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02 August 2012

James Biss interviewed by Larry Smith

Watch James Biss be interviewed on Larry Smith's imaginary talk show at the Hamilton Fringe:

James (and James) just completed the run of "Lies, Damn Lies and Magic Tricks" at the Hamilton Fringe and will be bringing his show to Toronto's Summerworks Festival this month.  For show and ticket information, visit the Abracadabaret website.

22 July 2012

Lies, Damn Lies and Media Coverage

Edited Aug 26th to add link to Ontario Arts Review.
Edited July 23rd to add information about the review by Patti Cannon.

From the moment the news of James Alan's "front page challenge" with the Hamilton Spectator broke, it was very clear to me that James had won the media over.  (The front page challenge was even reported in Buffalo's Business First.)  Prior to the opening of Lies, Damn Lies and Magic Tricks in Hamilton's Fringe Festival, he was also interviewed by CBC Hamilton.

Having already received a glowing review from Amber Waves for his opening performance for the band Garbage, all James had to do was deliver a solid performance.

As for his opening night performance, Victoria Murdoch had this to say:
WHAT A SHOW!!! Seriously people, we've all seen people do silly little tricks at parties, but this guy's the real deal!

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Tom Mackan wrote:
Did you see Friday morning’s Spectator and the follow-up to Jeff Mahoney’s story on the mysterious envelope? Even if not, it’s a bit of the big buzz on this production that’ll be circulating around this year’s Fringe Festival and it has to do with James Allan [sic], self-styled Liar, Damn Liar, and Magician. Allan flew down the QEW from Toronto this weekend on his Harry Potter special broomstick brimming with wicked wit and calculated comedy to confound and amaze unwary Hamiltonians. Do.Not.Miss.This.Show. It will find you out, I dearly fear.

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From Patti Cannon:
Written and performed by James himself, this Fringe entry is fascinating. James is able to hold your attention not only with his magic but with his witty banter throughout the performance. Just when you think you may have figured out what he is doing, he makes the illusion larger than your logical mind can imagine. Even when you know it’s a trick, he is so accomplished that it amazes and you have no doubt that it’s magic.

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From Tony Kilgannon:
The performance was everything I hoped it would be; thought-provoking, funny, astonishing, and thoroughly entertaining. There would be no point describing the deceptions that this wonderful, sly young man perpetrates.

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Congratulations James!  Keep up the great work!

To find out more about his show, read his answers to the Summerworks Questionnaire.  For show and ticket information, visit the Abracadabaret website.

12 July 2011

Nicholas Wallace: The mind reader

Nicholas Wallace will be bringing his show "The mind reader" to the Hamilton Fringe Festival this month.

From the show's Facebook page:
No fancy props, no scantily clad assistants and no special effects, just bamboozling feats of magic and mind reading. Not a serious show, but a serious attempt to present magic and mind reading as a performance art. All these elements combined create a show that is mysterious, challenging and most importantly, entertaining.

Ticket information available at

[h/t: Deborah Fallick]