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18 December 2020

David Acer and the SuperDogs go virtual

From David Acer's December 17th Instagram post:

#Outtake I was supposed to say, "That box might be too big, we need a smaller one" but this is all that came out.

Catch the lines delivered mostly correctly on a very fun SuperDogs virtual holiday show (Happy Pawlidays) premiering on Facebook Saturday December 19th at noon EST (






16 May 2020

David Acer in the Montreal Gazette

From the May 7th article "Brownstein: Is it too soon to laugh?" by Bill Bronstein in the Montreal Gazette:

While the Comedy Nest is dark these days, Acer has created another outlet for fans. Performance videos from the club are available on and feature more than 30 of the city’s leading anglo comics, including Abdul Butt, Joey Elias, Heidi Foss, Derek Seguin and Harrison Weinreb. And Acer.

Weinreb, incidentally, has come up with this fascinating epidemiological theory: “This pandemic can only mean one thing … the five-second rule has failed us.”

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21 December 2019

Reader's Digest puts Acer on 2019 watch list

For those of you keeping track, David Acer was on last year's list of  "22 Canadian Comedians to Watch Out For—and Their Best Jokes."

From the article "50 Canadian Comedians to Watch Out For—and Their Best Jokes" at Reader's Digest Canada:
36. David Acer

I just bought a Canada Goose jacket. I love it—it’s warm, it’s comfortable. The only problem is, whenever I run into other people wearing Canada Goose jackets, we all have to walk in a V-formation.

Follow Montreal comedian David Acer on Twitter @David_Acer.

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24 October 2019

Comedy Nest celebration and David Acer in the Montreal Gazette

From the Comedy Nest:
The Comedy Nest 40-ish Anniversary – October 24, 25, 26

Celebrate 40 years of funny at Montreal’s original comedy club with some of the city’s finest comedians from past and present, including JEFF ROTHPAN (The Tonight Show), MARTHA CHAVES (CBC’s Just For Laughs), RICK BRONSON (CBC’s Just For Laughs), BOWSER & BLUE (The Comedy Network), HEIDI FOSS (Comics Unleashed), JOEY ELIAS (The Comedy Network’s MatchGame), DAVID ACER (CBC’s Just For Laughs), PHIL SHUCHAT (The Rick Mercer Report) and many more!

Read more and buy tickets.

From the October 23 article "Brownstein: Did you hear the one about the Comedy Nest turning 40?" by Bill Brownstein in the Montreal Gazette:
Acer and Shuchat shone among the first wave of anglo comics in the early years of the Nest.

“I go way back to the 1920s with Bob Hope,” Acer quips. “Actually, I did my first set at the Nest in 1989 … when we didn’t have microphones and comedians talked through rolled-up paper cones. Okay, I may be misremembering that a little.”

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17 August 2019

Toronto: David Acer and Abracadabark

Edited at 10am to add:
  • Tweet from Friday at bottom of post.
  • This was easily the most entertaining Super Dogs show I've seen in the past 8 or so years!

From The Ex:
The President's Choice™ SuperDogs™ are back at the CNE with an extraordinary new show called Abracadabark featuring magic, mystery and all the fun people expect from more than four decades of SuperDogs spectacles! Watch as a mesmerizing magician entices our talented canine friends to perform an astounding array of magic tricks.  From invisible puppies to wizarding pooches, the show is brimming with magic, action and the most wonderful dogs in the world.

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From David Acer's Twitter feed:

23 July 2019

London: Waterbark with David Acer

WaterBark! Heads to London, Ontario September 6-15.

From David Acer's Twitter feed:
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17 June 2019

Laval: David Acer at Le Cabaret C

From Eventbrite:
June 18

Jaguar Land Rover Laval est fière d’annoncer la tenue de "Nous pour Vous III" une soirée-bénéfice humoristique en compagnie de Rachid Badouri et ses invités, au profit de l’Organisation familiale des besoins spéciaux de Montréal.

L’animateur du spectacle sera à nouveau cette année, Rachid Badouri, et il mettra en vedette une superbe brochette de grands noms de l’humour, le tout dans un format bilingue. Ainsi vous pourrez entendre les talents de David Acer, Mike Patterson, Christine Morency, Derek Séguin, Dave Gaudet, Maude Landry et Mat Cyr!

Les billets pour cet événement recherché et intime sont disponibles au prix spécial de seulement 40$ et toutes les recettes seront versées à l’Organisation familiale des besoins spéciaux de Montréal. 

Read more and buy tickets.

From David Acer's Twitter feed:

26 May 2019

Matt DiSero on Comedy Above The Pub

Season 17, episode 16 of the Comedy Above the Pub podcast has Matt DiSero in the hot seat with a bonus anecdote about David Acer.

From Matt DiSero's Facebook page:

03 December 2018

Montreal: LOL 2018!

Catch Richard Sanders and David Acer at The Comedy Nest December 20, 21, 22, and 23.

From the Comedy Nest:
LOL 2018 – December 20, 21, 22, 23

Say goodbye to 2018 with some of Montreal’s funniest as they toast (and roast) the year that was, including HEIDI FOSS (Just For Laughs), GINO DURANTE (Just For Laughs’ Zoofest), world-renowned magician RICHARD SANDERS (The Comedy Network), DAVID ACER (Just For Laughs), MIKE CARROZZA (Just For Laughs’ Zoofest) and more! And have your New Year’s resolution ready because on your way in you’ll get a chance to drop it in a bucket for the comedians to draw from during the show and use in their sets. Buy your tickets now!

