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09 December 2019

Vote now for the 2019 Readers' Choice award

Reader's Choice logo 
The nominations are closed and voting is now open for the fourth annual 2019 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award!

Congratulations to everyone for inspiring someone(s) enough for them to submit your name!  (I'm always tempted at this point, to declare all of the nominees as winners and not bother with the voting part. However, a vote was promised and a vote there shall be.)

Voting will close on Monday, December the 23rd at 11:59pm EST.

To vote, scroll down to the bottom of this post and participate in the poll. (Click through the PollJunkie link if the poll does not appear in your browsers.)

Let's have a look at the nominees (listed in alphabetical order by surname):

2019 Nominee: Gwyn Auger

Gwyn Auger (aka The Magic Assistant)

Nominated by Aaron.
"I would like to nominate Gwyn Auger the Magic Assistant. Gwyn’s endless enthusiasm and passion for magic and the magic community is an inspiration, whether it is helping support young local magicians in Calgary, promoting the value of the assistant in the industry and her eagerness to help others at conventions or shows at the drop of a hat. Gwyn is one of the most professional, kindest, freelance magician assistants in the business who also recently branched out to perform her own act as part of the Celebrities of Magic in Bakersfield, CA. This year Gwyn was also the first assistant to perform at the new Magic Castle Cabaret in Santa Barbara, CA with Lance Burton."

"Gwyn is truly an amazing ambassador for the business!"

Editor's note:

Website: Gwyn Auger

2019 Nominee: James Harrison

James Harrison (aka Pickpocket James)
Nominated by Unknown, Amy Thibodeau, Missa Deadlove, Rex P., Mike Weiland, Anonymouos, and Unknown.  The quote below is from Unknown.

"James Harrison. He's the pickpocketing MASTER, he's got a YouTube video that is going viral like crazy right now with 2 million views and counting and he works like crazy, at home and internationally. So all of that is amazing, but here's why I think James REALLY deserves a nomination: He's the kindest, most giving magician I've met in years. When he's not on stage, he's off stage sharing his knowledge to apply what he's learned in the trenches to help others. So in short, I think James is inspirational because he covers both bases. He's one hell of a performer with incredible original creations and he's one hell of a good person to go with it."

Editor's note:


2019 Nominee: Carisa Hendrix

Carisa Hendrix (aka Lucy Darling)
Nominated by Lukas Stark.
"I would like to nominate Carisa Hendrix not only is her public work charming and incredible, her success in a primarily male dominated industry (and world), and her humble Canadian beginnings, but her penguin lecture is the best 5 hours I've spent thinking about my magic for years and the best work I've ever heard about bringing character to your magic."

Editor's note:

Website: CarisaHendrix

2019 Nominee: Ryan Joyce

Ryan Joyce
Nominated by Anonymous.
"Ryan Joyce for creating Canada's most unique magic festival. The OWOW Magic Festival brought more than a dozen of the top magicians to the most magical place in Canada - Fergus, ON to perform for the public this past Halloween. For magicians, Ryan has created a fun-space where they can gather and further their own careers - Wondertown - which includes Magicians Masterclass and the new podcast Magicians Talking Magic. We should all be so dedicated in furthering the art and the perception of our art."

Editor's note:

2019 Nominee: Ken McCreedy

Ken McCreedy
Nominated by Jason Maiuri.
"Ken McCreedy for his vast knowledge of Canadian magic as well as being a mentor to so many great acts."

Editor's note:
  • Ken has an extensive knowledge of Canadian magic history and is very generous with sharing his knowledge! 


