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27 September 2013

Fundraiser: Stop the Sucking

From Ring 17:
The Mosquitoes Suck Project, organized by SoChange, has released an instructional download including tricks from:
  • Bill Abbott
  • James Alan
  • Joshua Jay
  • Anthony Lindan
  • Bobby Motta
  • David Peck
  • Brian Roberts
  • Jay Sankey
For $10, you get a 106-minute, 3gb download of original magic. The download is available from $10 is the cost of an insecticide treated bed net, including delivery, which protects a family for up to ten years. These nets are distributed in Africa by Spread The Net. So download your copy today!

Read more and buy a download to Stop the Sucking.

25 September 2013

Review: Bobby Motta lecture

From the Browser's Den blog:
Such is his energy and enthusiasm and natural ability to entertain that the two hours flashed by in an instant. Trying to recapture Bobby's performance in print is no easy task - it is so relaxed and he is so genuinely funny that it would be easy to mistake it all for an impromptu session. But that it looks so effortless and natural is because of the years of hard work and dedication to his art that Bobby has undertaken. He admits to close to 3000 professional performances in his 13 year pro career. It shows. Interestingly, he actually started out as a hobbyist at the Den (at its old location on Eglinton).

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13 September 2013

Toronto: Friendly reminders from the Browser's Den

From the Browser's Den Facebook group:
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22-Bobby Motta Lecture. Only $10.00. Please visit the homepage of our website for full details.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29-Jay Scott Berry Lecture. Only $15.00. Mr. Berry is from Australia and has not given a lecture in Toronto for more than ten years. Please visit the homepage of our website for full details.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5-Special Guest Visit for our Magic Club-TYLER WILSON will be spending the afternoon at our shop from 2:30 until 4:30pm to talk magic and show some stuff.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17-Browser’s Den 38th Store Anniversary Party! All invited to attend (Mini Auction in Morning, Discounts, Prizes, Trivia Quiz, Len Cooper Memorial Award, Sandwiches, Birthday Cake AND…BERNICE COOPER THE WIFE AND PARTNER OF LEN COOPER WILL BE HANDING OUT FOR FREE A SPECIAL MOMENTO OF LEN COOPER FOR ALL WHO CAN ATTEND. Bernice will be at the shop in the middle of the afternoon).

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14 August 2013

Toronto: Bobby Motta lecture - Thirteen

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Sunday, September 22

Just a few months ago at our shop Bobby Motta gave a free Dealer Show that was a HUGE hit with all in attendance!

Well, Bobby contacted us and told us that he has a lecture that contains material that 99% of which was not shown or discussed in the free dealer show a few months ago.

Here are the details…

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27 July 2013

Toronto: Summer Head Games with Bobby Motta

... and a touch of Mayhew!

From the Head Games Facebook page:
Wednesday August 7

After the last sold out show we received dozens of emails requesting one more summer appearance so we've decided to give you one a very special surprise!!

Ticket will be on sale until the 1st of Aug but we suggest you get them now as the last show sold out quick.

All tickets must be purchased in advanced through

Read more and buy tickets.

13 May 2013

Toronto: Pub night at O'Grady's

From the Pub Night @ O'Grady's Facebook page:
Saturday, 8 June 2013

Come out for a night of live music, comedy magic, drinks & door prizes, and help send a kid to Sorcerers Safari Magic & Performance Camp! To learn more about camp visit: All proceeds go towards a camp scholarship for one lucky kid!

With performances by:
and the man who started it all:
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[via: Deborah Fallick]

See a photo of Emma, scholarship winner from Chris Westfall's Slice of Magic fundraiser, from Sorcerers Safari Twitter feed:

While you're here,  have a look at the video Justin Flom made specifically for Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp:

23 March 2013

Toronto: Ben Train's Birthday Bash!!!!!!!!!!

From the Ben Train's Birthday Bash!!!!!!!!!! Facebook page:
To celebrate 28 years of life I am planing THREE amazing evenings of fun.

Friday March 29th I'm going to Dave and Busters to see Bobby Motta perform, and play some games. Details to follow.

