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27 October 2017

The Canadians: Stewart James

If you missed this project by Daniel Zuckerbrot on television back in 2012, Historica Canada has published it's episode "The Canadians: Stewart James" on YouTube:

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17 August 2017

Owen Sound: Now with Michael Weber

Earlier this summer, we shared the news about a workshop retreat Michael Close is hosting with special guest Jason England.  Those in attendance at "Magic Theory, or Magic Fact? Let's Find Out." earlier this week at the Browser's Den of Magic heard Michael hint that he was hoping to add another special guest to the roster.

It's official!

From Michael Close's Twitter feed:

From Michael Close:
You are cordially invited to join Michael Close and Jason England on October 17-20, 2017, for a unique workshop in the beautiful cottage country of northern Ontario (Owen Sound, ON). You’ll be away from the physical and mental noise of the city, but you won’t be roughing it; the accommodations are luxurious.

You’ll fly into Toronto on Monday, October 16, Tuesday morning you'll be bused to beautiful Owen Sound, ON where you will spend most of Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and all day Thursday talking magic and receiving personalized instruction from two of the most knowledgeable magicians on the planet. You'll return to your hotel in Toronto on Friday, and fly home on Saturday.

Read more and register!

28 November 2015

Montreal: Michael Weber lecture and workshop

It looks like Michael Weber will make his way from Toronto to Montreal!

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
When: Tuesday Dec 15

When: Wed Dec 16

Hello everyone,
Our next lecturer is someone we have always wanted to bring to Montreal, so it is our pleasure to announce the Michael Weber will be presenting both a lecture and workshop in Montreal on Dec 15 and 16. Places are limited, so register soon!

Read more and buy tickets.

18 November 2015

Toronto: Shoot Ogawa and Michael Weber lectures

Hi Denizens!

We have two BIG lectures coming up very soon in December for your consideration.

Full details will follow and be put on our homepage next week but tickets are already on sale for....

SHOOT OGAWA LECTURE, Saturday December 5 at 7pm:
Lecture located at Browser's Den.
To buy a ticket and reserve a seat please call 416-783-7022.
(Ninja Rings, Thimbles, Wands, Coins, Rope Magic, Cards)
Tickets are $20.00 each.

MICHAEL WEBER LECTURE, Sunday December 13 at 6pm:
Lecture located at Browser's Den.
To buy a ticket and reserve a seat please call 416-783-7022
(Details to follow)
Tickets are $20.00 each

Thank you all very much for your kind support,
Jeff & The Browser's Den Team

14 July 2013

The Zombie post, now with pictures!

The unabridged version of  the "Michael Weber Zombie Workshop" post is now available with photographic illustrations over at Reality Based Magic.

You're welcome.

06 July 2013

[Guest post] Michael Weber Zombie Workshop

Updated July 11 to add:  The unabridged version of the "Michael Weber Zombie Workshop" post is now available with photographic illustrations over at Reality Based Magic.

The following is a report from Ring 99.


Michael Weber Zombie Workshop
June 30, 2013

While we may occasionally pretend to be men (and even women) of our word, our illustrious membership has less collective willpower than Augustus Gloop in a room full of Wonka Bars.

Earlier this year, as a result of a rather vague controversy, we vowed to send our beloved Ring to the grave and ne'er speak of it again. We thought we had succeeded. But when Michael Weber sent word that he would be in town (for reasons we are unable to relate here as they are so secret we have yet to determine them) and was interested in doing a workshop, we rose like zombies and gathered to feast on the contents of his magnificent and delicious brain.

This was no small order as the weekend he has selected was not only the long weekend celebrating our country's founding (uncreatively named Canada Day - Max Maven and Allan Slaight could have done better), but also the glorious orgasmic climax to Pride Week, which is always enjoyed most enthusiastically in Toronto. Nevertheless, we forewent the excessive indulgence in alcohol, fireworks and public nudity and assembled at the usual place. We were not disappointed for our efforts.