2019 Nominee: Mike Norden

Mike Norden
Nominated by Anonymous.
"It gives me great pleasure to nominate Mike Norden for Canadian Magician of the Year. Mike has worked tirelessly for the magic community over the last 15 years. He has organized and co-hosted at least 8 local conventions, and several weekends of magic. He has held the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Sergeant at Arms in several local magic organizations, including the Vancouver Magic Circle, the Fraser Valley Magic Circle, & the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians. He was instrumental in creating the local KIDabra Chapter, as well as one of the newest rings in Canada, IBM Ring 387, aka FVMC. He spearheaded the creation of 3rd Monday Magic, a monthly magic show held in his hometown, and has performed in and produced countless of those shows. He hosted all lectures at his house for more than 8 years, and continues to host all local meetings of the FVMC. He has, and continues to donate untold hours to the art of magic, through the clubs he belongs to, the conventions he runs, the shows he produces, and the youth he mentors. Mike truly embodies all that is magic, and exemplifies what it is to be an ambassador of one's art."

Editor's note:
  • This is a very complete nomination submission.  I've got nothing to add!


2019 Nominee: Ted and Marion Outerbridge

Ted and Marion Outerbridge
Nominated by Unknown.
"I would like to nominate Ted & Marion Outerbridge as being truly inspirational entertainers in the world of magic. What you see on the stage is exactly what you get off the stage. They are soft spoken, humble and sincere - but extremely passionate and talented in everything they do. From costuming to scripting, choreography and illusion, they do it all!"

Editor's note:

2019 Nominee: The Sentimentalists

The Sentimentalists (Chris Mysterion and Steffi Kay)

Nominated by Ross.
"I always felt the Toronto fixtures known as "The Sentimentalists" would shine on a bigger international stage. Their numerous TV appearances this year solidified this. They are an inspiration as a fellow Toronto based Canadian performer. Especially Steffi being the first woman Mentalist to fool Penn and Teller."

Editor's note:
  • After being eliminated from America's Got Talent Season 14 during the Judge Cuts, they returned as the wildcard in the quarterfinals!


2019 Nominee: Anastasia Synn

Anastasia Synn (aka Sia Synn)
Nominated by Krystal Lawrence.
"She's a freakin cyborg pioneering a new brand of magic! It's been getting worldwide attention, she's been on international news with her crazy implants."

Edtitor's note:

Cast your vote now at Poll Junkie!

25 April 2019

Toronto: Cheap Tricks 2

From the Revival Bar:
Tuesday June 11

We are back with the most ridiculously fun magic show of the year. Its CHEAP TRICKS 2.

Imagine an performer shows up to their gig but their props don;t. This is the premise of the show. All participants are given a small budget, location to buy and have to come with 10 mins of amazing material on the fly for the audience.

Ten of Toronto;s leading magicians go head to head in this contest with only ONE winner. With a special guest appearance by The Sentimentalists and surprise guests.

Judged by
  • Ben Train (Toronto Magic Company)
  • Steffi Kay (Fooler of Penn and Teller)
  • Chris Westfall (Cheap Tricks winner year one)
  • and a secret judge TBA

Revival Nightclub is a 19+ venue. Content may offend, Doors 8pm show 8:30pm tickets $advance / $30 door.

Presented by Mysterion.
Read more and buy tickets.

From the Facebook page of James Alan:

14 April 2019

Toronto: The Carnival of Wonders

With Jim Byrnes, James Alan, James Harrison, Bella Eurta, Dick Joiner, and Chris Campbell!

From Eventbrite:
The CARNIVAL is coming to town!
The Toronto Magic Company has partnered with the Super Wonder Gallery to bring you The Carnival of Wonders - a show experience unlike anything we've ever done before. For one night only we're transforming the our space into a carnival, complete with games, prizes, delicious carnival treats, interactive exhibits, and not one but TWO amazing shows!

Part I The Family Circus8:00-10:00pm

Fun for audiences of all ages!

Join Ringmaster Dick Joiner for the incredible Family Circus show, featuring jugglers, magicians, and jaw-dropping sideshow performers while you check out all the exibits. All attendees will get loot bags on the way in with chips for game play and food, as well as some fun surprises.

