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03 December 2020

Ring 17 is Conjuring for a Cure

If all goes according to plan, we'll be live Tweeting the event.  Join us by following the hashtag #Ring17Cure


From The Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club:

The Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club is getting together (virtually) to put on a show to raise money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Over a dozen magicians will be performing from home. It's going to be a great time. 

To see the show go to on Thursday, December 3 at 8PM Eastern. The show is free to watch and all donations, big and small, are very much appreciated. If you like, you can head there now and donate early. 

Come and join us and together, let's make cancer disappear!






24 May 2018

David Peck interviews The Sentimentalists, Julie Eng, and Daniel Zuckerbrot

David Peck has previously interviewed many magicians on his Face 2 Face podcast.  Recently he's added The Sentimentalists (episode 362), as well as Julie Eng and Daniel Zuckerbrot (episode 373) to his growing list.

From Face 2 Face Live: The Sentimentalists – Episode 362
The Sentimentalists and I talk about skepticism, assumptions and religious belief, burlesque theatre, mentalism and magic, scientific headspace and what it means to be a collector of rare oddities.

World-renowned mentalist Mysterion partners with mentalist Steffi Kay to create a mind reading experience that is truly breathtaking. Steffi brings a grace, flair and elegance to the mentalism she practises and with her vintage look, approach and style you will feel transported back to Vaudeville to the golden age of magic.

Read more and listen to podcast.

From Face 2 Face Live: Daniel Zuckerbrot and Julie Eng on “The Science of Magic” – Episode 373
Julie Eng, Daniel Zuckerbot and David Peck talk about their new film The Science of Magic, change blindness, assumptions, subverting reality, free will, doubt and the problems of perception.

Magic has become the latest investigative tool for scientists exploring human cognition, neurobiology, and behaviour. Across Canada, the US and Europe, our film follows researchers who are bringing magicians’ tricks into the laboratory.  With impossible magic, amazing facts, and opportunities for viewers to participate in the magic, this extraordinary exploration peeks behind the curtain into a fascinating world where ancient magic meets modern science.

Canadian magician and executive director of the arts organization Magicana, Julie Eng not only mystifies us with magic, she also takes us to Montreal’s McGill University to meet Jay Olson. He is one of the scientists spearheading this novel and powerful approach to experimental psychology.  On the streets of Montreal Julie and Jay use card tricks to help us understand how magic can be used to explore human consciousness. But these simple tricks have given way to more elaborate experiments.

Read more and listen to podcast.

23 January 2017

Toronto: Spare Change for Social Change Lecture

From the Browser's Den of Magic website:

BRIAN ROBERTS & DAVE PECK - Spare Change for Social Change Lecture

Sunday, February 26

Two lecturers for the price of one!

Who are those guys you may ask? Well, Brian and David's combined years of performing, studying and lecturing magic is more than 50 years! And their work shows it.

This may end up being the bargain lecture of the year as Brian and David have a vast array of routines, ideas, concepts that they will share. Plus, it's for a good cause.

Both have lectured in the past at Browser's Den and we can tell you that the magic was excellent and there were lots of laughs along the way.

You will gain many tips and advice as you watch and listen to their magic covering: Cards, Coins, Misdirection, Stage Manipulation, Miser's Dream, etc.

Read more and buy tickets.

26 October 2016

James Alan: Face2Face, Mystic Hallowe'en, and Hillsburgh

From Reality Based Magic:
I sat down recently to have a chat with David Peck, the host of the Face2Face Podcast. As far as I can tell, David is a man who never sleeps. In addition to putting out a prodigious number of podcast interviews (mine is number 222) he also teaches in the International Development Program at Humber College, practices magic and has a family.

Read more and listen to podcast.

Also from Reality Based Magic:

Join the live studio audience at the upcoming “Mystic Halloween” Connected Circle Live Show and Dance Party! as mystic guest mediums, tarot card readers and magicians share insights to help you discover your mystical self. Meet the mystics and dance the night away with other audience members.

Halloween costumes optional but encouraged.

The show’s live filming will take place on Friday, October 28th from 5:30pm onwards at Maezo Restaurant + Bar (formerly The Rum Exchange) in downtown Toronto.

Read more and buy tickets.

