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18 January 2021

Shawn Farquhar: Upcoming Hidden Wonders and Deckin' Around

ICYMI Shawn was interviewed by Tyler on episode 48 of Deckin' Around.


From Shawn Farquhar's January 14th Facebook post:

We really had a blast doing the show virtually in December and the Cabaret of Wonders in early January was well received, so we're doing it again! 

On Saturday January 30th we will offer two shows in a single day. You can catch one or both, lol. The first will be at 4PM PT, which is 7PM for those folks on the East Coast, and the second at 7PM PT, which might be a little late for those early to bed people in New York!  I thought, New York was the city that never slept?  

This is an an interactive event that starts with a virtual tour of the venue, our signature choose your own adventure style show, and ends with a Q&A with your truly.







05 January 2021

Do you know who performed in Summerside, PEI in the late 1970s?

Can anyone help Shawn by identifying the mystery performer below?


From Shawn Farquhar's December 31st post on Facebook:

Magic friends, here's my trivia question to end out 2020.  A long time ago, probably 1977/78 a young magician from the US, came to Summerside, PEI to perform at my local mall.  Yes, Summerside had a mall.  I saw the show and obtained a flyer.  It didn't have his name, nor contact information. I have a darn good memory, I can tell you what he did and the order as well, BUT for the life of me, I  can't recall his name.

Who is this?







23 December 2020

Ring in 2021 with Lucy Darling and Shawn Farquhar

From Shawn Farquhar's December 20th Facebook post:

I'm working New Year's Eve... wonders never cease!
Tickets available at:
I think afterwards we might just open up a Zoom Meeting for people to hang out and visit until 2020 ends... what do you all think?






Shawn Farquhar: Hidden Wonders, Session with, and Cabaret of Wonders!

It seems that calling this period The Great Pause is a huge inaccuracy for a people like Shawn Farquhar!  Here are a few of the places you can catch him in the next month or so:


Hidden Wonders [Dec 28]

Tickets at:


New Year's Eve

You can find Shawn performing as part of the Magic Castle's New Year's Eve show.

Session with Shawn [Jan 3]

Cabaret of Wonders [Jan 10]

21 December 2020

Santa's 54 Elves (one of the offers ends 21st Dec 23:59 EET)

From Shawn Farquhar's December 21 repost on Instagram:

All profits donated to , an organization whose mission is to bring accessible and sanitized water to third world countries.

A worldwide collaboration for a good cause. 54 magicians come together in this Christmas Project in order to create something magical and unique, while also helping those who are less fortunate than us.

Luke Jermay, Shawn Farquhar, Justin Miller, Harapan Ong, Simon Black, Jeremy Griffith, Raphael Blin, Jack Paton and many many many more.

From fruit magic to tarot, essays and playing cards. A book great for both beginners and advanced magicians jam-packed with ideas, sleights, routines and philosophies.

Interactive PDF.
89 pages.


Visit BizandFriends to purchase the eBook or the limited edition book.





12 December 2020

Shawn Farquhar interviewed by Craig Petty

From the December 1st episode of Craig Petty's Magic TV on YouTube:

This week on the channel we have Shawn Farquar.  Shawn Farquhar is a Canadian magician notable for his title as the "Grand Prix World Champion of Magic" from the International Federation of Magic Societies

His awards include being the only magician in history to win First Place at the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) for both Stage and Sleight of Hand, twice Canadian Association of Magicians Magician of the Year, First Place at the Society of American Magicians annual magic convention competition, three Silver (2nd Place) awards, and a First (World Championship) in Card Magic and the Grand Prix World Championship for Close Up at FISM, the "Olympics of Magic". In August 2009, he won his most prestigious prize at the FISM World Championship of Magic in Beijing.

On May 1, 2010, the Canadian Association of Magicians once again named him Canadian Magician of the Year, making him the only two-time recipient of their most prestigious award.

Read more and watch interview.



30 November 2020

Congratulations on the first virtual PCAM!

Congratulations to Shawn Farquhar, Alex Zander, Billy Hsueh, and Kevin Cardona on what has been reported by others as a fabulous and memorable PCAM!

Congratulations also to the contest winners:

  • Gold Medal for Close-Up:  Jay Chun The Juggling Magician
  • Gold Medal for Stage Magic:  Ryan Wonder Brown
  • Children's Entertainer of the Year: Katrina Kroetch
  • One hand cut-a-thon:  Topher Gowen

06 November 2020

Hidden Wonders live and virtual

From the Hidden Wonders Live and Virtual Eventbrite page:

Hidden Wonders the Speakeasy Magic Experience is presenting a unique presentation of their hit sold-out show allowing a virtual opportunity while still hosting a small live audience.

Members of both audiences will have an opportunity to perhaps guide this choose your own adventure experience.

Using the technology of the ZOOM Platform the audience at home will experience an evening of wonder and be secure in knowing what they are seeing on their screen is exactly what the in person audience will be viewing.

Read more and buy tickets.

04 November 2020

Shawn Farquhar (and a host of other magicians) featured in New York Times

This article includes quotes from magicians such as Shawn Farquhar, Ken Scott, Stephen Bargatze, Alexander Boyce, Jason Michaels, Kayla Drescher, and John Wolfson!


From the October 31st article "What if They Could Make the Pandemic Go Poof?" by Kenneth Sturtz in the New York Times:

Mr. Farquhar turned to virtual magic out of boredom. Homebound and desperate to perform for an audience, he arranged a free Facebook Live show. He committed to an hour, thinking he could adapt existing material. He was struggling after 15 minutes.

“I realized I was talking to a green light on a camera and there was no interaction,” he said. “It wasn’t Zoom, it was just me talking and trying to keep an energy up.”

He found not being able to interact with an audience in real time to be “soul-sucking.” He tried Instagram Live, but he soured on that too. It wasn’t until a friend recruited enough paying customers for a Zoom show that Mr. Farquhar changed his mind. There were stumbling blocks, like keeping people engaged and dealing with dozens of audio and video feeds. But when he learned he could interact with the audience, he developed a dedicated virtual show.


“Magic thrives when people are at their worst because people at their worst need hope,” Mr. Farquhar said. “And that’s what magic is.”

Read more.

19 August 2020

Vancouver: Shawn Farquhar's Hidden Wonders

From the August 7th Facebook post by Shawn Farquhar:

Well, it's in the newspaper, so it must be happening. I plan to open the doors to the new Hidden Wonders on Friday, August 28th. The first show is sold out. Don't get excited, I'm only admitting 12-14 people per show, lol. I want to be safe and keep people spaced out. I have created a bunch of new stuff that is interactive and non-contact. Bring on the fun... it's been so long...

23 July 2020

Sessions with Shawn Farquhar (and "A Cup of Tea")

From Shawn Farquhar's July 22nd Facebook post:
With ONLY four spots still open for the August 3rd Session and a ton of emails from folks in Europe and elsewhere asking for a different time slot, I have decided to do one more on August 4th. This one will be at 12:00 PM (noon) in Vancouver which will be a much more reasonable hour for my friends in Paris, London, Tel Aviv, Sweden, Norway, etc.

Read more and register.

From the June 16th episode "#17 How to fool Penn & Teller not once but 3 times? A Cup of T asks champion magician Shawn Farquhar" of A Cup of Tea on YouTube"

Howard Brown has the most amazing story to tell. In fact several stories as a twin, cancer survivor. And the collaboration of jewish and muslim faiths to serve meals to first responders. Listen to learn more from Lady Sarah and Keith Fields on their 30 mins show - A Cup of T.

Champion of champions Shawn Farquhar will be joining from Canada. He has fooled Penn and Teller on their hit show 'Fool Us', not once but 3 times. He has magic and stories about his magic theater 'Hidden Wonders' to share.

20 June 2020

Shawn Farquhar (June 22), Eric Leclerc (June 29) on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

Can Shawn fool Penn and Teller for a third time?  Tune in to find out!

We've heard whispers that Shawn's not the only Canadian to look for in Season 7.  Rumour has it that Eric Leclerc will be on the show later this month (*cough* June 29 *cough*)!

From the June 8 article "Scoop: Coming Up on the Season Premiere of PENN & TELLER: FOOL US on THE CW - Monday, June 8, 2020" by TV Scoop on Broadway World:

Anyone who succeeds wins the right to perform with Penn & Teller in their celebrated show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The live studio audience and the TV audience watch along with Penn & Teller as they try to figure out the secrets. THE MAGICIANS featured in the episode include Shawn Farquhar, Helen Coghlan, Ondřej Pšenička and Paul Gertner. Alyson Hannigan ("How I Met Your Mother") serves as host (#701). Original airdate 6/22/2020.

Read more.

19 May 2020

Vancouver Magic Circle presents ZOOMagic!