Part II The Midnight Carnival (Recomended for 16+)10:30pm -12:30am

Send the kids to bed - it's time to get a little wild. Con games, fortune telling, and incredible "freak" acts take the stage to show you things you won't believe can happen. Attendees of the Midnight Carnival will also get loot bags on the way in with chips for game play and food, as well as some additional fun surprises!

Tickets are $20 per time slot, or $30 for the the whole evening of fun (the Evening Package comes with enough chips and credits for an entire evening of fun!).
Read more and buy tickets.

29 January 2019

Toronto: Talent announced for the 2019 Browser's Bash

Browser's Bash logoBROWSER'S BASH 2019
Saturday, April 13, 2019

Here's a summary of the awesome talent announced for this year's Bash!

From the Browser's Den of Magic:

Chris Capehart is a master magician and a regular headliner at Monday Night Magic in New York City. Come see why he is held in such high esteem by magicians around the world.

Founder of Elmwood Magic. Mr. Richards has been around the globe sharing his wonderful brand of magic. Eye Popping magic combined with good fun. One of the true gentlemen of the world of magic.

International Illusionists Ted & Marion Outerbridge will cast a magic spell over the audience at this year's Bash. And share some secrets too!

Due to popular demand...Joining us again in 2019! He will share his infectious hysterical laugh, fun-loving zany manner and high paced interactive comedy magic. Dick Joiner plans to delight and astound us all day long.

Ryan will be sharing with us his love of the classics. Card Manipulation, Rings and Magic that will have your eyes popping out! One of the young stars of the Canadian Magic Scene.

Due to your huge amount of requests Mr. Thomas will be returning to the Bash stage in 2019. He truly blew us all away in 2018 and that was only half his lecture. Wait to you see part two! Thanks Garrett!

Finally on the Bash stage! Pickpocket Act and one of Canada's premier close up magicians. Be ready to clap. And be ready to hold onto your wallets & watches!

Canadian new talent, Ms. Swan will be sharing some of her coin magic with us that will make your magic eyes pop out! Don't blink as coins vanish and reappear at a mystifying speed.

Two of the busiest children's performers in the GTA. Combined they give more then 600 shows annually. Sit it and learn on their tips for making your family show reach it's potential. (at lunch break)

Sit in and learn from over 35 years of experience performing and creating magic. Simple Methods with Strong Audience Impact!

Is she a comedian? Is she a magician? Is she a sorceress? You'll decide. Ms. Parsons will be sharing her unique world of fun and chaos! A hidden gem of the Canadian entertainment scene

FREE Lunchtime Table Class on False Shuffles, Classic Force & Top Change

Read more and register!

25 July 2018

The Browser's Den in

From the July 21st article "Inside a magical place: Browser’s Den of Magic in North York" in
It would be understandable for visitors to Browser’s Den of Magic to leave the shop in disbelief. The cozy North York home of prestidigitation can leave customers mystified at times. The city’s go to spot for purveyors of the art of sleight-of-hand, under the guidance of proprietor Jeff Pinsky, offers a magical space to learn about magic. Whether you take in the monthly Magic Club meeting or enjoy a “demonstration” by Jeff, himself an accomplished magician, you are sure to be entertained. Of course the shop offers a huge variety of tricks and tools as well, for practitioners of legerdemain and illusion, no matter their level of proficiency.

Read more and see photos of great photos of Jeff Pinsky, James Harrison and some of the magic club attendees.

10 July 2018

Toronto: Round-up from The Toronto Magic Company

Thanks Ben and Jonah for putting this list together!

From the Facebook page of The Toronto Magic Company:
Hello Magic fans!

The The Toronto Magic Company is on summer break while Ben and Jonah are on tour (performing private and public events as well as lecturing across North America) but that doesn’t mean the magic is stopping. Check out our list of the best magic things to do this summer and let us know which one’s you’re excited to check out!