Saturday March 30th the Browser's Den is throwing a birthday party for me. The event is free, and it includes performances by Bill Abbott, Chris Mayew, Chris Westfall, James Harrison, James Alan... and free cake! Again, details to come. And, for those who care as much about doing "good" as they do about having "good fun", there will be opportunities to help support and donate to the Toronto Humane Society!
Finally, Sunday March 31st, my actual birthday, I'm going to a fund raiser event to help send an underprivileged child to summer camp.
Read more and find out how you can spend time with spending time with the Sweater-Vest Jeff Pinsky outside of his shop.

10 February 2013

[Guest post] Bobby Motta dealer demo at Browser's Den

The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as The Magic Demon.

Sunday, Feb. 3rd, 2013
A review by "The Magic Demon"

Even a basic dealer demo with Bobby Motta is an event worth attending.

I'm pretty sure everyone who witnessed Bobby Motta's dealer demo of original professional products at The Browser's Den of Magic in Toronto on Sunday afternoon (February 3rd) all felt the same way too.

Watching Bobby demo and explain his own effects I was struck by two thoughts. (1) Bobby Motta is a naturally laid-back, extremely funny and charismatic performer, and (2) Bobby Motta has an incredibly inventive mind. He is the creator of numerous out-of-the ordinary professional effects in use by names like Penn & Teller, Criss Angel, David Blaine and Derren Brown. Oh yes, this is the man who helps make them all look good.

And according to Browser's Den of Magic owner Jeff Pinsky, Bobby Motta practically grew up in the Browser's Den. Jeff has seen Bobby go from fledgling hobbyist to world class professional mentalist in what seems like only a scant few years.

Bobby later told me he was a bit apprehensive about doing this demo. It was not advertised as a lecture and it was definitely not meant to be a performance. So what was it? It was a roomful of appreciative magic aficionados allowed the privilege of learning first hand how a top rate mind came to create a dozen or so of his most powerful effects and the secrets behind them - all for free. What's not to like? The fact that the majority of us could not afford most of them did not seem to deter Bobby from his entertaining task (although I noted at least a couple working pros afterwards decided to enhance their routines with some of Bobby's higher-end creations as well as a larger number of amateurs happily buying some of his less expensive ones.)

The Demo

Bobby opened with his current much-talked-about commercially available effect, "Blackmail". If you are into mentalism, or would like to be, you can perform miracles with this clever utility device, inspired by but significantly updated from a classic principle once described by Corinda.

He followed with a presentation of "That's Alive". If I tell you it is a revelation effect with a surprise finish that caused his audience spectator to jump you can guess it was judged a big success by the room. And all I will add is that his lovely assistant Amanda made a most welcome guest appearance.

"Taste" involved a young audience member repeatedly choosing different beverages behind Bobby's back without his knowledge and yet... Bobby proved that he somehow knew which drinks had been selected and in what order, again and again and again. This one just blew me away when he performed it and blew me away again after he explained how it works. Ingenious! (And Jeff Pinsky's favourite of the event).

Bobby then presented (but was unable to fully demonstrate) his "Lethal.  A card is chosen, the deck is thrown into the air, a knife is thrown at a spectator wearing a protective board and the knife impales the chosen card right onto the board! It didn't matter that he couldn't fully demo it, the room was again delighted with its explanation - another combination of innovative technology and applied human psychology.

"Shock Treatment" was briefly discussed - it's a classic secret of mentalism/magic that Bobby has brought into more modern times featuring greater portability than in past versions.

Bobby then demonstrated the use of certain exotic electronic flimflammery that those in mentalism will already know about and the rest of you will not get any more information about from me. Suffice it to say that Bobby likes electronics very much.

He ended with his visually strong effect "The End" - what could be more fitting? Unknown letter cards freely chosen by spectators are randomly arranged in a horizontal frame and eventually turned around to reveal they spell - guess what? Beautifully constructed props and a stunning reminder that sometimes the greatest impact of all can be had from basic but unsuspected methods.

Bobby added an encore of his own devising which he calls "Advil." It's something that he says he will never reveal nor sell in which numbers called out at random from the audience somehow turned out to be the exact serial numbers on a audience member's previously chosen and physically isolated five dollar bill. A jaw-dropping conclusion to a most enjoyable afternoon with a most talented performer/inventor.