From Magic and Martini:
Saturday, November 19 & 26
Come enjoy the magic of James Alan at the NEW restaurant of Chopped Canada winner Chef Pam Fanjoy in the Village of Hillsburgh.
Read more and buy tickets.

09 July 2016

Catching up with David Peck's "Face 2 Face"

Edited at 10:15am to add a list of magicians David's interviewed over the years:

  • Matthew Disero - episode 3
  • Jay Sankey - episode 5
  • David Merry - episode 27
  • Anthony Lindan - episode 45
  • Gabe Fajuri - episode 48
  • Tom Ogden - episode 102
  • David Ben - episode 145
  • James Alan and Mike Close - episode 79
  • Lawrence Hass - episode 150
  • Viveka Melki - 177 - On the Circus
  • Marcie Hume - filmmaker - about the movie "Magicians" - episode 187
  • Jeff McBride - episode 188
  • Mac King - episode 189

Coming soon:
  • Lawrence Hass (Part 2)
  • Bobby Motta 
  • Jeff and Tessa Evason
  • Matthew Disero (Part 2) 

David's got a long list of interesting guests on his "Face 2 Face" podcasts this year.  Check out his interviewees, then click through to his site and have a listen!  (I'm hoping to get a chance to listen to the Mac King and Jeff McBride interviews soon.)

From David Peck Live:

  • Greg Paul – Episode 193
  • Brian McKenna  – Ep. 192
  • Alex Hinton – Episode 191
  • Jay Whitelaw – Episode 190
  • Mac King – Episode 189
  • Jeff McBride – Episode 188
  • Marcie Hume – Episode 187
  • Michael Coren – Episode 186
  • Mitch Abrams – Episode 185
  • Nicholas Greco – Episode 184
  • Susanne Regina Meures – Episode 183
  • Peter Stockland – Episode 182
  • Christal Earle – Episode 181
  • Alethea Arnaquq – Episode 180
  • Todd & Jedd Wider – Episode 179
  • Anjali Nayar – Episode 178
  • Viveka Melki – Episode 177
  • “Best and Most Beautiful Things” – Ep. 176

Read more and listen to podcasts.

23 November 2015

Review: Glenn Ottaway benefit

From Fordham PR:
On stage, well-known comedians, magicians and even a pair of mentalists celebrated Glenn’s career and encouraged the audience to dig deep to help Glenn and his depleted bank account. Thanks to comedian/magician Matt Disero, who created the one-night only comedy concert, some of the country’s top headliners volunteered their time and talent, so here’s a brief pictorial account of The Rocky Horror: It’s a Wonderful Life Anyway show.

Read more.

11 September 2015

Toronto: A Glenn Ottaway benefit show

November 9th.

From The Rocky Horror:
Hosted by Mike Bullard star CFRB radio and his own television show Open Mike with Mike Bullard, this is a once in a decade variety show. 

Starring Jeff & Tessa Evason, world famous mentalist duo described by NBC television as "The best act of their kind in the world", comedians David Merry, and Glen Foster of CBC's Comics, Mini Holmes star of She's so Funny, David Peck, a pure skill manipulation magic act right out of vaudeville, comedy magician Matt Disero Seen on The Comedy Network, cruise ship and military peacekeeping tours the world over,  plus Scott Norman the most handsome juggler ever.....and a host of other acts. This is a show not to be missed !

Read more and buy tickets.

06 August 2015

Toronto: Matt DiSero and David Peck at "Magic Tonight"

Confirm details by visiting

Click for details.
Toronto (Sun):  Matt DiSero and David Peck

James Alan, over at Abracadaberet, has kindly offered the readers of Canada's Magic a coupon code for 50% off tickets to "Magic Tonight!"  Use the coupon code 
cmagic when you buy your tickets for Magic Tonight to receive your discount*.

* Offer is subject to change without notice.  Canada's Magic earns a commission when you use the coupon code 

02 March 2015

David Peck interviews James Alan and Michael Close

From David Peck's website:
This week’s podcast was a fun one to record. Taped in front of a live enthusiastic and thoughtful audience this past December in downtown Toronto. I chatted with two magicians, on stage and post show, James Alan and Mike Close. The food was good, the magic terrific and the conversation engaging. Listen is as we talk about magic, wonder and reason in the 21st century. 
Read more and listen to the podcast.

