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23 September 2020

Welcoming a new Friend: Peter Mennie

Please join me in welcoming our newest friend, Peter Mennie!

Based out of London, Ontario, Peter is a long-time reader of (and contributor to) the blog. Prior to The Great Pause, Peter would often be found performing at Ontario resorts or working behind the scenes with local theatre groups.  He was also regularly featured on Roger's Daytime London.

Visit Peter's website at and follow Peter on Facebook, on Twitter @PeterMennie, or on Instagram @PeterMennie.

Thank you Peter, for befriending Canada's Magic

18 March 2020

Online meetings and shows

Updated at 15:31 EST to add:
  • Jeff & Tessa Evason have opened up their vault to share this TV special featuring Thomas Baxter, James Cielen, Carl Cloutier, Dean Gunnarson, Gary Kurtz, Richard Sanders and Jay Sankey, with a special appearance by magician David Peck.  Watch on YouTube.

Are you itching to make it to a magic meeting from the comfort of your own home? 

Interested in catching a show?  Peter Mennie and Carisa Hendrix have you covered!

An upcoming lecture series on April 5th:

There's also consumable content from R. Paul Wilson and Mark Clearview:

From Mark Clearview:
We're all going to die and I'm going to document it. Listen to what I'm doing with all my free time. Follow my adventures through headlines and misinformation as I contribute a heaping helping of my own. Exclusively on my website until we're up and running on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

Put the things we're missing in the comments!

15 March 2020

Peter Mennie's list of 5

5 low or no cost things to do if you can't perform over the next few weeks:

1. Go for a walk.
2. Write new material.
3. Clean/repair/upgrade your props.
4. Do your taxes (and invest your refund).
5. Don't worry. The work will come back in greater abundance.

08 February 2020

Niagara Falls and Forest: Peter Mennie

February 16 - Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls
February 17 - Forest, ON

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14 December 2019

OWOW Recap by Ryan Joyce

From the December 7th article "Magic festival appears in Fergus Ontario" by Ryan Joyce:
We organized a three-day magicians convention, produced a four-day festival featuring five stage shows, two parlour shows, and first-ever Livestream Magic Special during the seven days.

The OWOW Festival scheduled magicians performing table-to-table at local restaurants, secret sessions for magicians, world-class gala magic shows at the Fergus Grand Theatre and exclusive private events around town. 

This year we featured twelve internationally acclaimed magicians, Stephen Bargatze, Michael Close, Greg Frewin, Carisa Hendrix, Rick Merrill, Paul Romhany, Jay Sankey, Nicholas Wallace, Owen Anderson, Ryan Joyce, Cody Moynihan, Peter Mennie, Graemazing Reed and Ed Stone.

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19 November 2019

London: Magic at the Marienbad (Dec 12)

From the Magic at the Marienbad Facebook page:
Back by popular demand, That Magic Guy Peter Mennie!  Featuring the magic of Al Grose.
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28 October 2019

Ontario Week of Wonder recap

With thanks to Joan Caesar for sending us updates and photos from the first Ontario Week of Wonder!

Congratulations to everyone involved.  It looked like a fabulous event.

Special congratulations to Joan, who received a special Lifetime Achievement Award at the Saturday night gala show.

(Click on each photo to see at full size)

24 September 2019

Peter Mennie's advice based on "40 Years As A Kid's Performer"

From the September 16th article "40 Years As A Kid's Performer Helps" by Peter Mennie at LinkedIn:

I started my career on their stage while I was still in still high school. I had a full stage crew to set my props, run my music (on cassette!) and supply my mic (where I learned proper technique and went from handheld to headset) For the last ten years, I've done tech and this year and last, I was exclusively at the Kiddieland stage. Interestingly enough, the acts were the same both years (plus one additional Juno-nominated siging duo). It was a great opportunity to see how some acts grew (or not) why some acts stayed the same (because it works) and how an act that (according to them), never play these types of events, fit in (they didn't).

I was 'the old guy' in the group but with a unique perspective being both a performer and a technician. Everyone's goals were aligned - gather a crowd and entertain them - however as a performer, I know what the crew needs to make my show a success and as crew, I know what I need to support the stage acts.

Here are a few tips from both perspectives.

