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23 August 2017

For those of you going through magic camp withdrawal

Some of you out there may feel like there's someplace you should be, or should have been a week or so ago.  You may have an inexplicable need to find your way to Haliburton, Ontario.  Or you could just be experiencing the emptiness of Sorcerers Safari magic camp withdrawal.

For you, I present Camp TV 2.  The last of the Sorcerers Safari videos.  This one, created by Chris Mayhew, has highlights from last summer (2016) as well as previous years.

Watch Camp TV 2 on the Sorcerers Safari YouTube channel:

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I think there's something in my eye ...

13 January 2017

Sorcerers Safari 2016: Dear Mike and Jen

When I wasn't co-counselling at Sorcerers Safari last summer, I was asking a lot people a lot of questions.  One of the questions was, "What would you like to share with Magic Mike and Jen?"

Here are some of the answers I heard last August (in no particular order):

"I can't begin to imagine how much work goes into creating something like Sorcerers Safari.  I hope it goes on forever and that I can be a part of it."  -- Wes Barker (Guest: 2016.)

"Keep up the good work and thanks for the awesome experience!" -- Emil D. (Camper: 2016.)

"I had a really fun time.  Thanks for asking me to come and help the kids.  It helped me to be a better teacher." -- Suzanne (Special guest: 2016.)

"Sorcerers Safari is the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life.  It's changed my life.  The work put into making magic camp happen is magic itself!" -- Christian M. (Camper: 2016.)

"Keep it up!  Don't stop 'til you drop!  (and don't drop!)" -- Vincent C. (Camper: 2014-2016.)

"Keep up the good work, everyone here loves it!  I'm happy to call Sorcerers Safari my second home." -- Curtis M. (Camper: 2013-2015; CIT: 2016.)

"What you're doing is an extraordinary and wonderful thing.  I hope you can continue!" -- Ben A. (Camper: 2015-2016.)

"The world would be pretty bland without people like you.  It takes great courage to strikeout and start something like this. Thank you!"  -- Daniel W. (Camper: 2011-2016.)

"Thank you for having camp.  It's really fun and I hope it can keep going forever." -- Angelique S. (Camper: 2013-2016.)

"Camp is a favourite part of my summer.  I'm excited every year to attend!" -- Lucinda M. (Camper: 2008-2014; CIT: 2015-2016.)

"Thank you for all you do, especially for dedicating your time.  You are great people!" -- Stephanie T. (Camper: 2015-2016.)

It's worth mentioning that in 2016, the girls had a 100% return rate of campers from 2015 (and some new faces and old friends too!).
"Keep doing this!" -- Hadar S. (Camper: 2016.)

"Thanks for 20 years of Sorcerers Safari, even if I've only been here for two of them  They've been the best parts of my summers!  Please don't stop, keep magic camp going.  I can't wait for more magic!" -- Trek B. (Camper: 2015-2016.)

"Thank you so much! You're awesome and amazing!"  -- Ryan G. (Camper: 2015-2016.)

"You're doing an awesome job!  Keep on doing it!" -- Shade K. (Camper: 2016.)

"Thank you so much for being you!  Never stop!" -- Tyler Williams (Camper: 2008-2011; CIT: 2012-2013; Staff: 2014-2016.)

"Thank you for everything you do for Sorcerers Safari and for inspiring so many young magicians to keep doing what they love." -- Jeff P. (CIT: 2015, Camper: 2016.)

"Thank you for changing my life for the better and helping me find true joy in magic.  My love of teaching was inspired from here.  Thanks for letting me come!" -- Aaron Fisher (Special Guest: 2003; Instructor: 2004-2016.)

Thank you Jen and Mike for your vision, your courage, your tenacity, and above all your passion for this project! We are better people because of it.

Goodbye to Sorcerers Safari -- the end of an era in Haliburton

From the Sorcerers Safari Facebook page:
"All great things must come to an end!"

To all campers, friends & family of Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp:

After 20 amazing years of Magic Camp, it is with heavy hearts we announce that our amazing ride has come to an end.

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all our staff, artists, sponsors and special guests who made camp such a success. Please be proud of your contributions - together we fulfilled the dreams of many young magicians worldwide!

A warm thank you to Camp Tamarack, Camp White Pine and Camp Northland for being our gracious hosts over the years.

Furthermore, a huge thank you to all the parents who gave us a chance and chose to send their children to Magic Camp. We are grateful every day for the positive impact Sorcerers Safari continues to have on the lives of so many.

Read more and leave a comment for Mike and Jen.

05 July 2016

Diary of a Sorcerers Safari newbie - part 11

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A camper's notebook. Photo by Rosemary Reid
A camper's notebook.

Day 5: Tuesday August 18th (cont)*

Dinner was wings and fries and salad and donuts!  Jen Segal, Christina Galonska, Stephanie Kline, Lori Farquhar, Lisa Close, and Mike Toal worked hard to get it organized and serve us since we weren’t in the Mess Hall tonight.  They’re always working really hard to making sure all of the non-magic stuff is taken care of.  I sure am grateful for their efforts. 
Dance party = so much fun!   Mark Correia did a wicked Michael Jackson impersonation and two of the littlest kids here had an incredible dance off!  Phil DaCosta DJ’d again and gave away t-shirts and cards and stuff too for answering questions and making clever requests.  I love this place. 
Mark doing his thing. Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Mark doing his thing.

