31 January 2013

Request for examples of magic benevolence

Updated on February the 8th to include link to Sharing Wonder post.

Do you, your magic club or other magic-related organization do wonderful things for your community?

In the December issue of IBM's publication, The Linking Ring (v92, #12), Dennis Schick wrote "The Benevolence of Magic" (page 56).  The focus of the article was examples of the magic community contributing to charitable causes and included a wonderful write-up of Canada's own Magicana for it's My Magic Hands, Senior Sorcery and Tony Eng Youth Fund initiatives.  Read more about these programs at Magicana's blog, Sharing Wonder.

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail Dennis recently sent me:
But we had so many projects come up at the last minute, that we had to plan on a second article, later this Spring. So now I am looking for any other good examples of magic benevolence, whether by individuals (performing in hospitals), local clubs (raising funds for some good cause), or conventions (raising funds for a hunger drive).

I invite anyone with any ideas of examples they would like to tell me about, to write to me: crylds [at] att [dot] net. I am a member of Ring 29 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  [Weird e-mail formatting by Canada's Magic to discourage e-mail harvesters.]

Thank you for your consideration.

Now I'll disappear.  POOF!

Dennis Schick
The Linking Ring, Associate Editor
International Brotherhood of Magicians
Feel free to post examples of your magical good deeds in the comments below, and be sure to e-mail Dennis directly!

Congratulations to Lorena Watters

From Trevor Watters and Lorena's Facebook page:
Just got awarded "Lottie Hemeon Award for Best Assistant" by the SAM last night!
Read more.
Congratulations Lorena!

30 January 2013

A warm thank you

A warm and heartfelt thank you, for the generous support from our sponsors, Doug Cuff at Magic Information Canada, Clive Court - The Fun-da-Mentalist, and Ryan Pilling who is busy getting everything ready for Wowfest!

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David Peck's 9 tips for a tighter talk

From the Toronto Star:
Are you one of those people like me that beams with excitement when you hit the stage or glows when someone puts a microphone in front of us? No. Well if it's no, then you're in the majority. Fortunately, change guru David Peck has 9 Tips for you.  

Read more and watch the video.

29 January 2013

Billy Kidd's international press on The Magic of Science

From Focus Taiwan:
Taipei, Jan. 25 (CNA) Canadian magician Billy Kidd astounded a Taipei audience Friday with a routine of science-based tricks during an event to promote a new TV series that purports to "fuse science with magic."

Kidd demonstrated several routines, including how to pick up a glass full of rice with a knife and command a straw to spin, to the awe of some 300 magic fans and children.
Read more.

From Rappler:
MANILA, Philippines - Female magicians are a rare species. Gorgeous Canadian half-Pinay magicians are even rarer.

But that’s precisely who Gia Anne-Marie Felicitas aka “Billy Kidd” is.

If I hadn’t been told she was a magician, I would not have suspected it. With her Eurasian features (that would not look out of place on a magazine cover), her edgy jet black bob, and black Doc Martens, Billy Kidd looked like some artsy chick at best.

But her large eyes that glinted with mischief told all.

The 30-year-old illusionist was in Manila last January 23 for the launch of her new show on Discovery Channel, “The Magic of Science.” The 9-part series follows Billy and 3 other (hot) young magicians as they perform street magic in New York, Warsaw, and London.

Read more.

Edmonton: Stand up for hunger on Feb 2nd

From Andrew Rufiange's Twitter feed:

28 January 2013

CAM Magician of the Year: Vote early, vote often!

Well, maybe not often...

From the Canadian Association of Magicians:
It’s that time of the year to nominate your favourite Canadian magician for the most prestigious award we offer. We are using a new system to tabulate results and in fact you can nominate two magicians. In your email box you should have a notice from BallotBin giving you a unique link to vote and instruction to do so before February 28, 2013. Once all nominations have been tabulated the four top finalist will be named and we will once again vote to find the 2013 winner.

Read more.

Montreal: Camirand Magic Courses

From Camirand Magic:
Basic Course, Level 1: starts Tuesday April 2th 2013.
Camirand Academy of Magic level 1 course is designed for those interested in magic and want to learn the methods of the professional even if this is not their goal to make a living in magic.

Read more.

Stage Course: Starts Wedneday April 3rd 2013.

This 30 hour course is open to students from the Basic Course Level One. This is magic on stage using dexterity with day to day objects. Each course as a theme and the full three hours are dedicated to a complete stage routine. Some of the themes included Card Productions, Balls Productions, Basic Mental Routines, Egg Bag, Floathing Ball, and other classics. These courses deal with theatrical aspect of performance, scenario, moving on stage, sound systems, lighthing and other aspect of the magic on stage.

Read more. | En français suivez ce lien.
[via: Magic Information Canada]

27 January 2013

Toronto: Roy Kuepper's at Browser's Den

From the Browser's Den of Magic Facebook page:
FREE…ROY KUEPPERS'S VISIT TO SHOP, SUNDAY, MARCH 10 - We will have full details about this SPECIAL DAY over the next couple of weeks. In the mean time we wanted to let you know as we hope that you will mark this on your...cellphone, smartphone, desktop computer, laptop computer, calendar, washroom wall or even on your hand!!! THAT.... ROY KUEPPERS, the man who makes all of the Canadian Gimmicked Coins, will be making a Special Visit to our shop on SUNDAY, MARCH 10. He will be at Browser's Den for the afternoon .

