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01 September 2019

Rounding the Eastern rings in September 2019

A reminder that the Halifax Fringe runs from August 29th to September 8th. Magic acts this year include:

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Halifax, NSRing 316 (Conjourer's Court) - Visit their Facebook page
St. John, NBMagic Circle of St. John- Magic with money.

Please leave a comment or email me about corrections or omissions.

25 June 2017

Kingston: Storefront Fringe Festival

Learn more about the Storefront Fringe Festival, which runs from June 23 to July 1, by visiting their website at Theatre Kingston.

From Kingston Region:
On June 22, the night before the festival opened, each of the companies had five minutes to pitch their show. The variety was astounding. The magicians in the lineup are in the absolutely-not-to-be-missed category. Canadian magician David A. Eliot combines comedy and magic. He had the audience roaring at his preview of his show, Amaze.

From Brazil comes Ewerton Martin, who performs as El Diablo of the Cards. Suffice to say his work was mind blowing as well as both absurd and brilliant. His show brought, at first, gasps, followed in minutes by howls and screams of delight at the illusions he performed. Kingston audiences have an opportunity to witness one of the best standup magicians I’ve seen in years. A one-man show with no flashy lights and just a few props will have you doubting reality, Martin turns thin air into magic delights. A wine bottle from thin air is pretty astounding and a seeming show stopper until the stunned audience watched as not one but another and another until there were several wine bottles on a table, each seemingly produced from nowhere. Yeah, don’t miss his show.

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