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19 February 2019

Ontario: Ryan Joyce

From Ryan Joyce's February 16th blog post "Magician on tour: Upcoming Ontario magic shows":

I'll be travelling with my long-time friend and on-stage partner Jenna and my magician friends Peter Mennie and Graeme Reed. Meet all these crazy characters plus Will our sound engineer.

O.S.C.V.I. Auditorium – East Ridge Community School
Friday, February 22, 2019

Maranatha Auditorium
Saturday, February 23, 2019

Showplace Performance Centre
Sunday, February 24, 2019


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04 February 2019

Peter Mennie unpacks his TV archive

From Peter Mennie's blog post "That’s a Lot of Magic!":
Way back when (about two years ago), I did a lot of television. Every month for 11 months, I had an appearance on a local TV chat show. I did two-three routines every time (that's 20-30 tricks) for nearly twenty years!

Over the next few months, here are some of the greatest hits - in no chronological order - and with apologies for the video quality of some of the segments.

Read more and watch video. [1 - Straight Ahead]

Peter's also posted:

03 October 2018

Rounding the Central rings in October 2018

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Montreal, QCRing 62 (20th Century Ring)- TBA.
Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club)- Peter Mennie lecture.
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- Magic history and rubber band workshop.
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- Graemazing lecture.
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians)- TBA.
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- TBA
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club)- Quentin Reynolds lecture.
(also Chris Philpott lecture at Browser's)

Please leave a comment or email me about corrections or omissions.

23 May 2018

Fergus: FLASH TV Filming

From Ryan Joyce's Facebook page:

We have a last-minute FLASH TV Filming in Fergus with special guests and surprises!! This Sunday, May 27 come eat dinner at the Brew House on the Grand and enjoy FREE world-class entertainment!!!! Special guests including Michael Paul - Comic/Writer/Director direct from Hollywood and more!!!! Arrive at 5:30pm enjoy a meal at the Brew House and be part of this incredible opportunity that is taking place in our community. Help us make magic happen!

 You must register below, show tickets are free with your meal!

PS: You will see us around Fergus Filming this weekend! Say hi and tell a friend!
 PSS: Don't forget we are filming!!! By arriving you agree to be filmed for TV.

11 February 2018

Do you market with darts?

From the article "Marketing Your Magic Business - Do you shoot guns or toss darts?" by Peter Mennie at Magician's Masterclass:
When developing your magic business marketing plan there are two potential strategies:  shotgun or darts.  In my experience, most magicians use the shotgun approach which targets a broad base of potential clients with little to no focus.
I prefer the second strategy called D.A.R.T. which stands for Directed At Responsive Targets.

Guns are loud, fired from far away and hurt or kill their prey. Darts are tossed at their targets from 10 feet away and everyone drinks when you hit the bulls-eye.

Let me explain.

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08 January 2018

Fergus: Bringing magic to the Fergus Grand Theatre

From the January 5th, 2018 article "Ryan Joyce aims to bring world class magicians to Fergus" by Jaime Myslik in the Wellington Advertiser:
“I’m trying to find ways to stay more locally bound and still do what I love,” he said. “I think we might have found a unique way to do both.”

The first project he’s working on is called Magician’s Masterclass, which is an educational show for magicians hosted by a guest magic legend and will be filmed at the Fergus Grand Theatre.

The goal is to “see how they learn and teach and explore magic, all on camera,” Joyce said.

The first episode was released in December with host Michael Close, a magic consultant for Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Read more.

From Fergus Filming:
I asked Michael (Close) to join us to film an exciting new project for the magic community that teaches some of magic’s most well-gaurded secrets.  The project is turning out better than I expected and there is interested to bring other world-famous magicians and variety artists right here to our community.

While filming, it became very clear the opportunity that lay ahead.  I am gearing up to bring some of the world’s greatest magicians, variety artists and visual entertainers right here to Fergus Grand Theatre and film shows for distribution.

These performances will be free* and we need to fill all 255 seats with an enthusiastic live studio audience.  Sorry, I can’t mention too many juicy details yet.  You’ll be the first to know by signing up for updates below!  Don’t worry, I don’t have time to spam you– kinda busy working to make this happen (plus travelling like crazy for my job)

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