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16 July 2020

Ken Sky in The Hour

From the July 15th article "Three Acclaimed Performers Share the Pivots They're Making to Succeed" by Cheryl Conner in The Hour:
Ken Sky, corporate magician and speaker
"Man of mystery" Ken Sky is a mind reader and keynote speaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sky is no stranger to striving through life’s challenges, having grown up in Paraguay. He moved to Winnepeg 17 years ago in 2003.

From his childhood, Sky recalls creating his toys from corn cobs by adding arms and legs and turning them into people. When he was five, his mother began to teach him the magic of words and language. She spelled out the alphabet using a stick to form letters in dirt. He was captivated and declared his life’s direction was chosen. He wanted to be a teacher. As he grew, his father pointed to the sky and taught him about the presence of airplanes and satellites, and the dream of someday moving to Canada.

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02 April 2018

Winnipeg: Conjurors' Cabaret

  • Ken Sky ‘Mystifier,’ 
  • Brian Trudeau ‘Mindshocker,' 
  • Sean Fields ‘The Mastermind,’ and 
  • Gregoire ‘The Astonisher.'

From Carey Lauder's Facebook page:

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