The weather must have cleared ‘cause they’re letting us have camp swim!

I did it!!  I got scared and wasn’t going to.  But then I remembered that Scott Hammell and Eric Leclerc both say that we should try things “out of our comfort zone” now and again.  The lifeguard said it was safe to jump from up high and that he’d make sure nothing bad happened to me.  I was so nervous climbing up those stairs.  They went up forever.  The lake looked such a long way down.  I froze and almost didn’t do it.  Then I jumped!!!!  I was surprised how long it took for me to hit the water -- it felt like hours.  I didn’t get hurt, nobody laughed and my friends all cheered for me!  I really feel like I’m part of one big family here.

I did it!!! Photo by James Carey Lauder.
I did it!!!

There was more dancing and a spectacular fireworks show.  Everyone sang some song by a band called “Queen” and that was the end of the night.  I’m so excited and tired.  I don’t remember much else.  I don’t want camp to end tomorrow.

This is so. much. FUN! Photo by James Carey Lauder.
This is so. much. FUN!

Everybody dance now! Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Everybody dance now!

To be continued ...

The 2016 season of Sorcerers Safari will run from Sunday August 7th through Friday August 12th, 2016. For more information, or to register, please visit

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* The “Diary of a Sorcerers Safari Newbie” is primarily based on the 2015 camp season.  It is an aggregate of many perspectives, and at times includes events from previous years.

21 June 2016

Diary of a Sorcerers Safari newbie - part 9

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A camper's notebook. Photo by Rosemary Reid
A camper's notebook.

Day 4: Monday August 17th (cont)*
After lunch (burgers and lemonade and ice cream!) everyone gathered around a bunch of the adults on benches.
Cook out for lunch! Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Cook out for lunch!

There was excitement in the air and I could barely see what was going on.  It turns out that Daryl eats his pie in a really unexpected way.  Who knew?

Great elective choices today:  cups and balls, memorized deck, mentalism, rope magic, spoon bending, and dancing canes.  I picked the dancing cane and it was so much fun!  I can actually make it look like I’m levitating it and making it move.  (And it’s so much easier than juggling.)  I need to own one. 

Dance cane, dance! Still from footage by Chris Mayhew.
Dance cane, dance!

Cups and balls. Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Cups and balls.

At performance workshop we played the “questions only” game.  You can only reply to someone by asking another question. Much harder than it sounds!  It’s supposed to help us to listen and to think on our feet. It’s hilarious.  I laughed so much I cried!
Questions only! Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Questions only!

All I remember about dinner was ice cream with chocolate sauce!

The lip syncs rocked.  I especially liked Shawn and Lori Farquhar doing "You're The One That I Want" from Greece, and Magic Mike Segal (and Stephanie Kline, Chris Galonska, Jen Segal, and Lisa Close) doing "Mahna Mahnam" from the Muppet Show.

Mahna Mahnam. Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Mahna Mahnam.

It was a super talented show again tonight.  Loran did an elegant time themed piece, Mark did some stage stunts, Philip and Jonah and Chris Mayhew were fantastic.  The show ended with the Marion and Ted Outerbridge doing a fabulous stage show with big props, fancy costumes and great illusions.  Ted has the best disco ball jacket ever!

Loran. Photo by James Carey Lauder.

Ted and Marion Outerbridge. Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Ted and Marion Outerbridge.

Marion stopped by our cabin to visit. She had amazing stories of touring and performance.  She MADE Ted’s sparkling jacket.  So. much. WORK!

To be continued ...

The 2016 season of Sorcerers Safari will run from Sunday August 7th through Friday August 12th, 2016. For more information, or to register, please visit

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* The “Diary of a Sorcerers Safari Newbie” is primarily based on the 2015 camp season.  It is an aggregate of many perspectives, and at times includes events from previous years.

02 January 2014

Canada at Magi-Fest 2014

Canada will be well represented at Magi-Fest 2014!  Both Chris Pilsworth and Ben Train are listed as performers.  In addition, a crew from Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp will be there including: Magic Mike Segal, Jen Segal, Steven Kline (event production and late night lecturer), and Eric Leclerc.

I hope one of you will be sending me a trip report!

21 March 2013

Toronto: Sorcerers Safari Open House

From the Browser's Den of Magic:

On this day at Browser's:
Mike & Jen Segal, Lee Asher, Ben Train, Chris Mayhew, Rosemary Reid, Chris Westfall and so many others involved in the Sorcerer's Safari Summer Magic Camp will be at the shop from 1pm to about 4pm to answer any of your questions about Canada's number one magic camp!
They will show you photos, video and lots more about past seasons.  Plus they will let you know about their exciting plans for this year's camp.

So if you are considering attending the camp or just want to find out more information please feel free to drop by the Open House! It will be a lot of fun!

RECEIVE $100 worth of bonus magic supplies for camp if you register on the day of the Open House. As an incentive, bring a friend who also registers for camp and you BOTH receive 10% off of camp fees, plus the $100 magic supply bonus.

Read more to find out about additional discounts and deals.

25 April 2011

Sorcerers Safari at Browser’s Den

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
On Saturday May 7 at ‘Browser’s Den of Magic’  from 1:30pm until 4:00pm Magic Mike and Jen Segal of the Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp will be hosting an Open House for their 2011 Camp Season. Joining  Mike and Jen will be other camp staff and past campers to answer any questions you may have about the camp. 
Read more.