Many thanks to Bobby Motta of course and to Jeff Pinsky of the Browser's Den for hosting yet another worthwhile special event. I assume some of Bobby's effects can be purchased through Jeff or directly from Bobby himself. Bobby also performs on a regular basis in Toronto and details can be found on his website,

Oh yes, I read later that there was something else going on that afternoon elsewhere. Not that any of us attending seemed to know or care very much. Super Bowl? What was that? Some kind of extra huge load Lota Bowl?


Thank you The Magic Demon for guest posting at Canada's Magic!

25 January 2013

Toronto: Bobby Motta's Head Games

From Bobby Motta's website:
Bobby Motta, the man the New York Times calls “one of the top mentalists on the planet,” is set to stun Toronto with a darkly devised, edge-of-your-seat mind reading performance that will leave you gobsmacked. His new show Head Games rides the twists and turns of the human psyche like a roller-coaster off the rails, and makes you question whether what youʼre seeing and hearing is real or only imagined.

Read more and buy tickets.

When & Where:
Jan        25   Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Jan        30    Annex Live (Toronto)
Feb         1   Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Feb         8   Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Feb        13    Annex Live (Toronto)
Feb        15  Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Feb        22  Dave & Buster’s (Vaughan)
Feb        27    Annex Live (Toronto)

06 January 2013

Toronto: Bobby Motta Free Show and Dealer Demo

From The Browser's Den:
Bobby Motta Free Show and Dealer Demo

Where:  Browser's Den of Magic

You and any friends are invited to attend at no charge a FREE performance by magician BOBBY MOTTA at our shop on the date above.

Toronto Illusionist, Toronto Street Magician, or just simply “Magician” are some of the names that people have used to describe him.

Read more.

04 December 2012

Bobby Motta's Mental in SNAP

From SNAP Vaughan East:
Dave & Buster’s is known for bringing world-class talents to Vaughan, and the recent shows put on by Toronto-based illusionist Bobby Motta were no exception. Motta’s show MENTAL was a two hour mind-bending experience that left more than one audience members amazed as they walked out of the Show Room. 

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22 October 2012

Chance vs Motta

From Post City:
What is Halloween without tricks to go with your treats? Our city is home to two masters of magic, who can easily contend with the likes of Criss Angel. This month, we pit the illusions that wowed Ray Chance’s MuchMusic audience against the in-your-head act of Annex Live’s mentalist Bobby Motta. Who has the best tricks up his sleeve?

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09 October 2012

Vaughan: Bobby Motta presents 'MENTAL' Magic and Illusions of the Mind!

From Facebook:
EVERY FRIDAY come and watch one of the country's top mentalist perform live. This is an amazing evening of intimate and extraordinary mind reading.

Either be a witness or a subject to what most explain as being paranormal. Your very thoughts will come to life! Bobby will not only read your mind, but he will show you exactly how he does it... Witty humour, interactive and guaranteed to have you squirming at the edge of your seats....yes, Danger too!!!

Not suitable for ages 12 and under.

Read more and buy tickets.

19 August 2012

The fashion of magic

From The Toronto Standard:
This week photographer Sarah Blais literally stepped on a stage to find out what was up the sleeves of Toronto’s Magicians. From mentalist to escape artist, they all bring their own style to their performance - in this weeks edition of The Uniform Project.

Read more (and see great photos!) of Magic Mike, Bobby Motta  and  Scott Hammell!

26 July 2012

Toronto: Bobby Motta mind reader

From @bobbymotta:

03 May 2012

Toronto: Magic at The Annex Live

From Abracadabaret:
Date: Friday, May 18, 2012
Venue: The Annex Live | 296 Brunswick Ave

Our performers are:
  • James Alan – Magician, and generally curious character
  • Baldini – the resident magician at the Ontario Science Centre
  • Bobby Motta – star of the one mans shows Non Fiction and Headgames
  • and
  • James Harrison – Ontario’s foremost theatrical pickpocket. 
Read more and buy tickets.

16 July 2011

Toronto: Non Fiction

From the Abracadabaret website:
Saturday, July 30:  Bobby Motta presents Non Fiction
Mentalist Bobby Motta’s incredible one-man theatre show is back by popular demand. This time see him downtown at the Alumnae Theatre (Adelaide & Berkeley).

For more information visit