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13 March 2018

Cornwall: David Acer at the Cornwall Comedy Festival

From the Cornwall Comedy Festival:
We are proud to announce our 2018 Cornwall Comedy Festival line up! Joining us for our 5th anniversary spring weekend, is our host with the most, Derek Seguin, Kate Davis, Ben Miner, David Acer, Rob Ross and David Pryde. Venues and ticket info will be made available soon. Thank you so much for your continued support!

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From David Acer's Twitter feed:

21 May 2013

Cornwall: Magic, Comedy and Magic-Comedy

From the Magic, Comedy and Magic-Comedy Facebook page:
Friday, 24 May 2013

Two unbelievable magic acts and a comedic host will Ravage 'Rangs next Friday, and with such a triple feature, how could you miss it???

Featuring Steven Spade, Atony Lee and Carl Pilon.

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[via Magic Information Canada]