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11 December 2018

Phil Matlin's 2018 Ragtime Tour

Phil Matlin - owner of Montréal's magic shop Perfect Magic, will be playing ragtime and touring through Ontario (Cambridge, Elmira, Kitchener, and Waterloo) at the end of December.

If you missed our previous post about the many talents of Phil, have a look at him playing Carolina in the Morning.

Phil Matlin's 2018 Ragtime Tour 

Thursday Dec. 27 2:00 PM    

  • Chateau Gardens    11 Herbert Street    Elmira ON

Thursday Dec-27    6:30 PM    

  • St. Joseph's Health Center    80 Westmount Road     Guelph ON

Friday    Dec-28    4:00 PM    

  • Waterloo Heights Retirement Home    170 Erb St.     Waterloo ON

Saturday Dec. 29    1:30 PM    

  • Park Lane Terrace    275 Grand River    North Paris ON

Sunday    Dec-30    1:00 PM    

  • Cambridge Country Manoir    3680 Speedsville Road     Cambridge ON

Monday    Dec-31    2:00 PM    

  • Lanark Heights Long Term Care    46 Lanark Cres.    Kitchener ON