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26 January 2013

Update from Magifest

From Aaron DeLong's Twitter feed:

Way to go Mahdi!

Calgary: WowFest

Updated on Sat. Jan 26 to add info from MetroNews.ca

Calgary's first ever Magic Festival, WowFest, will be happening on Saturday February 23rd, 2013!  The day includes a Family Fun Magic Show, a concert of Close-Up Wonders and a Stage Magic Gala.

From MetroNews.ca:
WowFest is the brainchild of Calgary magician Ryan Pilling, who said he’s been wanting to create such an event since 2007 when he hosted a conference for magicians.

Pilling, a magician for 15 years, was able to get the concept off the ground after receiving a grant from Calgary 2012, allowing him to invite nearly a dozen performers.

“It’s going to be one day full of magic,” he said, adding most of the magicians are from the Calgary area, although one performer is flying in from Texas and another hails from Japan.
Read more.

Read more about WowFest and buy tickets!

To show your support for WowFest:
  • If you live in or near Calgary, be sure to buy tickets and attend the shows!
  • If you haven't already, go and "like" the WowFest Facebook page and then go to the WowFest website to subscribe to the project's newsletter.
  • Consider being a programme sponsor.
  • Donate via IndieGoGo (Ryan's offering up a wonderful assortment of magical goodies in exchange for your financial support!)

25 January 2013

Toronto: Bobby Motta's Head Games

From Bobby Motta's website:
Bobby Motta, the man the New York Times calls “one of the top mentalists on the planet,” is set to stun Toronto with a darkly devised, edge-of-your-seat mind reading performance that will leave you gobsmacked. His new show Head Games rides the twists and turns of the human psyche like a roller-coaster off the rails, and makes you question whether what youʼre seeing and hearing is real or only imagined.

Read more and buy tickets.

When & Where:
Jan        25   Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Jan        30    Annex Live (Toronto)
Feb         1   Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Feb         8   Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Feb        13    Annex Live (Toronto)
Feb        15  Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Feb        22  Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Feb        27    Annex Live (Toronto)

Kickstart An Honest Liar

Updated February 1st to let you know that the project has passed its funding goal!

Almost one year ago, we posted about the production of the documentary An Honest Liar: The Amazing Randi Story.  Earlier this month, iTricks posted that there is now a Kickstarter project to raise funds to finish the film.

Watch Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom's message:

For more information and donate, visit the Kickstarter project for An Honest Liar: The Amazing Randi Story.

24 January 2013

Ajax: Alex Kazam opening for Dave Curran

From Alex Kazam's Twitter feed:

Review: Anthony Lindan lecture

From The Browser's Den blog:
Successful corporate events magician Anthony Lindan was once on the road preparing for a client's show when he found that he was missing a key effect in his act. He immediately put in an emergency call to The Browser's Den of Magic and Jeff Pinsky got the trick out to him pronto. "That's why it's important to support brick and mortar magic shops like The Browser's Den" said Anthony during the opening of his recent well-received lecture.

Read more.

23 January 2013

Gregory Bracco's Magical Journeys

From the Canadian Association of Magicians:
My name is Gregory Bracco and I am a CAM member living in South Korea. After putting my name on the volunteer list to help CAM I was asked if I could write a series of articles or postings on the website. Of course, I jumped at the chance because I thought it would be a great way for me to give a little back to the magic community that has, over the years, brought so much joy and excitement into my life.

Read more.

22 January 2013

Ball Vase: Do you see who I see?

Watch on YouTube, "The Most Inspirational Video on the Internet" (or more accurately titled by the folks at iTricks as "Highlight Reel of Kids, Adults, Professionals & Amateurs Performing the Same Dang Plastic Ball Vase Trick") and let me know if you recognize anybody at the 50 second mark:

Interestingly, the Browser's Den footage above looks like it was specifically edited to remove reference to the The Den's website after being taken from this Ball Vase video (about 7 sec in) from the Browser's YouTube channel:

[via: iTricks]

21 January 2013

Matt DiSero interviewed by David Peck on Face to Face

From David Peck Live:
Living in Toronto, Canada, Comedy Magician Matthew DiSero has opened shows for greats such as Drew Carey and Jerry Seinfeld and performs everywhere from Trump’s Marina Casino in Atlantic City to corporate events in Tokyo.

Read more and listen to the podcast.

20 January 2013

Chatham: AbraKIDabra with Peter Mennie

From Chatham Capitol Theatre:
Peter Mennie's AbraKIDabra is an hilarious comic blend of squeaky-clean audience participation magic and illusion, ridiculously silly kid oriented visual antics and trendy grown-up comic observations sharpened over 40 years on 1000's of stages across Canada, U.S. and the Caribbean.

Read more and buy tickets.

19 January 2013

Marien and Jeff Hopman: Busking for hunger

From the Chatham Daily News:
A Chatham father and son are gearing up to "busk for hunger '' across Chatham-Kent this month.

Retired life insurance salesman Marien Hopman and his son, Jeff, will set out Jan. 18 on a cross-county tour to raise money for Chatham Outreach for Hunger.

"We plan to visit four towns in the municipality with no money in our pockets and will only be working on faith and the good will of the people,'' said Marien Hopman, who is also a long-time magician-entertainer.

Read more.

[via: CAM]