The ex-president (James Alan) accompanied by another James (James Harrison), and Keith Brown (recently named Toronto's Best Magician in a silly little contest held outside of Toronto to save on parking and avoid both traffic and credibility) rushed over from their fabulous performance at the gay pride installment of Abracadabaret (Canada's only variety show dedicated to magic, mystery and to-die-for shoes) on the other side of town to not miss any of the mind-blowingness. Two underaged attendees even managed to secure fake IDs to gain entry to our secret speakeasy-cum-clubhouse for the event.

Mr. Weber did not disappoint. He offered a marvelous assortment of practical, commercial and diabolically clever card magic, money magic, mentalism, and personal grooming accessories. We cannot divulge the contents of this super-secret workshop as we have all been sworn to secrecy. The penalty for violating this solemn oath is being forced to watch certain unnamed members of the city's other ring perform all of Ben Train's unpublished material. Twice. They would also be made to judge next year's Chasing Dovetails Bingo tournament. We are not permitted to  explain that he shared the stories  behind two of the long uncredited Vernon and Miller items from Kaplan and Expert Card Technique. We can say he taught his own mischievous and devious twists on three items hidden in the pages of the recent Graham-Diaconis book on math and magic. Weber closed out the night by demonstrating a small non-card treasure he unearthed in a letter written by Charles Jordan. Suffice it to say that we were all thoroughly delighted and will be keeping our yaps shut.

The special meeting room also features a VIP viewing gallery at the back to which the ex-president, Chicago's David Solomon and Aspen's Eric Mead were banished to prevent them from causing too much trouble. To keep the peanut gallery quiet, a second, younger more vertically-challenged Mr. Weber held court. Due to a strategically timed nap (and apparently a better fake ID than any of us had ever seen), young Master Weber was able to share the real work on several captivating iPad apps well past the point any sensible person would consider bedtime. The legumes on the periphery did manage to poke their heads up occasionally as Weber the senior got around to what we might call "the good bits" which happened what we may call "often".

Following the official programming there were additional things which cannot be explained and an informal session with Eric Mead which deteriorated rapidly into philosophical discussions of gastronomy, techniques for setting things on fire and looking at baby pictures.

So having had our fix, we put yet another silver bullet in the chamber and return the illustrious Ring 99 to oblivion... until the next guy comes through town.

To read more about the adventures of Ring 99, see Ninety Nine Fabrications Volume 1 and Volume 2.


Thank you to the Zombies of Ring 99 for guest posting at Canada' s Magic!

07 June 2013

Toronto: Michael Weber workshop

On June 30th, Micheal Weber will be in Toronto offering one of his fabulous workshops!  The details are sketchy at best.  Contact James Alan to see if he has more pieces to the puzzle than I do!

15 June 2012

From the Dark: an interview with Juan Esteban Varela and Michael Weber

From Cadence Canada:
Cadence recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Juan Esteban Varela and Michael Weber, the incredible mind and director behind the astonishing illusionary production From the Dark, which makes its North American debut this weekend as part of the sixth annual Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity. As part of the third joint venture between Luminato and the Canadian magic non-profit group Magicana—this year titled Mind over Matter—Varela’s show is one of the most unique magical productions to ever be staged, a production that involves blindfolding both the performer and the audience, to experience a wide breadth of classic magic tricks from a sightless perspective. A novel show and celebration of magic unlike any other, Varela’s show debuted in 2010 at the National Magic Congress in Madrid, Spain, and has since been spellbinding audiences around the world. Stemming from an idea that pegs the question of whether a person truly needs the sense of sight to reason, imagine, and be amazed, Varela’s From the Dark is a conceptual behemoth and an experience that will surely tanzilize the senses—minus those involving the eyes, of course—and promises to give the audience a show unlike any they’ve experienced before.
Read more.
Visit Magcana's website for more information about The Luminato Mind Over Matter magic series.