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19 March 2017

Broken Wand: Msgr. Vincent Foy

From the IBM Ring 17 newsletter:
Longtime members of the club will have heard of Msgr. Vincent Foy. One of the country's longest-serving Catholic priests, passed away earlier this week at the age of 101.

Among magicians, he was better known for his contributions to the literature of magic, including publications released under the pen name "Dr. George E. Casaubon" and for his assistance in writing the important books The Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram and Bertram on Sleight of Hand. Later, in his nineties, Ron van Someren photographed him performing the nearly one hundred one-handed cuts with playing cards he invented, which were compiled and published in 2011 A Cut Above.

More information is available at:

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15 April 2011

Msgr. Vincent Foy: "A Cut Above"

From Sharing Wonder:
 Magicana is delighted to announce the release of our latest publication, "A Cut Above."
"A Cut Above" is a joyful exploration of one-handed cuts created or documented by Msgr. Vincent Foy, a pioneer of the modern movement of card flourishes. His contributions on this subject that appeared initially in The Linking Ring and in Bertram on Sleight of Hand, inspired a new generation of finger-flingers.
Msgr. Foy, who is 95-years young, revisits his notes to give us 100 one-handed glorious cuts, most of his own invention. Read more.