15 December 2014

Toronto: Michael Close and David Peck at "Magic Tonight"

In just over two weeks, on Magic Tonight, we’ll be hosting a special fundraisers for the Centre for Inquiry ( All proceeds from the show will go to support CFI Canada. I’ll be performing on the show along with special guest, Michael Close. After the show we’ll be doing a live taping of David Peck’s Face2Face Podcast where we’ll be discussing the role of magic on a modern secular society
Read more and buy tickets.

Receive a 20% discount* at Magic Tonight with coupon code cmagic 

* Offer is subject to change without notice.  Canada's Magic earns a commission when you use the coupon code cmagic.

04 June 2014

David Peck interviews Anthony Lindan

Listen to David Peck's Face 2 Face interview with Anthony Lindan over at David Peck Live

From David Peck Live:
Listen in on Anthony as he talks about how he has remade himself over and over again. He’ll provide some insight on busyness versus getting things done, entrepreneurship, lateral career moves, metaphors and communication tools, and why if you’re going to dive into a task you better be willing to “live and breathe it” for awhile. 
Read more and listen to the podcast.

20 May 2014

Toronto: David Peck at the Global Change Initiative

May 30- June 1, 2014
Toronto City Hall Council Chamber 
the global change initiative 
is an annual meeting of collective minds spanning the world of academics, corporate, institution and government; all brought together in Toronto’s core for a two-day, three-night interactive Summit. Sustainability, conscious consumerism and responsible thought leadership rule the weekend. 
MEET David PeckHis paramount passion is contributing to the international development community. He has worked in collaboration with organizations such as UNICEF, Plan, STN, Make Poverty History, and World Vision. He has provided consulting services for health, literacy and restorative justice projects in Cambodia, Mongolia and throughout parts of Africa. He currently devotes much of his time to managing SoChange.

Read more.

23 February 2014

Magically benevolent Canadians

In this month's issue of the Linking Ring (Vol 94, #2, February 2014, pages 30-34), five Canadians were featured in the article "Still Giving:  The Benevolence of Magic Continues, part 3."  They are:
and last but not least

If you recall, Canada also had an entry in the article that started it all in The Linking Ring (v92, #12), Dennis Schick wrote "The Benevolence of Magic" (page 56) which had a lovely mention of Magicana for it's My Magic Hands, Senior Sorcery and Tony Eng Youth Fund initiatives.

27 September 2013

Fundraiser: Stop the Sucking

From Ring 17:
The Mosquitoes Suck Project, organized by SoChange, has released an instructional download including tricks from:
  • Bill Abbott
  • James Alan
  • Joshua Jay
  • Anthony Lindan
  • Bobby Motta
  • David Peck
  • Brian Roberts
  • Jay Sankey
For $10, you get a 106-minute, 3gb download of original magic. The download is available from $10 is the cost of an insecticide treated bed net, including delivery, which protects a family for up to ten years. These nets are distributed in Africa by Spread The Net. So download your copy today!

Read more and buy a download to Stop the Sucking.

18 March 2013

David Peck interviews Jay Sankey

From David Peck Live:
Listen as Jay covers a whole lot of ground talking philosophy, creativity and how magicians have lost their way. Find out why he believes sleight of hand magic is about Bending The Real.

Read more.

15 February 2013

David Peck: Tips on increasing wonder

From Biz TV Canada:
As business people, we struggle with balancing our work and life schedules and how to deal with the stress of the day. The answer may be to add a little play time into our day. Our change guru, David Peck has five tips on how to add that play time and how to wonder more.

Read more.

30 January 2013

David Peck's 9 tips for a tighter talk

From the Toronto Star:
Are you one of those people like me that beams with excitement when you hit the stage or glows when someone puts a microphone in front of us? No. Well if it's no, then you're in the majority. Fortunately, change guru David Peck has 9 Tips for you.  

Read more and watch the video.

21 January 2013

Matt DiSero interviewed by David Peck on Face to Face

From David Peck Live:
Living in Toronto, Canada, Comedy Magician Matthew DiSero has opened shows for greats such as Drew Carey and Jerry Seinfeld and performs everywhere from Trump’s Marina Casino in Atlantic City to corporate events in Tokyo.

Read more and listen to the podcast.