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02 January 2014

Canada at Magi-Fest 2014

Canada will be well represented at Magi-Fest 2014!  Both Chris Pilsworth and Ben Train are listed as performers.  In addition, a crew from Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp will be there including: Magic Mike Segal, Jen Segal, Steven Kline (event production and late night lecturer), and Eric Leclerc.

I hope one of you will be sending me a trip report!

21 November 2013

Sorcerers Safari Magic & Performance Camp Documentary

Back in 2012, I posted about my experience at Sorcerer's Safari Magic and Performance Camp.  The article was later republished with awesome photos by Carey Lauder.

This year, Chris Mayhew created a wonderful 30 minute documentary about the camp. 

From Sorcerers Safari:
After watching this documentary you’ll see what makes magic camp so special and why campers keep coming back year after year. While the grounds are amazing, the teaching is top quality and the nightly shows are stellar, magic camp is much more than the sum of its parts - this documentary helps explain why.

The video captures much more about the camp than can be communicated through text alone.

Don't have time to watch the full video?  Watch the 3 minute teaser.  It'll make you want to watch the full documentary!

Or you could just watch the dueling cardicians:

For more information visit http://sorcererssafari.ca/

18 September 2013

Random thoughts from Sorcerers Safari 2013

  • Mike and Jen Segal are totally awesome and inspiring people!
  • It is tremendous that organizations such as Ellusionist support Sorcerers Safari. (Kids, did you remember to send a quick "thank you" e-mail to them for the generous gift you received?  Do it now!  -- Mom)
  • Justin Flom is a super nice and super talented young man. (Read about his Toronto lecture at the Browser's Den blog)
  • I learned of a disconcerting, non-standard use for Mod Podge.
  • When asked to think of a famous painting, a LOT of people think of "Starry Night"
  • There's more humidity in Haliburton than in Vegas.
  • "Overnight successes" take a lot of work and planning.
  • Lee Asher is such a great teacher even _I_ learned how to produce minor card miracles. #BeginnerCardClass
  • Sometimes you get lucky and are the ONLY one in an elective. #PrivateClassesAreAwesome
  • Steven Kline is the guy you want in the booth during your show!
  • You never know when you might meet a fiction author
  • The health and safety of the children is clearly a priority.
  • Being levitated takes strong neck muscles.
  • Non-magicians aren't always the best choice for volunteers during a show.
  • Some Australians have incredible peripheral vision!
  • Spotted in 24 hours: Mike and Jen SegalDan WeibeKeith BrownEric LeclercAaron FisherDave MitchellShawn FarquharCarey LauderChad JurosLee AsherDick JoinerJustin FlomSteven Kline, Lisa and Michael CloseBen Train, Chris Mayhew, Bobby Motta ... I'm sure there were more!
  • Carey Lauder is an incredible photographer.  (See samples of his magic camp from two years back in Vanish magazine.)
  • Chris Mayhew shot some fabulous footage – I can't wait to see this year's camp video!
  • Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp gets better every year!
  • Mike Segal and Mike Toal should be very proud of what they started together over 17 years ago.
  • Sorcerers Safari is full of genuinely nice, caring, talented individuals!

Not at all.  I can't wait until the next time I'm there!

16 July 2013

Wendy's: Act 3 - Magic Mike Segal

The third act in Wendy's advertising campaign featuring nine Canadian magicians performing real magic!

Watch Act 3, Magic Mike Segal, on YouTube:

Previous acts:

13 June 2013

Mike Segal on The Magic Broadcast tonight!

That's 9:30 Eastern Standard Time!

13 May 2013

Toronto: Pub night at O'Grady's

From the Pub Night @ O'Grady's Facebook page:
Saturday, 8 June 2013

Come out for a night of live music, comedy magic, drinks & door prizes, and help send a kid to Sorcerers Safari Magic & Performance Camp! To learn more about camp visit: www.sorcererssafari.ca. All proceeds go towards a camp scholarship for one lucky kid!

With performances by:
and the man who started it all:
Read more.

