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18 August 2019

Review: Magic Hour Plus

From August 12th article "Magic vs Science" by Sean McQuaid in The Buzz:
Featuring university professors turned magicians Grant McSorley and Derrick Chung in the latest version of the popular McSorley & Chung stage magic show they created in 2016, Magic Hour Plus also stars the duo’s original director (and two-time Canadian magic champion) Marc Trudel, here playing the onstage role of an eager-to-please intern.

McSorley & Chung are amusing in their stage personae as bookish, cheesily self-aggrandizing showmen, often puffing themselves up with lofty rhetoric and then deflating themselves with self-effacing humour; but comedy-wise, Trudel steals the show as a socially awkward magic savant. All three excel at misdirection, not only shifting our focus to where each magician wants it, but also subverting expectations; seemingly botched tricks will morph into even cooler tricks instead, like Chung’s baffling Rubik’s Cube stunts.

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30 July 2019

Charlottetown: The McSorley & Chung Magic Hour PLUS!

From McSorley & Chung:
August 1-4, 2019
Charlottetown, PEI

Award-winning magicians Grant McSorley and Derrick Chung are bringing their magic to the island. Their show Magic Hour was a sensation at Montreal’s 2016 Fringe festival, selling out five shows. But never willing to leave well enough alone, they’ve updated the show with new magic, and are joined on stage by the multi-talented Marc Trudel.

The show features McSorley & Chung, two eccentric characters who don’t always see eye to eye. But they realized long ago, that despite it all, they need each other. This time around, they’ve reluctantly taken on an intern (2-time Canadian magic champion Marc Trudel). And the results are as absurd as they are magical. Watch McSorley & Chung (and Marc) dazzle you with their offbeat original miracles and their modern takes on old classics, in a show that you just don’t want to miss.

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