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17 November 2015

Chilliwack: Stars of Magic - PCAM 2015 Gala Show

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Hey everyone! Gord and I are producing this awesome magic show in Chilliwack on Nov 21st. Tickets are just $15 and we...
Posted by Mike Norden on Wednesday, 4 November 2015

From PCAM 2015:
Stars of Magic - PCAM 2015 Gala ShowThe Pacific Coast Association of Magic (PCAM) is pleased to announce that the 'Stars of Magic' are back once again for the PCAM Gala Magic Show on Saturday November 21st at 8pm!


Michael Dardant - MC
Cody Fisher
Bill Abbott
Trevor and Lorena
Wes Barker

This event has always sold out in the past and we encourage you to buy your tickets in advance as we might not have them at the door. Every registrant to the PCAM Convention gets a ticket - which means that 120 seats are already sold. We have 50 more public tickets to be sold at the $15 price.

Please pass the word along - and bring your family and friends to this public show if you are attending the convention (you still need to buy them a ticket though! :)

Check out our website at or the Facebook page at

We look forward to seeing you at the event at the Chilliwack Coast Hotel!

Read more and buy tickets.