July 6th-14th- Circus Shop of Horrors featuring Illusionist Ryan Wonder Brown
Circus Shop of Horrors is an eclectic musical revue, paying homage to beloved horror films by melding the grotesque with acrobatics, circus, dance, drag, and illusion. Definitely not a show for kids or the squeemish!…/fringe/event/circus-shop-horrors

July 14th and 18th- Magic and Martini starring James Alan
Enjoy cocktails and cuisine while watching one of the world's best conjurers perform a full evening show in an intimate close up setting. You and your astonished guests will experience an evening quite unlike any theatrical performance you have ever encountered. Turns out magic really is for grown ups!

July 19th and 20th - Chris Westfall & The Porcelain Princess
This full stage show is packed with illusions, juggling, and non-stop fun perfect for the entire family. Join magician Chris Westfall the crazy Professor Weir Doe, and living doll Bella M. Eurta for a night filled with laughs, gasps, and audience interaction your kids will never forget!…/toronto-theatre-magic-…/

July 20-28th- El Diablo Of The Cards 2.0 starring Ewerton De Andrade Martins
International award winning clown/magician, Ewerton Martins returns to Storefront Fringe with an astonishing new show: El Diablo of the Cards 2.0. A Brazilian Master of the Cards, Ewerton Martins is crossing 52 countries thrilling audiences around the world with a unique card magic style that combines improvisation, a clowns foolishness and amazing magic skills! Laughs guaranteed!…/el-diablo-of-the-cards-20

July 25th- The Sentimentalists LIVE in Toronto
For one night only world renowned mentalists Chris Mysterion and Steffi Kay will transport you back to the golden age of magic. Minds will be read, thoughts will be transmitted, and miracles will happen in front of your eyes. One night only at the beautiful Revival theatre.…

August 11th- James Harrison at the Coldwater Steampunk Festival
Take a step into the weird and wonderful world of Coldwater’s Steampunk festival with master of the strange, and Canada’s favorite pickpocket magician, James Harrison. Tickets are free for the entire event, so bring the whole family!

August 18th- Magic and Martini starring James Alan
Enjoy cocktails and cuisine while watching one of the world's best conjurers perform a full evening show in an intimate close up setting. You and your astonished guests will experience an evening quite unlike any theatrical performance you have ever encountered. Turns out magic really is for grown ups!

August 30th- The Art of Magic
The The Toronto Magic COmpany has partnered with the Super Wonder Gallery to put together something that’s part magic show, part work of art, and 100% an evening of unforgettable fun. Witness the incredible magic of Mark Tricks, Isthis Yourcard, Jonah Babins, and Benzi. Tickets for this event will sell out, so get them fast!…

02 October 2017

Random thoughts from "The Newest Trick in the Book"

The Newest Trick in the Book is back Tuesday October 3rd, at 8:30pm, for a FREE Halloween themed show, with Benzi Train, James Alan, James Harrison, and Shamus Mac Gregor!
Last month, I attended the September 5th edition of "The Newest Trick in the Book," billed as "Toronto's ONLY magic open-mic."

I had no idea what to expect from a magic open-mic.  I thought it might be a slightly more dressed up version of watching folks jam at the club or the magic shop.  As it turns out I'd previously seen most of the performers on this program both jamming casually and performing professionally.  Would the evening be a repeat of stuff I'd already seen?

The verdict:  no.  Well, sometimes yes.  But not really.

Let me explain.

The event takes place at  See-Scape Toronto, a sci-fi bar and gaming café.  It's a cozy space filled with wonderful people.  (And lots of games.)

Everything about the place is interesting.

You were probably wondering about the show.

The evening was a TONNE of fun.  The performances were elevated well beyond a typical jam.  Each of the performers had an energy that was different from what I expected of them.  Perhaps it was the buzz of doing something in front of an audience for the first time? 

