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06 September 2018

"A World of Magic" in the Georgia Straight

A World of Magic runs September 7th to the 9th.

From the August 27th article, "A World of Magic will bring Vegas-style illusionists to Vancouver Playhouse" by Charlie Smith in The Georgia Straight:
The opening event is on the Friday evening, followed by three family-friendly shows on each of the following two days. Presented by impresario James Liu, A World of Magic will feature world champion magicians Juliana Chen (also a presenter) and Aaron Crow.


That’s not all. Canada’s 2006 magicians of the year, Murray Hatfield & Teresa, will bring their award-winning illusions to the Vancouver Playhouse.

They’ll share the stage with other esteemed magicians, including Ed Alonzo, Claudius Specht, Kevin James, and Wayne Houchin. Alonzo, also a comic actor and vaudeville performer, is known to many TV viewers by his Groucho Marx eyebrows and Harold Lloyd glasses, not to mention his crazy vertical hairstyle.

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24 August 2018

A World of Magic in the Daily Hive

A World of Magic runs September 7 to 9.

From the August 21st article "Vancouver's first-ever magic festival is about to make its grand appearance" in the Daily Hive Vancouver:
 And it’s all happening because the International Magician’s Gala is partnering up with Canada Chuan Sheng Culture & Media Group and The Vancouver Magic Circle.

Now for the magician talent.

You’ll get to see Canada’s master illusionists Murray Hatfield & Teresa, world champion magician Juliana Chen, shock magician and daredevil Wayne HouchinAmerica’s Got Talent contestant Aaron Crow, the misfit of magic Ed Alonzo, juggling magician Claudius Specht, as well as “the inventor” of magic, Kevin James

You’ll be giving back by attending the magic festival as $3 from every ticket sold will be donated to the Richmond Hospital Foundation.

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12 June 2018

Vancouver: World of Magic

From Eventbrite:
Juliana Chen & James Liu presents "A World of Magic": The International Magician's Gala in partnership with Canada Chuan Sheng Culture & Media Group and The Vancouver Magic Circle. In it's premiere showing in the Vancouver Magic Festival from September 7th to September 11th 2018, this is a Las Vegas caliber magic show.

Featuring the talents of:
  • Murray Hatfield & Teresa
  • Juliana Chen
  • Wayne Houchin
  • Aaron Crow        
  • Ed Alonzo
  • Claudius Specht and
  • Kevin James
For more information please visit

Read more and buy tickets.

07 March 2014

Breaking Magic 2

From Discovery:
Wednesdays from 12th March, 8.00pm & 8.30pm

BREAKING MAGIC is back for another season of jaw-dropping illusions and mind-blowing tricks.  Performed by an international, all-star cast of the freshest magic talent, including British Ben Hanlin, alongside  Wayne Houchin, Billy Kidd, and newcomer  Nate Staniforth, each week the stellar cast perform phenomenal street magic, across London, New York and Warsaw, baffling bystanders and audiences at home alike.

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26 September 2013

A second season of Breaking Magic

From The Futon Critic:
(Silver Spring, MD)-Discovery Networks International (DNI) today announced the return of original series BREAKING MAGIC. Behind every trick is science, and this 14x30 series from Objective Productions brings back its international cast of magicians,  Ben Hanlin, Billy Kidd, Wayne Houchin, along with newcomer, Nate Staniforth, for even more mesmerizing stunts and street magic. BREAKING MAGIC will premiere on Discovery Channel in 224 countries across Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America beginning February 2014. 
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11 December 2012

Breaking news from Wayne Houchin

From Wayne:

Reminder: Donations can be made to assist Wayne through either Paul Harris' Matical Arts Fund or through the Acacdamy of Magical Arts.

10 December 2012

Great news from Wayne Houchin

From Wayne himself:

Reminder: Donations can be made to assist Wayne through either Paul Harris' Matical Arts Fund or through the Acacdamy of Magical Arts.

06 December 2012

Update on the Wayne Houchin story

Reminder: Donations can be made to assist Wayne through either Paul Harris' Matical Arts Fund or through the Acacdamy of Magical Arts.

