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19 June 2016

How old were you when you got your first magic trick?

Click over to the Perfect Magic blog and let Evelyn know!

From Perfect Magic:
“I bet when Darcy Oake got his first magic trick, as a kid I presume, the furthest thing from his mind was that one day he would be going to London to visit the Queen. Get your kid a magic trick !”

Then I got to thinking that I got my first magic trick when I was 8 years old. My father went to New York  and went to Tannen’s  (I think that’s where he got it) and when he came home he gave me a Nickels to Dimes trick, made of brass. I can look back and see myself  sitting on the blue linoleum kitchen floor, banging away with that bang ring. I wonder if it left marks in the floor. I treasured it and found it amazingly clever, but I don’t remember performing it for anyone outside of the family. They did not have “Show and Tell” in school when I was in Grade 2. If they did, I surely would have brought that because it was something that none of the other kids would have had.

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06 May 2016

Montreal: Magic lessons for kids!

From the Perfect Magic Facebook page:
We will be starting our Magic Lessons For Kids program Saturday May 21. Age 7-9, one hour from 10:30am to 11:30am at Perfect Magic in Montreal. Limited registration so if you know anyone that is interested, now is the time to register. Phone 514-738-4176 for information or to register.

18 April 2016

Evelyn Matlin on "The Magic of Magic Conventions"

She's posted a fabulous photo of David Williamson, Mac King. Jean Boucher, and Carl Cloutier.

See what Evelyn Matlin has to say about the 2016 Browser's Bash over at Perfect Magic:
For Phil and me, the magic of Magic Conventions is not the magic. Its a place and time where people with a common interest, from all over gather. We get a chance to meet people we know and haven’t seen in years and we also get the chance to meet people who have been ordering on line who we never met personally.

The Browser’s Den Magic Bash was such a place. We spent time with Bernice Cooper, the late Len Cooper’s wife. Len was the original owner of The Browser’s Den. We used to visit them in Toronto and Bernice would be there behind the counter helping out as magic shop owner’s wives do. It was nice for her too, to see and speak to many people that used to come into their shop.

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10 April 2016

Montreal magic nostalgia

From Perfect Magic:
It got me thinking about (Magic) Tom and what he did for magic and for us. He donated a large Trophy to Magic Montreal, and a smaller one for the winner of the Magie Montreal Trophy which was awarded every year at our Magic Convention. Richard Sanders was the first one to win it. Every winner has a place  with his name engraved on it on the big Trophy which can be seen in our shop. We gave out other awards too. This should bring back a few memories if you were there.

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02 April 2016

  • Jeff's looking more at home in his “trusty sweater vest.”
  • Welcome to Dan Morrissey (of Morrissey Magic) to the stage!  We’ve missed you Phoebe and Dan!
  • Welcome to Phil and Evelyn Matlin (of Perfect Magic, Montreal) to the stage!
  • Mentioning Joan Caesar, past president of the IBM and founder of the Canadian Association of Magicians! 
  • Added bonus:  Welcome to Len Cooper’s family! Bernice, Len’s wife, as well as his children, Jack and Sandy Cooper!

Talk about one big magic family!

25 January 2016

Mysterion, Steffi and Adam visit Perfect Magic

From Perfect Magic:
If you buy a magic trick or learn it through a video or book, and you fool someone, or an even a whole audience, the trick worked, it did what it was supposed to, but did you? That’s the question. Everyone has a different approach to magic. That’s what makes it so much fun, but if you just fool someone and leave them wondering and trying to figure it out, I don’t think it’s enough. They should feel thrilled, excited, astonished, delighted and a whole host of other adjectives. The trick can’t do that by itself. You are the one that makes that happen.

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10 November 2015

Perfect Magic on Magicians and Politicians

For a brief moment I had a flashback to a Magic Convention.  Dai Vernon, the 80 plus year old legend, with a lot of knowledge and experience. He was a living legend and everyone was trying to get to him, but he wasn’t interested in them. He was only interested in Phil, yes, Phil Matlin, because they were both honky tonk and ragtime piano players and Dai loved that music. even more than magic.

Women were not prominent on the magic scene back then. That’s changing too.

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19 October 2015

Perfect Magic interviews Spidey

Spidey must have been around 17 years old when he first came to Perfect Magic. His striking feature was his passion for magic. His enthusiasm was contagious and refreshing. He had plans for himself. Did I think he would succeed? It doesn’t matter much what I thought. He thought he would succeed. That, I believe, has a great deal to do with his success as a magician today. He didn’t just sit back and wait to succeed. He worked at it. Spidey was here the other day and I asked him If he would write a post for my blog.  And he did. I was most impressed with it. I asked him 3 questions to base his post on. How old he was when he started, what was his first trick, and if he had any tips for young magicians starting out. Here is his reply.

“Hey Evelyn,

so here are the answers :)

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21 January 2015

So how do you know what's good?

When we opened Perfect Magic, before the internet, we bought what we thought was good from suppliers we trusted. There was not this smorgasbord of magic that there is today. Every single day we receive new items to consider. At one time there was Mak Magic, Morrissey Magic, Abbott’s, Fun and a few others that manufactured products here in Canada or the U.S.A and Supreme in England. Now very little is made here. It’s hard to compete with China or India. Some of the stuff is good, some is not. But when you read the write-ups, everything is the greatest ever. So how do you know what is good.

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02 December 2014

A question from the floor

Updated at 16:00 the consensus so far:

  • The Browser's Den of Magic: oldest existing magic shop
  • Perfect Magic: oldest existing magic shop under single owner (the people that opened it are still running it)
  • IBM Ring 17 - since 1941
  • IBM - co-founded by a Canadian in 1923

What is Canada's oldest magic institution?

