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17 July 2017

Nicolas Dutel: FISM North American Champion, stage 2017

From Renee-Claude Auclair's Facebook page:

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04 July 2017

Canadians competing at IBM SAM 2017

A little bird has told me that four Canadians will be competing at the upcoming IBM-SAM Combined Convention.

Keep an eye out for Philippe Theriault, Nicky Circelli, and Nicolas Dutel (stage), and Chris Bruce (close up) who all made the preliminary judges’ selection to compete for IBM and SAM prizes plus a chance to obtain a spot to compete at FISM 2018 in South Korea!

Joan Caesar is  a co-chair of the competition, along with Vinny Grosso, Past President of the SAM.

Break a leg Canada!

[With thanks to Joan Caesar for sending me the information.]

19 November 2016

Festival de Magie de Québec 2017

With thanks to Jean-Luc for sending this information along.  From Jean-Luc Rivard:
Great names coming at the Festival de Magie de Québec  MAY 4 - 5 - 6 - 7  2017 .



- Luc Langevin (CANADA )
- Hector Mancha ( FISM  World Champion 2015 - Spain )
- Rob Zabrecky  ( USA)
- Boris Wild ( France )
- Nicolas Dutel  ( CANADA )
- MysterAct ( CANADA )

ALSO  at the Festival :

-  Jean-Pierre Du Sault
-  Fredo - Magislain
-  Billy et Manu
-  Jean Deshaies
-  Marc Chabot
-  Énigma & Méphisto -
-  Bob Arseneau
-  Marc Trudel
-  Stéphan Therien
-  Simon Bernard .

And more to come !!!!