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25 January 2020

Canadians at Blackpool 2020

Updated January 27th to add:

From the Blackpool Magic Convention website, I see that Jay Sankey and The Evasons are scheduled to attend.

Who am I missing?

  • Have you ever been at a magic convention and found yourself with 17 seconds where there's nothing to do?
  • Have you ever searched for a distraction so that you wouldn't have to make eye contact with the humans in your proximity?

  • Do you fancy yourself to have Sherlock-esque powers of observation?
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12 January 2019

Bill Abbott at the Chicago Magic Lounge and Blackpool

Catch Bill at the Chicago Magic Lounge Jan. 17-19 or at the Blackpool Convention Feb 15-17, 2019!

From Bill's Twitter feed:
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18 February 2014

Joan Caesar and Jay Sankey at Blackpool 2014

Joan Caesar and Obie O'Brien will be hosting the "The Four F's Stars of Close Up Magic."

Jay Sankey will be lecturing and performing at Blackpool 2014, February 21st to 23rd!  For more information, visit the Blackpool Magicians' Club website.

05 February 2013

14 May 2012

Shin Lim: FISM contestant

Shin Lim will be Canada's only entry at the FISM World Championships of Magic 2012 in Blackpool, UK.  He will be competing this July in the category of close-up card magic.

Good luck Shin!

[h/t: Magic Convention Guide]

26 February 2012

Richard Forget at Blackpool

From The Stage Reviews:
Magic from the USA and Canada comprised the second gala show and emceed by Jimmy Tamley. Appearing were Danny Cole with a modern comedy dress change act, Dirk Losander who blew soap bubbles, made a handkerchief dance and floated a table, Andost produced coloured light bulbs at his fingertips, and Chris Hart had a scarf penetrate his neck, and did the floating hand.

Charlie Frye & Co breathtakingly combined juggling, comedy and magic that had the audience gasping. Then there were The Evasons in a very fast mind-reading double act, Richard Forget had flames that floated and danced, produced drumsticks and a set of drums, and finally a girl from a telephone box that had formed part of the stage setting.

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11 January 2012

Richard Forget at Blackpool 2012

Richard Forget is currently scheduled to perform on Saturday, February the 18th.

From the Blackpool Magicians' Club:
Blackpool Magicians’ Club Ltd proudly host 60th Celebration Annual Magic Convention, Blackpool Opera House & Winter gardens, Church Street, Blackpool, 17th – 19th February 2012.

Blackpool Magicians’ Club host their annual convention, the largest in the world, right here in Blackpool, UK. Proving year after year to be a hit with registrants from around the globe, growing in size each year.

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16 December 2010

Blackpool Magic Convention 2011 - now with Richard Sanders!

We'd previously mentioned that Jay Sankey will be performing at Blackpool Magic Convention 2011.  Earlier today, Magic Convention Guide published that Richard Sanders will be joining him!  (Read their post for a list of the other peformers added to the roster.)

For more information about the convention, or to register, visit


09 December 2010

Sankey announced for Blackpool Magic Convention 2011

Canada's own Jay Sankey has been officially announced as a performer for Blackpool Magic Convention 2011, along with Michael FinneyJan Rouven, and Richard Osterlind.

[h/t: ]

Blackpool 2011 Trailer from Blackpool Magic on Vimeo.

For more information about the convention, or to register, visit

Did you know that The Blackpool Magicians' Club will host the 1st ever FISM European Championships of Magic in 2011 as a part of their World famous Magic Convention?