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12 December 2017

Phil Matlin's 2017 Ragtime Tour

Phil Matlin - owner of Montréal's magic shop Perfect Magic, will be playing ragtime and touring through Ontario (Cambridge, Elmira, Kitchener, and Waterloo) at the end of December.

If you missed our previous post about the many talents of Phil, have a look at him playing Carolina in the Morning.

Phil Matlin's 2017 Ragtime Tour 

Tuesday December 26th
2 PM Hilltop Manor
42 Elliot St. Cambridge ON Tel. 519-621-3067

Thursday December 28th
2 PM Chateau Gardens
11 Herbert St. Elmira ON Tel.519-669-2921

Friday December 29th
4 PM Waterloo Heights
170 Erb St. Waterloo ON Tel. 519-886-3410

Saturday December 30th
1:30 PM Cambridge Country Manor
3680 Speedsville RD
Cambridge ON Tel. 519-650-0100

Sunday December 31st - New Year’s Eve
1:30 PM Bankside Terrace
71 Bankside Dr.
Kitchener ON Tel. 519-749-9999

09 March 2017

Where to find Shawn Farquhar in March 2017

Good luck keeping up with Shawn in March.  With NEMCON tomorrow and Friday, shows in Cambridge, Chilliwack, and Hawai'i, he's going to be spending a lot of time in airports!  If you want a head start for next month, he'll also be at the FFFF Convention in April.

For more information about NEMCON, visit the New England Magicians' Conference.

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

17 February 2017

Cambridge: Shawn Farquhar

From Shawn Farquhar's Facebook page:

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