All shows are 90 minutes.
Must be 18 or over.

Read more and buy tickets.

20 October 2018

Reader's Digest suggests watching out for David Acer

From the article "22 Canadian Comedians to Watch Out For—and Their Best Jokes" at Reader's Digest Canada:
6. David Acer

I just bought a Canada Goose jacket. I love it—it’s warm, it’s comfortable. The only problem is, whenever I run into other people wearing Canada Goose jackets, we all have to walk in a V-formation.

Follow Montreal comedian David Acer on Twitter @David_Acer.

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19 July 2018

Edmonton: David Acer and "WaterBark"

Catch David Acer's creation involving SuperDogs and water at K-Days July 20 – 29!

(Don't forget, Sheldon Casavant and The Evasons will be making things magical too!)

From K Days:
With three exciting shows daily, these agility K-9’s will be splashing their way on the K-Days grounds.

WaterBark, is an energetic watershow starring human acrobats, divers and SuperDogs! This exciting show is performed in water, above water and around a custom pool – it’s a mix of jaw dropping agility and acrobatics! Don’t miss these incredible dogs jump and dive into K-Days on the East Plaza!

Read more and buy tickets.

From David Acer's Twitter feed:

13 March 2018

Cornwall: David Acer at the Cornwall Comedy Festival

From the Cornwall Comedy Festival:
We are proud to announce our 2018 Cornwall Comedy Festival line up! Joining us for our 5th anniversary spring weekend, is our host with the most, Derek Seguin, Kate Davis, Ben Miner, David Acer, Rob Ross and David Pryde. Venues and ticket info will be made available soon. Thank you so much for your continued support!

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From David Acer's Twitter feed:

24 December 2016

David Acer in the Montreal Gazette

Click through to read David's use of numerology to explain the year that was 2016.

From the Montreal Gazette:
On most every front, it has been a year from hell – save for one. The worst of times is invariably the best of times for those in the chuckles trade, and it has been this year.

Thank Trump. He has been the comedy gift that just keeps on giving.

On the late-night TV-satire circuit in the U.S., John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert, among others, have been reaping the awards of The Donald. Not since those halcyon days of Dubya have talk-show hosts had such fodder. American standups Bill Burr, Lewis Black and Amy Schumer also have all been beneficiaries.

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From David Acer's Twitter feed:

27 August 2015

Vancouver: David Acer at PNE Playland

From David Acer's Twitter feed:

20 January 2015

Breaking news! Toronto: Browser's Den Bash!

Click for details.
See Magic. Learn Magic. Show Magic. Love Magic
April 12th, 2015 
Imagine 12 jam-packed hours of magic filled with a plethora of amazing talent, delicious food, and wonderful experiences that you cannot find elsewhere. Card guys, mentalists, stand-up magicians, stage perfomers, and everything in-between... there's something for everyone! You're going to have a fantastic time at the Browser's Magic Bash. It might even challenge the way you normally look at magic conventions.

Space is limited so act now and reserve your spot right away.

Read more and register.

24 December 2014

David Acer on the CBC Debaters

Looking forward to learning more details!

From David Acer's Twitter feed:

More from the Twitterverse:

07 June 2014

Review: Magic at the Comedy Nest

Magicians had a real treat last Sunday evening, if they managed to get into the Comedy Nest. Although there were magicians who came to see the show, most of the audience was comprised of lay people. 
David Acer was the M.C. and was his usual funny self.

Loran, from Quebec City, had a beautiful act, serious, artistic and a pleasure to watch.

Vincent Pimpare did a comedy hynotism act. It was an unexpected break from the usual hypno act and had the audience laughing, so it fit right into the Comedy club setting.

Richard Sanders did a great bill to lime with a lot of hilarious detours along the way. He has a way of making the audience feel as if he is really one of us. He connects well.

Romaine. What can I say about Romaine.  Dressed in tails and a top hat, and slightly tipsy, (part of the routine, of course) he wowed the audience with his continuous production of cards, multiplying billiard balls, and the real magic of Vaudeville days, which mosts of the audience had never seen and they showed their appreciation.

Jonathan Burns did some very funny stuff. My favorite was Cards Across with cheese slices (you know the ones, wrapped in cellophane) instead of cards. Funny stuff. 
And then there was the audience.

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23 April 2014

Kingston: David Acer

25 February 2014

Review: David Acer, John Carney, Michel Huot and Rafael DiCaprio at the Comedy Nest.

From Perfect Magic:
As I wrote on the Perfect Magic Facebook, too bad for you if you didn’t go to the Comedy Nest in Montreal last Sunday night. For us, Phil and I, it was like old home week and brought back warm and pleasant memories of Magie Montréal. We had tried to phone Mephisto, aka Wym Vermeys, who was our partner in that venture but couldn’t reach him. He called the day after the show and said he was in Florida. He was heartbroken that he missed it.

David was terrific as the MC. He did many funny bits, which I know all who were there will use, magicians or not! He didn’t do any magic but some good comic mind reading stuff.

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