[via: Deborah Fallick]

See a photo of Emma, scholarship winner from Chris Westfall's Slice of Magic fundraiser, from Sorcerers Safari Twitter feed:

While you're here,  have a look at the video Justin Flom made specifically for Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp:

10 May 2013

Random thoughts about CAM-JAM 2013 Spring edition

  • Whenever I drive to Greg's theatre, it always rains on at least one leg of the trip.
  • I've been a CAM member for a long, long time.
  • One-handed cut-a-thons are a young man's game.
  • Evelyn and Phil Matlin from Perfect Magic are warm and terrific people!
  • I thought that I'd learned my last mind-blowing Linking Ring move from Tina Lenert earlier in the month.  Oscar Muñoz proved me wrong.  Twice.
  • Vincent Hedan tells me you can buy strawberry flavoured toothpaste.
  • Michael Dardant packs his hat very efficiently.
  • Thanks to Shawn Farquhar for coming up with idea and to Greg Frewin who generously offered us a meeting space and discounted tickets to his amazing show!

The CAM website has a nice write-up about this year's Magician of the Year, Mike Segal!  Congratulations Mike!

Go to the Perfect Magic blog to read Evelyn Matlin's thoughts on the weekend.

It was wonderful to meet up with so many of you!  If CAM-JAM Summer is anything like the Spring edition, it's sure to be a fantastic time!

21 March 2013

Toronto: Sorcerers Safari Open House

From the Browser's Den of Magic:

On this day at Browser's:
Mike & Jen Segal, Lee Asher, Ben Train, Chris Mayhew, Rosemary Reid, Chris Westfall and so many others involved in the Sorcerer's Safari Summer Magic Camp will be at the shop from 1pm to about 4pm to answer any of your questions about Canada's number one magic camp!
They will show you photos, video and lots more about past seasons.  Plus they will let you know about their exciting plans for this year's camp.

So if you are considering attending the camp or just want to find out more information please feel free to drop by the Open House! It will be a lot of fun!

RECEIVE $100 worth of bonus magic supplies for camp if you register on the day of the Open House. As an incentive, bring a friend who also registers for camp and you BOTH receive 10% off of camp fees, plus the $100 magic supply bonus.

Read more to find out about additional discounts and deals.

18 December 2012

Canada at Magi-Fest 2013

Updated at 8:32am to add info about Magic Mike and Sorcerers Safari!

We've got some talented peformers at Magi-Fest 2013!

Representing the Great White North will be:
In addition, Magic Mike Segal from Sorcerers Safari will be at the convention for their 10th year doing the youth activities.

They'll be a part of the international cast which includes Justin Willman, Dani DaOrtiz, John Archer, John Guastaferro, Troy Hooser, Justin Flom, Peter Pitchford, Simon Aronson, Scott Robinson, Simon Lovell, Tony Chang, Eric Jones and Kainoa Harbottle.

What a terrific line-up!

Are you going?

28 April 2012

Magic Mike: On the cover of MUM

Congratulations to Magic Mike Segal who is featured on the cover of the May edition of MUM magazine!

Click through to see the cover.

31 October 2011

Shrine Fantasy Show

It's the time of year for the Shrine Fantasy Show!  From their website:
Proceeds from this show benefit many Shrine activities. For your support you are provided with a great evening of entertainment (and therefore it is not eligible as a charitable donation deduction.) Thanks for helping the children!
Participating talent includes:  Dick Joiner, Trevor Watters and Lorena, Matt Baker, Aristov and Company, Craig Douglas, Richard Forget, Nathaniel RankinMagic Mike Segal, Patrice Meunier, Ian QuickMajinx, and Fantasy Circus (performers vary by province).

Schedule and ticket information at the Shrine Fantasy Show website.

17 September 2011

Toronto: Mind Kontrol with Mike D'Urzo

From the Facebook page "Z103.5 presents Mind Kontrol- Mike D'Urzo's Live Show!":
After last year’s sold out show, Mind Kontrol is returning with an exclusive 5 SHOWS from OCT 20-23! An evening of Magic and Mentalism with International Award Winning Magician Mike D'Urzo! Mike was nominated for 2011 "Entertainer of the Year" by the Canadian Event Industry Awards!

The shows will be held at the Al Green Theatre in Toronto at 750 Spadina Ave (Corner of Bloor & Spadina). Here are the dates & show times…

Thursday October 20 @ 8:00 pm (Mike's Birthday!)
Friday October 21 @ 8:00 pm
Saturday October 22 @ 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Sunday October 23 @ 2:00 pm
Visit the page to find out which night David Merry and Magic Mike Segal will be appearing as special guests!

For more information or to purchase tickets, go online at http://www.megamagic.ca/ or call TicketWeb at 1-888-222-6608.

