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13 June 2014

Luminato round-up

From The Star:
At a magic show, audiences wonder if they can trust their eyes. But are the conjurers themselves believable? As part of the Luminato Festival, we ask some magicians if they can be trusted.

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From The Globe and Mail:
Sitting at a table covered with a red felt cloth in his Toronto studio, magic producer David Ben demonstrates how a magician shuffles cards.

To the spectator sitting across from him, it looks innocuous enough, but lean up beside him and he’ll show you that he can see the face of every card as he fans through the pack with his fingers. Oh, there’s a queen. He stops and cuts the deck, placing the queen on the bottom.

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David Ben on CP 24.

Magicana blog posts in reverse chronological order:

27 April 2014

Toronto: Transgressive Magic at Luminato 2014

From Magicana:
Transgressive Magic: Magic that violates a law, command or moral code. Card Table Artifice and Bullet Catch do just that.

Card Table Artifice – puts the con into concert, combining techniques employed by professional card cheats with a sumptuous musical score. It is a window into the world of advantage players, and the machinations they employ when they place their livelihood, and sometimes their life, into their own hands.

Bullet Catch blurs the lines between conventional plays and magic shows, addressing an act that violates both civil and moral codes – the asking of a member of the audience to point a gun and pull the trigger that sends a bullet towards a performer quite confident he can defy death, all under the guise of entertainment.

Both productions challenge form and function, and place magic and the audience outside the traditionalist’s comfort zone of top hats, bunny rabbits and family-friendly fare.

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Card Table Artifice and Rob Zabrecky’s  TURN ON THE DARK!
WORLD PREMIERE: June 13 and June 14

Bullet Catch
CANADIAN PREMIERE: June 14 and June 15