It was also clear to me, that the performers were having more fun than usual too!  I witnessed the child-like excitement of bringing a new idea to life, the brilliance of turning the tables on an old standard, freshening up a classic, and the general enjoyment of working things out in front of a safe crowd.  (I've heard more than one professional espouse the importance of having a "safe place" to try things out in front of an audience.  I better appreciate the wisdom now.)

If you're in the Toronto area, I encourage you to both attend and perform at "The Newest Trick in the Book."

Trivia questions: who said what?

1) Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! a) Sammy Jakubowicz
2) Mr. Harrison, it's time for your medication. b) Chris Westfall
3) That's what I would do if I were in your position. But I'm a jerk. c) James Harrison
4) I'm not a thief, I'm a magician. d) James Alan

With thanks to the wonderful performers!

05 September 2017

Toronto: The Newest Trick in the Book

From the Toronto Magic Company's Facebook page:

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09 June 2017

Toronto, Oakville, and Hillsburgh: "Magic Tonight" and "Magic & Martini"

From James Alan:
From 2013-2016, I hosted a weekly magic show called Magic Tonight which brought together an extraordinary lineup of magical talents with different special guests each week. 

Thanks to some lucky scheduling and special arrangements of the Soul City Social Club, we're pleased to bring it back for one night - Saturday, June 17 at the Social Capital Theatre.
I'll be joined by two special guests the exceptional comedy magician Rob Testa and Canada's foremost theatrical pickpocket, James Harrison.

Read more and buy tickets.

Also, from James Alan:
It's been a fantastic spring season at Magic & Martini and we're thrilled with the enthusiastic support and reviews we're received. We just completed thirty consecutive sold out shows and we're fully booked until the end of June!

We've just added fifteen new shows in our three locations through the end of September. Tickets are available now and we're expecting them to sell out fast. But we're offering our subscribers a discount. Use the code secrets and get two-for-one tickets to our shows in Toronto, Oakville and Hillsburgh.

Read more and buy tickets.

26 May 2017

James Harrison in The Barrie Examiner

From The Barrie Examiner:
Magic is in the air and the fingers of James Harrison.

The Barrie magician has taken pick-pocketing to new heights over the past several years and he will be performing at two shows this weekend at the Mady Centre for the Performing Arts, including one the family and especially for kids.

"The family show will still be entertaining for grown-ups. but the themes will be more generic. It will be my fun and light-hearted, entertaining kind of show," said Harrison, who will be doing some pick-pocketing at both shows, but the family show will be more like an Oliver Twist version.

"I don't ever make fun of the kids, but parents are fair game," he said. "And the kids love that."

Read more.

04 May 2017

Barrie: James Harrison - Canada's Pickpocket Magician

From Tourism Barrie:
    Dates: 27 – 27 May, 2017
    Location: Barrie
    Address: Mady Centre for the Performing Arts, 1 Dunlop Street West
    Contact: City of Barrie Theatres
    Phone: 705-739-4228

2:00 PM - Family Edition 7:30 PM - 13+ As a pick-pocket magician, James borrows pens, watches, wallets, ties, and even belts from willing (and unwilling) audience members. Before you can yell "thief", James has returned the valuables to their rightful owners, occasionally making them reappear in very unexpected places.

Read more and buy tickets.

From James Harrison's Facebook page:

17 August 2016

Toronto: "Cheap Tricks" impromptu magic competition

From Chris Mysterion's Facebook page:
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7 magicians. One goal. Create the best routine on a budget in less then an hour to showtime. Inspired by real world "...
Posted by Chris Mysterion on Wednesday, 3 August 2016

27 April 2016

Winners of the "Best Magician Contest 2016"

Last Saturday, a number of magicians in the greater Toronto area took part in the 2016 Best Magician Contest hosted by A1 Chinese radio.

From James Harrison's Twitter feed:
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From Keith Brown's Twitter feed:

Congratulations James and Keith!

