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03 December 2018

Montreal: LOL 2018!

Catch Richard Sanders and David Acer at The Comedy Nest December 20, 21, 22, and 23.

From the Comedy Nest:
LOL 2018 – December 20, 21, 22, 23

Say goodbye to 2018 with some of Montreal’s funniest as they toast (and roast) the year that was, including HEIDI FOSS (Just For Laughs), GINO DURANTE (Just For Laughs’ Zoofest), world-renowned magician RICHARD SANDERS (The Comedy Network), DAVID ACER (Just For Laughs), MIKE CARROZZA (Just For Laughs’ Zoofest) and more! And have your New Year’s resolution ready because on your way in you’ll get a chance to drop it in a bucket for the comedians to draw from during the show and use in their sets. Buy your tickets now!

All shows are 90 minutes.
Must be 18 or over.

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31 October 2017

Rounding the Central rings in November 2017

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.

Montreal, QCRing 62 (20th Century Ring)- Free form first Fridaze
- Second Saturday night special
- Montreal's first IBM magic jam!
- Magicians and friends
- Sunday brunch
- Instagram Tuesday
Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club)- TBA.
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- Magic auction.
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- TBA
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians)- TBA.
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- TBA
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club)- Richard Sanders lecture.
- Browser's Den anniversary party.

Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

10 April 2016

Montreal magic nostalgia

From Perfect Magic:
It got me thinking about (Magic) Tom and what he did for magic and for us. He donated a large Trophy to Magic Montreal, and a smaller one for the winner of the Magie Montreal Trophy which was awarded every year at our Magic Convention. Richard Sanders was the first one to win it. Every winner has a place  with his name engraved on it on the big Trophy which can be seen in our shop. We gave out other awards too. This should bring back a few memories if you were there.

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04 December 2015

Montreal: The Outerbridges, Richard Sanders, and Marc Trudel

From the Comedy Nest:
Spectacular Sunday – Sunday December 6th

A hilarious and mind-boggling spectacle featuring world-class magicians breaking so many laws of physics, Stephen Hawking might show up and give them a ticket! Catch the mind-bending miracles of TED OUTERBRIDGE (YTV’s Mystery Hunters), the comedy magic of RICHARD SANDERS (Just For Laughs), the sleight-of-hand of MARC TRUDEL, culinary phenom ANGELO THE AMAZING FOOD MAGICIAN and so much more! Buy your tickets now!

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20 January 2015

Breaking news! Toronto: Browser's Den Bash!

Click for details.
See Magic. Learn Magic. Show Magic. Love Magic
April 12th, 2015 
Imagine 12 jam-packed hours of magic filled with a plethora of amazing talent, delicious food, and wonderful experiences that you cannot find elsewhere. Card guys, mentalists, stand-up magicians, stage perfomers, and everything in-between... there's something for everyone! You're going to have a fantastic time at the Browser's Magic Bash. It might even challenge the way you normally look at magic conventions.

Space is limited so act now and reserve your spot right away.

Read more and register.

07 June 2014

Review: Magic at the Comedy Nest

Magicians had a real treat last Sunday evening, if they managed to get into the Comedy Nest. Although there were magicians who came to see the show, most of the audience was comprised of lay people. 
David Acer was the M.C. and was his usual funny self.

Loran, from Quebec City, had a beautiful act, serious, artistic and a pleasure to watch.

Vincent Pimpare did a comedy hynotism act. It was an unexpected break from the usual hypno act and had the audience laughing, so it fit right into the Comedy club setting.

Richard Sanders did a great bill to lime with a lot of hilarious detours along the way. He has a way of making the audience feel as if he is really one of us. He connects well.

Romaine. What can I say about Romaine.  Dressed in tails and a top hat, and slightly tipsy, (part of the routine, of course) he wowed the audience with his continuous production of cards, multiplying billiard balls, and the real magic of Vaudeville days, which mosts of the audience had never seen and they showed their appreciation.

Jonathan Burns did some very funny stuff. My favorite was Cards Across with cheese slices (you know the ones, wrapped in cellophane) instead of cards. Funny stuff. 
And then there was the audience.

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10 May 2014

Montreal: Spectacular Sunday!

If you're not going to be at Gordon's birthday bash, you should definitely consider attending Spectacular Sunday!

From the Comedy Nest:
Sunday June 1st 
You won’t believe what’s happening here on June 1st… literally! Five world-class magicians take over the Nest for a hilarious and mind-boggling spectacle where so many laws of physics will be broken, Stephen Hawking might show up and give them a ticket! Catch JONATHAN BURNS (Late Show with David Letterman), RICHARD SANDERS (Just For Laughs), ROMAINE (The Magic Castle), ANGELO THE AMAZING FOOD MAGICIAN and more on this special night of awesome astonishment! Reserve your tickets now! 
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15 October 2012

Montreal: Richard Sanders at The Comedy Nest

From The Comedy Nest:
October 25, 26, 27

Kick off your Halloween weekend with the ghosts of the Forum and one of the world’s coolest magicians! Inventor of mind-blowing magic tricks and contributor to David Blaine television specials, Richard Sanders is a magician who fools other magicians! This guy breaks so many laws of physics, Stephen Hawking might show up to give him a ticket!

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Watch Richard do magic on the streets of Montreal:

[h/t: @David_Acer]

21 October 2011

Montréal: Night of the Living Standups

From Perfect Magic:

David "Axe-Wielding" Acer headlines halloween weekend at THE COMEDY NEST with special guests Mike “Barely Undead” Paterson and DeAnne “Your Brain Looks Delicious” Smith.


• World-renowned mentalist Patrik "Don’t Mind Me I’m Just Sucking Your Blood" Kuffs (Oct. 27th)
• Interdimensionally acclaimed magician Michel "The Soft-Handed Strangler" Huot (Oct 28th)
• Sleight-of-hand superstar Richard "I Ate His Liver with Some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti" Sanders (Oct 29th). 
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[h/t: Perfect Magic]

31 May 2011

Links for 31-May-2011

02 April 2011

Montréal: May 1st, 2011 - Magic Day

From the Magie Spectram website:
Sunday May 1st 2011 from 12:00pm to 10:00pm, Spectram Magic in association with Alain Choquette invites you to a Magic Day featuring: Jay Sankey, Jon Allen, Boris Wild and Richard Sanders.
For more information, contact Magie Spectram.


16 December 2010

Blackpool Magic Convention 2011 - now with Richard Sanders!

We'd previously mentioned that Jay Sankey will be performing at Blackpool Magic Convention 2011.  Earlier today, Magic Convention Guide published that Richard Sanders will be joining him!  (Read their post for a list of the other peformers added to the roster.)

For more information about the convention, or to register, visit


11 December 2010

Acer, Chen and Sanders at IMX2011 in Las Vegas

From the IMX 2011 website:
IMX 2011 brings together 20+ of the world’s greatest performers in 3 days of non-stop magic – incredible performances, unrivalled training and mindblowing skill.
Included in their all-star line up are Canada's own David Acer, Juliana Chen* and Richard Sanders!
To learn more about IMX 2011 or to register, visit their website at

* While Chen no longer resides in Canada, in the summer of 2003, she was the subject of a four-page cover story in Canadian magazine, Saturday Night.  Since she was the first Canadian magician to be featured on the cover of a national magazine since the late Doug Henning, we'll still claim her as ours.