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17 June 2017

Calgary and Orillia: Darcy Oake

From the Calgary Herald:
Oake’s final appearance that won him the contest is not actually an illusion.

He is strapped into a straight jacket and suspended by his ankles with a rope attached to a massive human bear trap that is programmed to snap shut in 58 seconds.

Watching him struggle to escape is truly nerve wracking.

Oake insists that mind-boggling escape pales in comparison to the water escape he will do when he appears at the Grey Eagle Casino Event Centre at 8 p.m. on June 23.

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From Darcy Oake's Facebook page:
Pre-sale on NOW for the show at Casino Rama Resort in Ontario Sept 23rd!

01 May 2013

Orillia: QED with Gabriello Pitman

From Gabriello Pitman Live:

"This is not your ordinary 'magic show': It's a perplexing display of magic, suggestion and psychology. Utilizing techniques of social psychology, suggestion and mis-direction, you will witness what appears to be real mind-reading... and maybe even learn how to do it yourself!"

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[via Jay Sankey]