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22 July 2020

London the Magnificent on Penn and Teller's "Try this at home too!"

Keep an eye out for one of the Calgary Magic Circle's Junior Members on Penn and Teller's upcoming "Try this at home too!"

From London the Magnificent's July 21st Instagram post:
I was asked by Penn&Teller to submit a trick for their show - I submitted 3 - haha!! No idea what they will use, but I was told I am appearing in the show!! I'm so excited!!

15 August 2018

London Jones cleans up at PCAM

Congratulations London!

From the  Twitter feed of London the Magnificent:
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22 October 2017

London Jones in the news

From the article "Calgary girl dubbed London the Magnificent makes famous magician cry" by David Bell in the CBC:
A letter from a nine-year-old Calgary girl who's an aspiring magician to a famous entertainment duo is charming people around the world, after one half of Penn & Teller tweeted it to his two million followers.

Penn Jillette tweeted a photo of the letter — scrawled in pencil and adorned with drawings of playing cards and a rabbit in a hat — writing "Ever have the slightest question of why we do this? Hard to stop crying to type. Women are the future of magic!"

Read more and watch video of London performing the Cups and Balls.

 From the Global Edmonton Facebook page:

From Brent Smith's Facebook page:

From Penn Jillette's Twitter feed: