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12 May 2014

Calgary: Thomas Baxter lecture

From the Vanishing Rabbit:
Mentalist THOMAS BAXTER will be lecturing at the Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop
MAY 23rd 
Would you like to be able to perform a full- evening show with just the contents of a briefcase, get paid MORE than someone per- forming a complete illusion show, and get standing ovations at every performance? Or perhaps you'd just like to completely astonish your friends and family with NO PROPS, but just your own understanding of human behavior? Thomas Baxter can show you how.

Tom is a professional mentalist from Canada and has been one of Canada's most successful mystery performers for well over 30 years. He’s performed his one-man show in 31 countries around the world, entertained on cruise ships, created and starred in television specials, in night clubs and has even presented hundred of theatrical seances.  
Read more and buy tickets.