This was sent to me last night from Clara Coto-Shepardson, Executive Producer of the Curiosidades Show:

Franklin Barazarte, TV host who set magician Wayne Houchin on fire, is now officially a fugitive of the law.
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - December 5th, 2012 - At 10am (AST), American magician Wayne Houchin held a press conference with his lawyers at the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel in response to Franklin Barazarte fleeing the Dominican Republic. While it's unclear how Mr. Barazarte avoided capture with an active criminal warrant out for his arrest, he managed to travel to New York city to be with his wife Adriana Azzi. As a result of ignoring serious charges, he's now officially considered a fugitive of Dominican law.
Houchin and his lawyers have asked the United States to arrest and extradite Barazarte to the Dominican Republic, to face prosecution for his crimes as well as civil litigation. Houchin and his lawyers said Barazarte's actions were completely unexpected, and consider it a criminal attack.
Last night, in an exclusive interview with Univision (New York), Franklin Barazarte surfaced from hiding to respond to allegations of attempted murder. He referred to his act of pouring flaming liquid on someone as "a blessing" which was something he'd done for a "long time in private." While he casually admits it was an "accident gone wrong," Mr. Barazarte goes on at length to explain how he feels hurt by all the "propaganda" surrounding this case, and the insinuation that he's even considered a criminal. Barazarte also discounts the gravity of Houchin's injuries by mentioning that Houchin "left the clinic the same day."
Meanwhile,  Houchin is still in the Dominican Republic and recuperating slowly. Riddled with 1st and 2nd degree burns on his head, face, ears, neck and right hand, he hopes to return home to Chico, California soon.
An Iphone clip, taken by a member of the group of magicians Houchin worked with has gone viral on the Internet. It clearly shows Barazarte intentionally setting the American magician ablaze. The later part of the clip shows Houchin in shock on the ground, paralyzed with pain.
- - - - 
Univision coverage of the 12.5.2012 Press Conference:

(cut and paste if not clickable)

Reminder: Donations can be made to assist Wayne through either Paul Harris' Matical Arts Fund or through the Acacdamy of Magical Arts. 

30 November 2012

Magical Arts Fund for Wayne Houchin

Updated Dec 5 to add, from iNewswire:
The Academy of Magical Arts (AMA), its Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the Dai Vernon Foundation, Inc., has established a special fund to assist professional magician Wayne Houchin, who was severely injured during a Nov. 26 performance in the Caribbean.

Read more.

I have just learned from Wayne Kawamoto that Paul Harris has set up a Magical Arts Fund for Wayne Houchin to help Wayne with his finances during his recovery.

Read Paul's message to learn how you can contribute.

29 November 2012

Wishing Wayne Houchin a speedy recovery

Updated November 30th to add:
I have just learned from Wayne Kawamoto that Paul Harris has set up a Magical Arts Fund for Wayne Houchin to help Wayne with his finances during his recovery.

Read Paul's message to learn about how you can contribute.

Last evening, I was stunned to find this tweet in Wayne Houchin's Twitter feed:

The Daily Deception has a summary of what transpired and why.

Wayne's most recent tweet, shows his character and goodwill is still shining through:

Please join me in wishing Wayne the speediest of recoveries from this horrific incident.

18 June 2012

Who will be at Sorcerers Safari 2012?

From the Sorcerers Safari Facebook group:
Wayne Houchin and Soma will be at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp this summer! I hope you will, too!

Read more.
Soma?  Did Mike just announce that Soma is going to be at camp this summer?  Wow!

14 April 2012

Wayne Houchin: Canadian tour CANCELLED (for now)

From Wayne Houchin:
Yesterday afternoon I tried to cross into Ontario to begin a small tour that was to include Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Niagara Falls. After looking at my tour schedule the border patrol told me they wanted me to obtain a labour market opinion and special permit as I "might be taking jobs from Canadian Citizens." They denied me entry into Canada. I obtained additional paperwork and tried to cross a second time - again I was denied entry.

Read the full statement.

Toronto: Wayne Houchin IMPORTANT UPDATE

If you had plans to see Wayne Houchin in Toronto this weekend, please read the following posted at the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook page:
IMPORTANT---We are TERRIBLY SORRY to inform you that we have to CANCEL THE WAYNE HOUCHIN LECTURE planned for this Sunday/April 15.
Wayne was not allowed to enter Canada. We are greatly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Please contact us at Browser's Den for a full refund should you have already purchased a ticket.
A similar message is also posted at the Browser's Den of Magic website.

Please contact event organizers directly for the lastest information regarding Wayne's appearances.

08 April 2012

Toronto: Best magician semifinalists

From Arthur Poon:
After the discussion between A1 Chinese Radio and the judges, these are the people who will compete in the final round (no particular order):

These talented competitors are chosen from all of the wonderful competitors in Toronto. The competition will be unquestionably enjoyable, and you should come to watch the final without any regrets.