Watch the trailer on YouTube:

09 September 2011

Toronto: Doc Wutherglooms Haunted Medicine Show

According to this Facebook page, "Doc Wutherglooms Haunted Medicine Show" is back in Toronto in October.  Created by Eric Woolfe and directed  by Christine Brubaker, the show features a 142 year old travelling exorcist, his cabal of chilling puppets and a cavalcade of dark parlour magic!  Magical consultation for the show was provided by Magic Mike Segal.

A mini-review of an earlier run of the show can be found at Dark Lord Bunnykin's Blog.

31 May 2011

Summer is a magical time for kids to learn magic

Do your children want to learn magic this summer?  Then you've come to the right place!  We've highlighted the magic programs for children offered through Canada this summer.

Sorcerers Safari
When talking about summer, magic and children, the first name that always comes to my mind is Sorcerers Safari Summer Camp.  Sorcerers Safari is a sleep-away camp in the Haliburton Highlands about 2 1/2 hours north of Toronto. This year's camp runs from Tuesday August 30th to Sunday Sept 4th, 2011. The camp is coordinated by Mike Segal and boasts an amazingly talented and experienced staff!

To register or for more information, visit SorcersSafari.ca.

Take a peek at the highlights from last year's camp!

Oh, Magic Camp from Rotten Pictures on Vimeo.
Not interested in a sleep-away experience?

Mega Magic Camp, Calgary 
If you're looking for something in Western Canada, check out Mega Magic Camp with Sean Watson and Brent Smith in Calgary from August 22nd to August 26th, 2011.

To register or for more information, visit MegaMagicCamp.com.

In the Ottawa area, Eric Leclerc runs English and French language magic classes during the summer. His 2011 dates haven't been posted yet. Keep checking his website for more information.

Halton Magic Camp  [added October 1, 2011]

Scott Dietrich is offering the chance of a lifetime to 20 lucky Halton children (ages 8 – 12).   Halton Magic Camp is not your ordinary summer camp, over one week your child will be immersed in the magical arts while their confidence and creativity explode; something Scott is proud to have witnessed over and over again at his camps. 
Greater Toronto Area 
Some of the Sorcerers Safari Summer Camp crew will also be teaching magic in Toronto area day camps.  Some of these day camps are offering an introductory magic classes for the entire camp summer and some of the camps also offer a 'Magic Course/Specialty' that run on particular dates. 

At present, the participating day camps are:
  • Bayview Glen: offers a general magic activity 3 days a week for the full summer
  • Zodiac: offers a specialty magic program (a 2 week program, twice over their 8 week summer course)
  • Crestwood (warning, website autostarts a video with sound): offers a general program 4 days a week for the entire summer
For more information about the magic taught at the day camps, contact Sorcerers Safari Summer Camp.  For more information about the camps in general, or to register, contact the day camps directly.

We hope your summer is magical!

(If you run a magic course for children and want to be included, leave a comment or send me an e-mail with your details!)

25 April 2011

Sorcerers Safari at Browser’s Den

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
On Saturday May 7 at ‘Browser’s Den of Magic’  from 1:30pm until 4:00pm Magic Mike and Jen Segal of the Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp will be hosting an Open House for their 2011 Camp Season. Joining  Mike and Jen will be other camp staff and past campers to answer any questions you may have about the camp. 
Read more.

23 February 2011

Sorcerers Safari at WMS XXXIV

Magic Mike will be at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas this weekend and will again be playing a supporting role in Lance Burton’s Teen Weekend!  Best of all, the organizers of the weekend will award a lucky teen with Mike's generous $1000 scholarship to attend Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp!  This is the fifth year a magic camp scholarship will be presented.

Other magic camp supporters from Canada will also be in attendance, including Dick Joiner, Majinx and many more!

Magic camp supporters and campers will also be at the February 28th screening of the magic documentary Make Believe (which includes footage of campers and staff from Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp)!

Questions about Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp?  Visit their website or find Mike at WMS this weekend!

03 December 2010

Shrine Fantasy Show

It's late in the game, but if you can, try to catch the Shrine Fantasy Show.  From their website:
Proceeds from this show benefit many Shrine activities. For your support you are provided with a great evening of entertainment (and therefore it is not eligible as a charitable donation deduction.) Thanks for helping the children!
Participating talent includes:  Dick Joiner, Craig Douglas, Sheldon Casavant, Magic Mike Segal, Majinx, Aristov and Company, Greg Tarlin, John Park, Steven Kline, Patrice Meunier, French Connection and Mysteract (performers vary by province).

Schedule and ticket information at the Shrine Fantasy Show website.