From Lee Asher's Twitter feed:

09 October 2014

The importance of magic shops

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of brick and mortar magic shops.  Not only are they the first place many kids get bitten by the magic bug, it's also a place enthusiasts can go for encouragement and coaching by people in the know. A nurturing community is formed in a local shop, which can't be duplicated through the internet.
(You'll notice that two brick and mortar shops are invested in keeping the community of this site alive.  Please remember to thank them, the next time you're there.)
Don't have brick and mortar shop in your area? Consider supporting one through their online shops. (I direct your attention to two of the wonderful sponsors of this blog, Perfect Magic and The Browser's Den of Magic!)

The emphasis in the excerpt below, is mine.

From Perfect Magic:
As many of you know, magic shops are closing all over the place. Many shut down in the U.S.A. and some in Canada as well.  There were not a whole lot to begin with. It’s so easy to look up  what you want on line, find the cheapest price and order.  I can’t say that I blame anyone for doing that. But there may be a cost to the saving of money, especially in magic. 
Click through to read Evelyn's thoughts on the matter.

19 August 2014

Report: Asi Wind at the Comedy Nest

We don’t get out a whole lot. We used to when we were younger, but now, after a day at the magic shop we are happy to go home and relax. But Asi Wind, New York  Mentalist and Mind-Reader, was giving a one man show at the Comedy Nest at the old Montreal Forum and we wanted to see him as we had heard about him of course but never had seen him.

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25 July 2014

Montreal: Mario the Magician

From the Perfect Magic Facebook page:

29 June 2014

A timely reminder from Perfect Magic

07 June 2014

Review: Magic at the Comedy Nest

Magicians had a real treat last Sunday evening, if they managed to get into the Comedy Nest. Although there were magicians who came to see the show, most of the audience was comprised of lay people. 
David Acer was the M.C. and was his usual funny self.

Loran, from Quebec City, had a beautiful act, serious, artistic and a pleasure to watch.

Vincent Pimpare did a comedy hynotism act. It was an unexpected break from the usual hypno act and had the audience laughing, so it fit right into the Comedy club setting.

Richard Sanders did a great bill to lime with a lot of hilarious detours along the way. He has a way of making the audience feel as if he is really one of us. He connects well.

Romaine. What can I say about Romaine.  Dressed in tails and a top hat, and slightly tipsy, (part of the routine, of course) he wowed the audience with his continuous production of cards, multiplying billiard balls, and the real magic of Vaudeville days, which mosts of the audience had never seen and they showed their appreciation.

Jonathan Burns did some very funny stuff. My favorite was Cards Across with cheese slices (you know the ones, wrapped in cellophane) instead of cards. Funny stuff. 
And then there was the audience.

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25 February 2014

Review: David Acer, John Carney, Michel Huot and Rafael DiCaprio at the Comedy Nest.

From Perfect Magic:
As I wrote on the Perfect Magic Facebook, too bad for you if you didn’t go to the Comedy Nest in Montreal last Sunday night. For us, Phil and I, it was like old home week and brought back warm and pleasant memories of Magie Montréal. We had tried to phone Mephisto, aka Wym Vermeys, who was our partner in that venture but couldn’t reach him. He called the day after the show and said he was in Florida. He was heartbroken that he missed it.

David was terrific as the MC. He did many funny bits, which I know all who were there will use, magicians or not! He didn’t do any magic but some good comic mind reading stuff.

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22 November 2013

Do you remember Le Grand Marcis of Magic?

From Perfect Magic:
Le Grand Marcis, Maurice Choquette, was one of these people. He had a little magic shop on de Bienville when we met him and he gave weekly magic courses and had a great following. We were friends with him and he was kind enough to translate many of the popular card tricks for us when we first went into business.  I have a copy of Wild Card  ”Les cartes “frimées” which  he did for us “Traduction et adaptation française faite par “Le Grand Marcis” 1977 and many others as well.
It would be great if his students could write in and provide us with information about him, anecdotes, when he started, when and where he moved his shop to. I think it was Park Avenue. If you were a student of his, let us know. Maybe you should have a reunion. Let’s hear from you. let’s get a little history going here, and if you want to write it in French, ça va!

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17 November 2013

Researching Magic Tom Auburn

A writer is researching Magic Tom Auburn for a piece and is looking to connect with people who have memories or information to share.  More information can be found at Perfect Magic.  See below.

From Perfect Magic Then and Now:
The other day a gentleman, unknown to us, came into the shop. He, too, wanted to keep Tom Auburn’s name and memory alive. He’s a writer and he is passionate about history and about Magic Tom and he is writing an article (on real paper) which will appear in the Quebec Heritage News, which is an English language Quebec  Magazine.

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28 October 2013

Cool couple: Evelyn and Phil Matlin

Happy (upcoming) 55th wedding anniversary Evelyn and Phil!  And happy birthday Evelyn!

From The Canadian Jewish News, "Montreal Weddings" supplement (pg 12 and 13):
When Evelyn and Phil Matlin’s eldest daughter, Ronna, was playing in the basement, she discovered her father’s long forsaken magician’s suitcase. The year was 1964 and the curious 6-year-old begged him to perform magic at her birthday party.

This event sparked the revival of an inherent skill that Phil had honed in his youth, and to this day the world of magic plays an integral role in the family’s life.

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17 September 2013

An update from Perfect Magic

Keep your eye on the Perfect Magic Facebook page and Twitter account.   They have some exciting news to announce this week!