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05 December 2018

Spencerville: Diablo Manor

From Diablo Manor:
Indulge in an evening of Victorian decadence as you enter The Diablo Manor, home to world famous Sideshow owner and collector, Scott McClelland.

For the very first time, Scott McClelland is opening up his home for a captivating evening of  Victorian hedonism and Bizarre performances of the Supernatural.

Welcome to the Diablo Manor an evening of Enchantment filled with unique and phantasmagorical delights.

The evening begins with a tour of the Diablo Manor and it’s strange artifacts and moves on to a sumptuous meal prepared by culinary wizard Gina Vacchio, once your appetite has been satiated the evening goes into full swing with a intimate Victorian production of mystifying wonders. The evening concludes with Tea or Coffee with Scott McClelland .

Read more and buy tickets.

From Robert McClelland's YouTube channel: