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17 December 2020

Graemazing Reed and Lucas Wilson at the Norfolk Community holiday party [Dec 20]

From Graemazing Reed's December 16th Facebook post:

FREE SHOW: I am very proud to be helping Norfolk Association for Community Living and local artists bring YOU a FREE Holiday Party! Join us this Sunday for Music, Magic, Comedy and more. There are two showtimes and limited seats. Register now!








24 April 2016

Houdini and Doyle: World of Wonders

You may already know that "Houdini and Doyle: World of Wonders" launched earlier this month.  But were you aware of the Canadian connections?

According to Joe, "The goal of the web series was to share some magic history and practical demonstrations inspired by the real-life relationship of Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle."

How well do you think they did?

31 July 2014

Amherst: Houdini Day

Bruce MacNab, author of The Metamorphosis: The Apprenticeship of Harry Houdini, has helped arrange a special Houdini Day in Amherst, Nova Scotia, this Sunday, August 3, 2014. The event celebrates Houdini's historic August 3, 1896 performance at the Amherst Academy of Music.

Read more.

Also in the post, it says that "Lucas Wilson will perform Houdini's upside down straitjacket escape from a 100-foot crane."

A special way to mark Houdini's presence in Canada!

04 April 2014

Lucas Wilson bowling for for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grand Erie

Good luck Lucas and Kelly!

From YouTube: The Illusionist - Bowl for Kids Sake:
Check out this great fundraiser to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grand Erie. Did you know they served 498 local children in 2013! Bowl For Kids Sake is a lot of fun, a great way to raise money, and a long lasting investment in our community.

Help my team by donating today!

Read more and donate.

[via iTricks]

24 March 2012

Guinness World Record holding magicians

Did you know that Canada has THREE Guinness World Record holding magicians?
Lucas was recently featured in the Simcoe Reformer:
Wilson escaped from a straitjacket and chains while hanging upside down as the audience watched with rapt attention. He performed the stunt in 43 seconds, shaving more than 11 seconds of the previous world record. Wilson did the same trick at last year’s Norfolk County Fair.
Read more.

Rumours abound that there's soon to be a fourth!  Who could it be?

19 March 2012

Got Talent: Toronto and Vancouver do!

Updated July 2017.  Audition video and other video links have been removed as they are no longer available to view.

Welcome iTricks readers. We hope you enjoy your stay! (And thanks iTricks, for the nice shout out!)


  • Mar 22 to add link of Lucas being interviewed on CGT Backstage.
  • Mar 21 to identify Jordan Murciano and to include links for Edward Stone's and Jordan's Toronto auditions and to embed video of Oslen's Vancouver audition.
  • Mar 19 at 7:40pm to identify Warren Toaze, embed YouTube clips and add CGT Backstage link.]
On Canada's Got Talent last night we saw a number of talented magicians!
From Toronto Auditions Part 2 (at about the 14 minute mark) we saw clips from, the Neil Croswell segment posted last week, Ryan Joyce, Mike D'Urzo, a gentleman with a cigarette in his ear Warren Toaze and Jordan Murciano a young man with fire in his hand.  It's too bad that they were all spliced together in what felt like under 30 seconds.  Somewhere in there there was also a glimpse of Edward Stone.  They were followed by Lucas Wilson doing a timed, suspended, world record breaking straitjacket escape!  Watch the video of Graeme O'Neil interviewing Lucas on CGT Backstage.
[Thanks to Ian Crawford and Graeme O'Neil for providing Warren Toaze's name!  Thanks also to Edward Stone for pointing me to the Roger's Video Anytime clips!]
Roger's Anyplace TV streamed video of auditions for Edward and Jordan. (These videos are no longer availabe.)

The following YouTube videos are no longer available:
Neil Croswell's audition:

Clips from Ryan Joyce's audition:

Lucas Wilson's audition:

From the Halifax and Vancouver Part 2 show (at about the 35 minute mark) we were treated to The Dance and Illusions of Oslen. From CGT Backstage, watch as Oslen celebrates his standing ovation backstage! 

They showed Neil, Ryan, Mike, Warren, Lucas, Edward and Oslen progressing to the next round!  Congratulations gentleman!  And thank you for doing such a wonderful job of representing magic!

Trivia:  Neil, Mike and Ryan are all Sorcerers Safari Alumni either as campers or counsellors!