. 

At present, the participating day camps are:
  • Bayview Glen: offers a general magic activity 3 days a week for the full summer
  • Zodiac: offers a specialty magic program (a 2 week program, twice over their 8 week summer course)
  • Crestwood (warning, website autostarts a video with sound): offers a general program 4 days a week for the entire summer
For more information about the magic taught at the day camps, contact Sorcerers Safari Summer Camp.  For more information about the camps in general, or to register, contact the day camps directly.

We hope your summer is magical!

(If you run a magic course for children and want to be included, leave a comment or send me an e-mail with your details!)

31 March 2011

Calgary: Card Magic Essentials with Brent Smith

From The Vanishing Rabbit:
When:  3 Saturday Nights - April 2, April 9th, April 16th
Time: 7-9pm
Where: The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop

Join Award Winning Magician BRENT SMITH for 3 Nights of Essential Card Magic Sleights. Learning card magic is like building a house. Everything starts with a strong foundation of basic building blocks. These won't we your Grampa's Card Tricks.

This 3 night course will start you at the beginning of card magic and take you to a working professional level.

Learn the core skills (the ones that get used over and over again in thousands of tricks) from a well trained Award winning Magician
For more information, contact The Vanishing Rabbit.

[h/t: Gwyn Auger]

04 March 2011

Calgary: A Brush With Death

"A Brush With Death" is Calgary’s first nightclub magic act exclusively for adults.  Self-described as "an intimage evening of morbid comedy and macabre magic" it is hosted by Yeats Wong, features Curtis Brown (The Rolling Magician), headlines Brent Smith and has a special appearance by Gwyn Auger.

Visit for more information or to purchase tickets.