From the IBM Facebook page:
Take a look at what our International President Alex Zander's local Ring did together!

Well done Vancouver Magic Circle, IBM Ring #92! Way to #KeepCalmAndPerformMagic

With Murray SawChuck Rod Boss, Kelvin Ng Rod Chow Juliana Chen, Glen LaBarre, Graham Kita, Henry Tom, Shawn Farquhar.

Video production: Shawn Farquhar
(Music: Benjamin Tissot Thanks )

You'll need a Facebook account in order to view the video.

05 May 2020

Hidden Wonders in The Linking Ring

Congratulations to Shawn Farquhar who's show Hidden Wonders is featured in the May 2020 edition of The Linking Ring!

You can read Simone Marron's article "The Wonder of Hidden Wonders" starting on page 24.  

13 March 2020

Shawn Farquhar in the Vancouver Sun

From the March 4th article "No saws, but lots of sleight-of-hand in 'hidden' speakeasy magic show" by Shawn Conner in the Vancouver Sun:
There’s magic happening in Vancouver’s Chinatown, but you wouldn’t know it from a cursory stroll. Shawn Farquhar’s Hidden Wonders is a speakeasy-style performance located behind a fake business facade.

A two-time world champion of magic, Farquhar in this show focuses less on grand-scale illusions and more on intimate experiences. The 75-minute magic experience features effects that the homegrown talent has exclusively designed for the venue as well as effects he created to impress talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres and to fool Penn & Teller twice on their hit TV show Fool Us.

We talked to the Maple Ridge-based Farquhar about Hidden Wonders:

Q: What’s the strangest place you’ve performed?

Read more.

10 March 2020

David Regal, Jay Sankey, Dan Harlan, and Shawn Farquhar to the MAXX

I've had the good fortune of seeing all four lecture and they were all fabulous. It'd be awesome to see them all again in one place!

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook post:
Imagine if David Regal, Jay Sankey, Dan Harlan, and Shawn Farquhar hosted a magic party. Four of the world's most brilliant magicians, teaching tricks, hanging out, performing shows, being hilarious. It'd be epic, right? Well, they are! And 300 of you will get to experience it.
Registration is now open for MAXX 2020, an exclusive 2-day magic convention strictly limited to 300 attendees.
"Had one of the best experiences of my life here" -Samuel Moore, MAXX Atlanta 2019
Dallas, TX: April 3-4
Atlanta, GA: May 1-2
Baltimore, MD: Sept 11-12
Los Angeles, CA: Oct 9-10
Chicago, IL: Nov 13-14

27 February 2020

Portland and Lincoln City: Shawn Farquhar

From Oregon this Week:
Thursday, March 26, 2020

This year, the Festival of Illusion offers you the chance to meet a magician who has fooled Penn & Teller -- twice! Festival headliner Shawn Farquhar has been entertaining audiences around the globe for over two decades. His magic has been seen on Television shows like the X-Files and Highlander, in Motion Pictures like Spooky House and the Fly II, for corporate clients like IBM and Konica, and on the most luxurious cruise vessels such as Norwegian Star and Radiance of the Seas.

Read more.

From the PDXMagicJam:
March 27 - 29

Shawn is a 2-time World Champion of magic, and has appeared on Ellen, Masters of Illusion, and Fool Us, where he became the first magician to fool Penn & Teller twice!  Shawn’s magic can be seen on Hulu, Netflix, & YouTube where many of his videos have been viewed millions of times.  Shawn has performed in more than 40 countries including extensive tours of China, Europe & Japan, as well as shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and off Broadway in NYC. 

Among countless other awards, Shawn is the only person in history to be awarded both Stage Magician of the Year and Sleight of Hand Magician of the Year by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He's also won the highest award in magic - the Grand Prix World Champion of Magic at the Olympics of Magic in Beijing.

His infectious attitude and amazing magic will leave you breathless.

Read more and register.

13 February 2020

Shawn Farquhar and Matt Johnson at FISM NACM 2020

A quick reminder that the deadline to register to compete is rapidly approaching!

Shawn Farquhar and Matt Johnson will be there.  Check out the bottom of the post to see more names!

Watch a message from Joan Caesar about the competition:

From the FISM NACM 2020 Facebook page:
We are so proud to announce that Shawn Farquhar will be with us from May 6 to 10, 2020! Nous sommes très fiers d'annoncer que le magicien Shawn Farquhar sera des nôtres du 6 au 10 mai prochain!