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29 June 2020

Magical Women with Connie Boyd

Connie Boyd (originally from Newmarket, Ontario!) started the "Magical Women with Connie Boyd" YouTube channel during quarantine.  Since that time it has grown into a series of in-depth talks with  magicians in different magic genres.   Weekly talks are uploaded to the Magical Women YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Connie's off to a strong start featuring Canadian magicians Ekaterina and Billy Kidd.   Juliana Chen's episode will be released this week.  (A little birdie has told me that Carisa Hendrix will be in a future episode too!)

Watch the teaser for the Magical Women series on YouTube:

Episode 1 with Ekatarina:

Episode 2 with Billy Kidd:

16 September 2014

Wizard Wars episode 1 (with Chris Funk and Ekatarina) recap

You can watch Episode One, "Spam-Tastic!" at Space.

From Liberty Voice:
In the first episode, the two teams consisted of Kyle Marlett and Dalton Wayne who were team one and team two was made up of Canadian duo Chris Funk and Ekatarina (formerly from Russia). Each team had to make use of the same three items as a major portion of their magic act.

Both team one and team two had a large element of humor in their presentation and Funk made the most of being the “ditzy” member of his act. The Canadians actually impressed the judges with a new trick that none of the four had seen before.

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