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19 November 2015

Chilliwack: Shawn Farquhar's "Cabaret of Wonders"

From the Cabaret of Wonders Facebook page:
If you have yet to buy your ticket for this Friday's Cabaret of Wonders (November 20th) you are running out of time. We have less than a dozen tickets available... did I mention we are doing TWO shows instead of one this time! Yes that means we are so popular we added another show and the they are both almost SOLD OUT. So exciting. My guests this month are Master Payne from Seattle and Michael Dardant from New Orleans. It's going to be epic.

Read what the Chilliwack Times had to say about The Cabaret of Wonders:
Shawn Farquhar’s reputation as one of the world’s leading magicians has led him on a global journey of wonder—from his home in Maple Ridge to his current month-long tour of Malaysia; sailing the seas performing on the world’s best luxury cruise liners—and even performing in Bermuda on a formal request by British royalty.

And the only magician in history to have won first place for both Stage and Sleight of Hand at the World Championship of Magic is making The Chilliwack Cultural Centre home for his upcoming series of fantastic shows—Shawn Farquhar’s Cabaret of Wonders! Beginning on Oct. 30, The Cabaret of Wonders will feature four shows throughout The Centre’s 2015/16 presentation season, bringing those for which magic provides their passion, profession, and personality together in celebration and demonstration of this fascinating and entertaining art form.

An unparalleled display of magic performance and entertainment, The Cabaret of Wonders will not only feature Shawn Farquhar’s skills in the intimate setting of The Centre’s Rotary Hall Studio Theatre, but will provide a platform for emerging and aspiring magicians to hone their skills in front of a live audience. Not only will the cabaret format of these shows provide an up-close-and-personal show, with performer and audience being separated only by the wonder being conjured in the room, but also an informal atmosphere that invites you to grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy the unmatched experience of watching magic unfold right before your eyes.

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23 May 2011

CAM/PCAM Combined Convention: additional names revealed

New performers names are listed at, including stage peformers Paul Romhany and Master Payne who will be appearing in this year's CAM and PCAM combined convention

For more information about the convention, please visit