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08 November 2018

Toronto: Five world records in one day?

Why not?

Sunday December 2nd at the Browser's Den of Magic:

On this day, Michael Francis will be attempting to break the following records:
  • Most Consecutive Coin Rolls (2 hands)
  • Most Coin Rolls in One Minute (2 hands)
  • Most Multiple Coin Rolls (1 hand)
  • Most Multiple Coin Rolls (2 hands)
  • Most Yo-Yo's Spun Simultaneously

If you've wanted to see and meet a Guinness World Record Holder, then this is your chance! Please join us in supporting Michael as he takes on 5 World Records.

Thank you for your kind support
- The Jeff's, John Cardella, Luiz Castro, Cam Dix & The Browser's Den Team

02 April 2016

  • Chris Mayhew creating a “happy birthday” video for a special somebody turning 90 soon!
  • Recently, Michael Francis broke Guinness Records for coin rolling!  He demonstrated for us today.  Impressive!
  • United States Playing Card Company (USPC) is with us today exhibiting their cards.
  • Everyone in this room is invited to attend the 52 Plus Joker Playing Card meet June 12th the Browser’s Den of Magic, for FREE!!
  • Michael Close mini-talk.
  • Lunch time already.  Yum!

07 February 2016

Michael Francis beats four Guinness World Records

From the Kitchener Post:
After months of practise, Kitchener resident Michael Francis beat four Guinness World Records in coin rolling last weekend.
“I was extremely excited,” Francis said. “Now I have it and the hard part is over.” 

The first record he beat was for the most consecutive coin rolls with two hands. The standing record was 494 and he beat it with 764.

The only challenge, he said, was how warm the restaurant was.

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29 January 2016

Kitchener: Michael Francis' record breaking coin rolling

From the Breaking Guiness (sic) World Records Facebook page:
On Saturday January 30th I will be breaking 4 Guiness World Records and 16 for Record Setter in coin rolling. I am very excited to represent Kitchener Waterloo and would love the support of my friends and family. Join me at All Star Wings and Ribs on the upper level where I hope to break these World Records!!!!

22 February 2013

Toronto: Roy Kueppers' Day at The Den

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
When: Sunday, March 10th
Where: The Browser's Den of Magic, 3220 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON
Cost to attend day: FREE!

Mr. Roy Kueppers, the man who personally manufactures all of the specially gimmicked canadian coins will be here at the shop for a full day of activities. Roy also makes non-canadian trick coins.  Plus a host of other gorgeous props including 'okito boxes', 'hand-crafted magic wands' and more!

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From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook page:
Most Consecutive Coin Rolls in one minute - 2 hands = 92 (previous record was 78)
Most Multiple Coin Rolls in one minute - 1 hand = 29
(previous record was 26)
Most Coin Rolls in one minute - 1 hand = 49
(previous record was 45)
Most Consecutive Coin Rolls (no time limit) - 1 hand = 986
(previous record was 72)
Most Consecutive Coin Rolls (no time limit) - 2 hands = 211
(previous record was 102)

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21 February 2013

Michael Francis: World record holder!

Since 2005, the Guinness World Record for most one-handed coin rolls in a minute has been 45, until Sunday (Feb. 10) when Clarkson resident Michael Francis passed a U.S. half dollar  between his fingers 49 times in one minute.

"It means a lot," said Francis. "In the magic of field, most coin rolls a minute has been the most highly regarded one … all of the biggest magicians have tried for it."

Well, move over Houdini because the 28-year-old broke an additional four coin rolling records Sunday: most consecutive coin rolls in one minute with two hands, 92 (previous record 78); most multiple coin rolls in a minute with one hand, 29 (previous record 26); most one-handed coin rolls with no time limit, 986 (previous record 72) and most consecutive coin rolls with two hands, no time limit, 211 (previous record 102).

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The article goes on to say that Michael is going to attempt to break an additional 25 Guinness World Records this year!  Good luck Michael!

By my count, that puts the total of Canadian Guinness World Record holding magicians to four!