02 April 2016

  • Jeff’s thanking: the MonteCassino staff. Cheers to the office, engineering, hotel, bar and kitchen staff.
  • Also thanks to: Annie Pinsky, Dick Joiner, David Merry, Magic Mike Segal & Jen Segal, Ben Train, Michael Gillis, Chris Mayhew, Lidden Li, Shawna York, Nicole Lee, John Michalson, Roxanne Talbot, and Christina Asher!
  • Thank you to the Zone Performers:  James Harrison, Ben Train, Chris Mayhew, Big Louie Lebetjis, & Joe Deng.
  • Special thanks to John Talbot and Lee Asher, without whom none of this would have been possible.
  • A touching video tribute to Tom Mullica.

“Zone performers” James Harrison, Ben Train, Chris Mayhew, Big Louie Lebetjis, and Joe Deng will be entertaining tables during breaks!

04 January 2016

More performers announced for Browser's Bash 2016

You already heard that Tom Mullica and Daniel Garcia are performing at the 2016 Browser's Bash.  And we know that Dan Morrissey will be there too.  Check out the other amazing talent recently added to the lineup:

In no particular order:
As Canada's pickpocket magician, James borrows pens, watches, wallets, and even belts from spectators watching. Before you can yell thief, James has returned the valuables to their rightful owners by making them reappear in unexpected places!

Combining humor, psychology, and a little old-fashioned chutzpah, Ben Train creates an experience that will have you laughing out loud while your mind is being blown. Mystery and non-stop laughs follow where ever he goes. Luckily, he's at the Bash all day long!

For those who love card table artifice, secret sleights, & serious advantage play - seek out Big Lou during this Bash. His chops are top-notch, plus he will astound you. Move over Charming Cheat, there's a new kid in town.

Some say Chris Mayhew is disarming, charming, and will make you laugh out loud with his uniquely entertaining brand of magic. Others say he's just plain crazy! We will let you be the judge.

All the way from Changsha, China by way of Beijing, Joe Deng is a master of close-up magic. He's revered by every single magician in his homeland, and now it's time that you meet and spend time with him.

Multitalented and multilingual, the Hong Kong magician brings his specially honed sleight of hand across the pond specifically for our day of fun. Known for creating the illusion of impossible, be mesmerized by the artistic magic of Michael Lam.

21 December 2015

Searching for military paramedic Nathan

On August 23rd at approximately 9:30pm, "Pick Pocket" James Harrison was in a bad car accident driving northbound on the 400, just past Hwy 9.  As he swerved to avoid hitting an out of place construction pylon, his tires caught the shoulder causing his black Mazda 5 to roll over.  Twice.

James experienced the best side of humanity that day.  Several people stopped their car to offer help and make sure James was safe.  One gentleman, Nathan, is a military paramedic.  Nathan asked permission and then entered the back passenger section of the car.  He then talked James through the idea that he was going to hold his hands around James' neck to prevent possible spinal cord injuries.

Nathan kept James company, kept him calm, and kept his neck stable until the paramedics arrived.  During this time James learned that Nathan is stationed at Base Borden, effective August 24th.  From the ambulance stretcher, James had a brief moment to shake Nathan's hand and say thank you.  And then Nathan disappeared before James could get any more information about him.

We're very grateful that James only received minor injuries and is recovering well.

Nathan, if this message gets to you, please contact me or contact James directly through his website (  James would very much like to give you a proper and well deserved "thank you."

25 April 2015

Pickpocket James in

From :
James Harrison, a veteran of the Barrie busking scene, also auditioned.

Known as Canada’s Pickpocket Magician, Harrison simply picks a spot, sets up his table and starts talking to people as they pass by.

“Magic isn’t just for kids,” said the full-time magician who does parties and table-side magic at some Barrie restaurants.                      

Read more.

16 February 2015

11 September 2013

Rogers TV: Behind the Magic with James Harrison

From Rogers TV:
Using some of Barrie's well known facilities, James Harrison entertains us with his magic. You may even learn a trick or two.

Read more.