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07 June 2016

20 amazing alumni from Sorcerers Safari

No matter how you slice it, camp just wouldn’t be camp without campers!  It shouldn’t surprise you that Neil Croswell (gold medal ‘Magic of China, International Magic Championships” 2015), Bill Cook (three-time award winner at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas), and Kelvin Kwong (first place Magi-Fest junior close-up, second place IBM junior close-up) have all attended.  Without a doubt, Sorcerers Safari attracts multi-talented and amazing youth.  To mark their upcoming 20th anniversary, flip to page 108 of the 26th edition of VANISH magazine and have a look at "20 amazing alumni from Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp."

The 2016 season of Sorcerers Safari will run from Sunday August 7th through Friday August 12th, 2016. For more information, or to register, please visit

02 April 2016

  • Daniel Garcia mini-talk!
  • Part of the proceeds from every ticket sold for this year's Bash being donated in Garcia’s name, to Chad's charity (Spread the Magic Foundation) and to the Burn Unit at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.
  • Daniel Garcia lecture time!
  • Lanyards for the Bash were generously donated by Chad Juros of the “Spread The Magic Foundation.”  (Yes, the same Chad Juros honoured by David Copperfield on Good Morning America last Fall.)
  • The Spread The Magic Foundation spreads hope and inspiration to children battling cancer.
    Visit them at
  • Thank you Chad!
  • This year's Food Drive raised over 300 kgs of cans & dried goods for Toronto Food Bank. DOUBLE last year’s total!  Way to go!

13 September 2015

Sorcerers Safari alumnus and counsellor honoured on Good Morning America

Updated at 10:50am to add:

If you've been to Sorcerers Safari Magic and Performance Camp, you know him or have been touched by his generosity in some way.  If you attended the Browser's Bash earlier this year, you heard about him and were a recipient of his generosity.

Congratulations Chad Juros, for winning Good Morning America's “Above and Beyond” contest.  Keep up the great work!

From ABC News:
One do-gooder from New Jersey got a very magical surprise of his own on “Good Morning America” today with help from his idol, magician David Copperfield.

Chad Juros, 27, is a child leukemia survivor who has established a foundation called “Spread the Magic” where he travels the world performing magic for children with cancer “in the hopes that they can find magic in their lives as Chad did in his,” Juros’ mother, Penny Juros Bilker, told ABC News.

“The day Chad was born was such a wonderful, magical day for our family,” Juros Bilker, 57, of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, said about her son. “He was a very sweet, kind, loving, energetic, happy-go-lucky kid.”

But when Juros, also of Egg Harbor Township, was only 3, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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From the Press of Atlantic City:
ATLANTIC CITY — Dozens of family members, friends and beachgoers gathered Wednesday in front of Bally’s to honor Chad Juros, an Egg Harbor Township resident who beat leukemia — twice.

His mother, Penny, entered him in a contest with “Good Morning America” called “Above and Beyond,” his family said. Juros, 27, won out of 100 entrants and was surprised from a spot in Bally’s to see a crowd on the beach yelling and cheering. The group formed an outline of a deck of cards in the sand.

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Watch the Good Morning America appearance on YouTube:

22 June 2013

Chad Juros honored for cancer fundraising efforts

Chad Juros is a counsellor at Sorcerers Safari magic camp.  Congratulations Chad and keep up the great work!

From Shore News Today:
Egg Harbor Township resident Chad Juros was diagnosed with leukemia in 1991 at age 3. Four years later, he relapsed and spent 17 months in the cancer ward, during which time his father, Dr. Donald Juros, kept his spirits up by teaching him magic tricks.

Sadly, soon after he was released from the hospital, his beloved father was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and passed away in 2000. In January 2003, Chad was once again confronted with grave illness, and when he recovered, he decided it was time to make his father’s dying wish his own living wish.

He founded the nonprofit Spread the Magic Foundation to fulfill his father’s hope that he would “continue to spread the magic around the world.” Today, Juros is an accomplished magician and inspirational speaker whose performances raise money for pediatric cancer care.

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[via Wayne Kawamoto]

04 March 2013

MAGIC Live Intern Program

Posted by Chad Juros on the Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp Facebook group:
Here is an amazing opportunity for any young magician that I had the honor of doing myself when i was younger. I highly recommend it.....
MAGIC Live Intern Program
We are looking for young magicians, age 15–19, to participate in our intern program during MAGIC Live, August 11–14. This is a unique opportunity to work with the MAGIC Magazine team in all areas of the convention: registration, set-up, hosting, backstage, and more. You will also join in teen lunches with special magic guests, giving you an opportunity to mingle with, and learn from, some of the best.
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