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03 October 2020

Congratulations to Sawyer Bullock

Congratulations and best wishes to you both!  


From Sawyer Bullock's September 27th Instagram post:

Asked my best friend to hang around a bit longer 💍💃🏼🕺🏼

12 March 2020

On the cover

Congratulations to Gerry Frenette who is featured on the cover of the most recent edition of Northern Peeks, Murray Sawchuck who is featured on the cover of the February edition of Genii, and Sawyer Bullock who is featured on the cover of the March edition of Faith and Friends!

[With thanks to The Magic Demon and Ryan Pilling for letting me know!]

24 January 2019

Bullock, Mayhew, and Eng in the CBC!

From the January 23rd article "Escape the headlines, find the magic: Why we need the oldest tricks in the book more than ever" by Conor Sweetman in the CBC:
In the 1900s, the silver screen provided some distraction from the news of the World Wars, but it also served as a conduit for propaganda. These days, we similarly struggle to find escapism that isn't tinged with politics. Only now, partisan tension seems to follow us everywhere, beyond the movie theatre and into comedy clubs, sports arenas and  every content-producing corner of the internet.

It's hard to hide from it — all of our open tabs beckon us to dip one more time into what will inevitably put a damper on the day. But what if there were a way to momentarily hush the noise and avoid getting swept away by the deluge of headlines? What if, just for an evening, instead of going into a tailspin of reading, arguing and frantically allowed yourself to be fooled?

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30 April 2018

Toronto: The Newest Trick In The Book - May 1

From James Alan's newslettter:
Tuesday night (May 1st) I'll be appearing on a special free show in downtown Toronto. The Newest Trick In The Book is put on by The Toronto Magic Company and hosted by the adorably charming Jonah Babins.

This is a magic show not quite like any other. The rule is that performers have to showcase brand new material. Which means either the opportunity to see something special for the first time ever... or the opportunity to see something crash and burn horrendously. Either way, special! I'm actually cheating. I'll be presenting very old magic which hasn't been seen in nearly 100 years.

See Scape
2840 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I'll be appearing alongside Chris Mayhew, Sawyer Bullock and Daniel Lawson. This is an absolutely free event to attend. Although it can get quite full and you can reserve a free ticket by going to the Toronto Magic Company website.

Plus... See Scape is a board game and video game bar, so once the show is over, you can stick around to play.
Reserve your tickets at Eventbrite.

20 June 2017

Collingwood: Sawyer Bullock

From Eventbrite:

23 June - 24 June

International, award-winning performer Sawyer Bullock presents a humble, charming and unique magic show in his trademark style, which has been seen in Las Vegas, the Dominican Republic, Canada’s Wonderland and on his own TV show.

An antithesis to the Vegas razzle-dazzle spectacle, sawyer presents a powerful performance suited to contemporary audiences, yet rooted in classic magic and theatre elements.

Read more and buy tickets.

28 May 2016

London: "An Evening of Mystery, Trickery and Wonder"

From Sawyer Bullock's Facebook page:
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28 July 2014

Collingwood: The Young Faust by Sawyer Bullock

From Simcoe:
Local magician Sawyer Bullock will present a new show Aug. 8-9 at Collingwood’s New Life Brethren in Christ Church.

The 19-year-old Wasaga Beach resident, who lived in Stayner growing up, said the show is called Sawyer Bullock Presents The Young Faust.

“It’s an evening of magic, comedy and mentalism,” Bullock said.

He started writing the show about a year ago but said it only started to really come together in the last couple months.

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You may remember Sawyer was the recipient of the 2012 Tony Eng Youth Fund bursary.

Well done Sawyer!

From Sawyer Bullock's Facebook page:

21 May 2012

Tony Eng Youth Fund bursary winner and IMX competitor

From Sharing Wonder:
Sawyer reached out to us through the Tony Eng Youth Fund. At 16, his passion for magic appears to have no bounds and magic has enriched his life for the last four years. We provided Sawyer, a community-driven young man teeming with leadership qualities, a bursary to help him attend the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) 2012 convention. In his application, Sawyer expressed a heartfelt desire to meet Vancouver-based magician and President of CAM, Shawn Farquhar. We were pleased to provide  Sawyer with the grant to achieve this goal and to also compete in the magic competitions at CAM.

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From the CAM website:
This year there is a special addition to the convention where youth were invited from around the globe to compete in a contest that is endorsed by FISM.  This is the first contest of it’s kind and representing Canada is Sawyer Bullock of Ontario.

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Wishing Sawyer the best of luck at the 2012 International Youth Magic Championships!