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06 July 2016

Jack Lillico in the Vancouver Magic Circle June 2016 Newsletter

Last month I posted  a link to John Smithman's interview of Jack Lillico.  This month, the Vancouver Magic Circle published a special "pull-out" section about Jack.  It includes John's interview, along with some fabulous photos of magic history.

Check it out on pages 7 - 14 of the June 2016 edition of the Vancouver Magic Circle Newsletter.

As an added bonus, watch on Facebook, a video John made of an 89-year Jack Lillico doing a Card Sleight:

15 June 2016

John Smithman interviews Jack Lillico

From Workplace Champion, read "The Magic that is Jack Lillico":
Jack Lillico has been a member of the Vancouver Magic Circle for 70 years. His life was filled with magic; but he also had other pursuits like a career as a Denturist and two cross-Canada tours in his homebuilt Model T Ford. This article reflects some of his story as a magician in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I interviewed 89-year old Jack Lillico at the home of legendary magician and author Ray Roch and his wife Pat on April 14th 2016. These are my notes of the Interview. – John Smithman

Born in 1927, Jack started magic when he was 8 years old. Pretty soon he had ‘a burning desire to learn more about it.’ “I did garden parties and church events. Then, I met Rolf Blackstaad. We called ourselves The Black Jack Magic Club and had a blackjack as our insignia In 1937.

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