Date: April 14, 2012
Time: Saturday night at 7:30pm
Location: Market Village at 4390 Steels Ave. East (located at Steeles and Kennedy Ave.)
Entrance fee: FREE!!!!
Please remember that Mr. Wayne Houchin ---- world class famous magician and illusionist will be performing at the competition. Make sure you and your friends & families will be at Market Village on time!

02 April 2012

Rounding the Ontario rings in April

Confirm details about dates and locations by visiting each club's website.
Hamilton, ONRing 49 (The Doug Henning Magic Wand Club) Murray Hatfield and Teresa  lecture
London, ONRing 265 (London Magician's Guild)- Ambitious Card Workshop
Kitchener, ONRing 235 (The Caesar Hat & Wand Magic Circle)- Wayne Houchin lecture
- Short election meeting plus 4f lecturer
Ottawa, ONRing 151 (Ottawa Society of Magicians) - Murray Hatfield and Teresa lecture
Ottawa, ONOttawa / Gatineau magicians- N/A
Toronto, ONRing 17 (Sid Lorraine Hat and Rabbit Club) - Murray Hatfield and Teresa lecture
Woodstock, ONCAM 1 (Friendly City Mystics)   - N/A
Please leave a comment or e-mail me about corrections or omissions.

13 March 2012

Toronto: Best Magician Contest 2012

From Arthur Poon:
"Best Magician Contest 2012"

Hello all Magic Lovers, this is an opportunity to show your skills.

In the evening of April 14th, 2012, “[A1] Chinese Radio” ( is giving out opportunities to the magic lovers! Bringing along with own incredible skills, the candidates will enter into an exciting competition held on a magical platform in Market Village.

This never hosted magician contest is gathering a large amount of Toronto professionals within the magic scope and the qualified contestants will be challenging among themselves, and then finally compete for the fame of Top Magician in Toronto.

Also, we are honor to have Wayne Houchin, giving an hour performance (exclusively) for the event, which you would not want to miss.

Date: April 14, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm
Contestant: All Ages, All Genders (The show will be hosted in Cantonese. However, English and other language speakers are welcomed.)
Performance: Stage Magic or Close Up Magic. For stage magic, it does not have to be “big stage illusion; any magic that can be performed on stage is fine, such as producing a rabbit from an empty hat etc.)
Venue: Market Village (Steeles & Kennedy)
Audition: We will start with YOUTUBE audition right away. From now till 30th of March, all participants only need to submit a roughly 2-minute video (MAX: 5 minutes) to: All videos should be titled as “Best Magician Contest 2012 1st Audition: XXXXXX (the title of your performance)”. (P.S. Video editing is permitted; HOWEVER, no editing on the MAGIC PERFORMANCE. Two minutes are including the effect AND all of the editing.)

· By submitting your video before March 24th, 2012, the entry fee will be automatically waived. Any video(s) submitted after March 24th, 2012, a $20 entry fee will be applied.
· When submitting the video, please provide us your name and contact, so we can contact you.
· ONE video entry per contestant.
The winner of the competition will be receiving the following:
1. “Best Magician 2012” trophy,
2. Your chance to perform live at CNE on July 1st, 2012 Canada Day.
3. Gift(s) from our main sponsor(s).

If you have any question, please contact with the team "Classic Force" :
Look forward meeting you guys, See you all at there!!

Thanks for sending Arthur!

06 March 2012

Wayne Houchin lectures in April

In addition to the April 15th Toronto date, Wayne Houchin will also be lecturing in Montréal on April 18th and Ottawa on April 19th.

I wonder if Wayne and his wife will be performing their double escape in Canada?

Additional details and contact information can be found at


11 February 2012

Toronto: Wayne Houchin lecture

From the Brower's Den Facebook group:
You read that right! Superstar magician Wayne Houchin will be in Toronto to give a two-hour lecture. This is part of his WORLD TOUR!
You know him as the inventor of all types of magic including his crazy popular 'Thread'.
Thank you to Lee Asher and Mike Segal to help make this lecture happen

DATE: SUNDAY, APRIL 15 from 2pm until about 4pm
LOCATION: MONTECASSINO HOTEL (3710 Chesswood Drive, Toronto, Ont. M3J 2W4).

Read more and purchase tickets.

08 September 2011

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