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26 October 2017

Vancouver Magic Circle mentioned in "It Takes Two"

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook post:
Walking through Orlando airport, yes an airport... surprise, I saw the book “It takes two” by Jonathan and Drew Scott. I’ve seen it lots in book stores and decided today I would buy and read it as I’ve known Jonathan since he was a teenager from the Vancouver Magic Circle. I was browsing the book on my way to the counter and was thrilled to see he mentioned the club on page 84, right next to a photo of Drew in drag! It made me smile...

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24 August 2017

ET Canada: Property Brothers talk acting and magic

From ET Canada:
“I went to Vancouver to pursue that, and I was taking acting courses, networking and doing all the things I had to do to make sure that I was being seen,” he continues. “In the end, that experience was really important because it created the buzz for our first auditions, which got us on TV and made it worth it.”

Jonathan, on the other hand, was pursuing his dream of being a magician, but a miscreant crushed that hope. His props and equipment were stolen, effectively putting the twin out of business. Nevertheless, he learned an important lesson that day.

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05 December 2016

Illusionist Jonathan Scott on the "Today Show"

I had no idea that one of the "Property Brothers" was a professional illusionist from Maple Ridge, BC!  Watch Jonathan do some quick magic on the "Today Show" clip below.  You can also watch Jonathan perform with Murray SawChuck later in the post.

From the IBM Facebook group:

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From Murray SawChuck's YouTube channel: